RCC Full Form

RCC Full Form: What Does RCC Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of RCC but also get detailed information about RCC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does RCC stand for?

RCC Full Form

The term RCC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

RCC Full Form is – Reinforced Cement Concrete

RCC in structural designing steel is utilized in concrete and first confine of fortifications is set up according to the plan prerequisites of pillar, balance, section and chunk, kept in a structure work with covering and afterward concrete is poured. After the concrete solidifies, the covering is removed.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a technology for hard concrete coatings for roads and open areas.

(RCC, rolled away concrete) is a strong cement concrete coating of roads, industrial sites, intra-factory and access roads, airfields, city streets, dams and dams, made of rigid concrete mixture by the method of sealing skating rinks.

Roads made of hard concrete blends have gained popularity due to the high speed of construction, great strength, durability, low amount of cement in the composition compared to traditional movable concrete, the ability to use local materials. Also, increased strength characteristics of the coating, the use of common types of road-building equipment and the possibility of starting traffic in 1-3 days after the completion of construction work.

RCC is used not only as a solid road base, but also as a finishing cover.

No special equipment is required to stack the RCC. The ultra-hard cement-concrete mixture is stacked with conventional pavers. Roller Compacted Concrete technology is a novelty for Ukraine. Although it has long been known about the positive experience of using this technology in countries such as the United States, China, England and other European countries.

RCC Full Form in Civil Engineering

RCC Full Form in Civil Engineering is – Reinforced Cement Concrete

RCC Full Form in Construction

Reinforced Cement Concrete

What Does RCC Stand For?

RCC stands for – Reinforced Cement Concrete

RCC is used to lay the roof of the building before the concrete is prepared. It is fixed with a mixture of cement, ballast and sand. The concrete alone has a low grip. To increase its stress strength, the concrete is made with iron or Steel is used so that its grip is strong. You must have seen this when a building’s lanter is put there, a mesh of steel is laid on top of which a mixture of concrete is poured from it to make it I hold him together and his grip becomes strong. This mixture of concrete and iron is known as RCC.

What Does RCC Stand For in Medical Terms?

In Medical Terms RCC stands for – Renal cell Carcinoma

All Full Forms of RCC

Here is the list of All Full Form of RCC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryRCC Full Forms
1RCCUrologyRabbit Corpus Cavernosum
2RCCUncategorizedRace Car Controller
3RCCEnvironmentRachel Carson Centre
4RCCJuridicalRacial Character Class
5RCCUncategorizedRacine Camera Club
6RCCMilitaryRadar Consultative Committee
7RCCMilitaryRadar Control Center
8RCCToyotaRadar Cruise Control
9RCCRadiologyRadial Correlation Contrast
10RCCScienceRadiation Coordinating Council
11RCCTechnologyRadio College of Canada
12RCCTechnologyRadio Common Carrier
13RCCServiceRadio Communications Company
14RCCTechnologyRadio Competence Centre
15RCCHobbyRadio Control Car
16RCCMilitaryRadio Control Complex
17RCCWeatherRadio Controlled Clock
18RCCChemistryRadiochemical Conversion
19RCCWeatherRadio-Controlled Clock
20RCCMedicineRadiology Certified Coder
21RCCNASARadiometer Calibration and Characterization
22RCCGolfRaffles Country Club
23RCCEducationalRag Chewers Club
24RCCRailwayRailway Convention Committee
25RCCEducationalRandolph Society College
26RCCTechnologyRange Commanders Council
27RCCAthleticsRapha Cycling Club
28RCCEnvironmental HealthRapid Coliform Count
29RCCMedicalRapid Cooling Contracture
30RCCEducationalRappahannock Society College
31RCCMartial ArtsReality Combat Championship
34RCCPoliticsReception and Congregate Care
35RCCOccupation & PositionsRecognised Current Competencies
36RCCAwards & MedalsRecognition of Current Competence
37RCCScienceRecovery Control Center
38RCCHematologyRed blood Cell Concentrates
39RCCPharmaceuticalRed blood Cell Count
40RCCAirlineRed Carpet Club
41RCCPharmaceuticalRed Cell Cast
42RCCPharmaceuticalRed Cell Concentrate
43RCCCattleRed Chittagong Cattle
44RCCEducationalRed Claw Crab
45RCCRegaliaRed Cross Constantine
46RCCClubsRedneck Country Club
47RCCEducationalRegion Connection Calculus
48RCCWeatherRegional Climate Centers
49RCCHealth ServiceRegional Coordinating Committee
50RCCGovernmentRegional Coordinating Council
51RCCTransportationRegulation Communication Center
52RCCCanadaRegulatory Cooperation Council
53RCCProductsReinforced Cement Concrete
54RCCCivil EngineeringReinforced Concrete Cement
55RCCGeneticRelative Cell Count
56RCCArmyRelocation Coordination Center
57RCCRoboticsRemote Center Compliance
58RCCTechnologyRemote Climate Control
59RCCTechnologyRemote Cluster Controller
60RCCMonitorRemote Control Console
61RCCNormal BusinessReplacement Cost Coverage
62RCCTechnologyReport Control Code
63RCCMilitaryRescue Coordinating Centre
64RCCNavigationRescue Co-ordination Centre
65RCCTechnologyResident Cartridge Card
66RCCOccupation & PositionsResident Computer Consultant
67RCCLocal - CountriesResidual Current Compensation
68RCCWasteResource Conservation Challenge
69RCCScienceResource Conservation Committee
70RCCPhysiologyRespiratory Chain Complex
71RCCSocietyReston Society Center
72RCCTrade AssociationsRetail Council of Canada
73RCCTransportationRevenue Class Code
74RCCSyriaRevolutionary Command Council
75RCCSocietyRichmond Society College
76RCCOncologyRight Colon Cancer
77RCCMedicalRight Coronary Cusp
78RCCOncologyRight-sided Colon Cancer
79RCCUncategorizedRinging Choke Converter
80RCCRiverRiver Continuum Concept
81RCCEducationRiverland Community College
82RCCEducationalRiverside City College
83RCCEducationRiverside Community College
84RCCEducationRiverside County Community
85RCCCareerRobinson Career Connection
86RCCRoboticsRobotics Curriculum Clearinghouse
87RCCEducationRockland Community College
88RCCAthleticsRockville Country Club
89RCCUniversityRogers Communication Center
91RCCEducationRogue Community College
92RCCTechnologyRoller Compacted Concrete
93RCCInternetRollercoaster Commotion
94RCCChurchRoman Catholic Church
95RCCCertifications & DiplomasRoot Certificate Check
96RCCCivilizationRoscoff Civilization Collection
97RCCBiologyRoscoff Culture Collection
98RCCChemistryRotating Coiled Column
99RCCProductsRotor Current Control
100RCCTechnologyRough Combustion Cutoff
101RCCTechnologyRouting Control Channel
102RCCEducationalRoxbury Society College
103RCCNourishmentRoyal Crown Cola
104RCCNuclearRulemaking Coordinating Committee
105RCCEducationRural Community Council
106RCCClubsRutgers Cantonese Club
107RCCChurchThe Rock Community Church
108RCCLocalThe Rock Society Church


What is RCC Full Form in Medical?

Renal cell Carcinoma

RCC Full Form in Civil Engineering?

Reinforced Cement Concrete

RCC Full Form in Civil Construction?

Reinforced Cement Concrete

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about RCC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than RCC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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