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ADCS Full Form

ADCS Full Form

ADCS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for ADCS full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of ADCS as well as detailed information about ADCS.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of ADCS here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of ADCS or abbreviation of ADCS related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible ADCS Full Form here.

ADCS Full Form

The term ADCS has many full form, but out of which most relevant ADCS Full Form is –

ADCS – Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization

ADCS – Automated Data Capture System

What Does ADCS Stands For?

ADCS stands for – Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization and Automated Data Capture System

What is ADCS Meaning

The term ADCS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of ADCS is – Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization & Automated Data Capture System

All Full Forms of ADCS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term ADCS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryADCS Full Form
1ADCSUncategrorizedAbilene Diagnostic Clinic Surgical
2ADCSMedicalAbu Dhabi Cohort Study
3ADCSUncategrorizedAcademic & Distributed Computing Services
4ADCSUncategrorizedAcademic and Distributed Computing Services
5ADCSEducationalAcademic Data Collection System
6ADCSDevelopmentAcademic Data Collection System
7ADCSUncategrorizedAcademic Distributed Computing Services
8ADCSMicrobiologyAcinetobacter-Derived Cephalosporinases
9ADCSTechnologyAcoustic Device Countermeasures
10ADCSServerActive Directory Certificate Service
11ADCSCertifications & DiplomasActive Directory Certificate Services
12ADCSServiceActive Directory Certificate Services
13ADCSInformation TechnologyActive Directory Certification Service
14ADCSCertificateActive Directory Certification Service
15ADCSServiceActive Directory Certification Services
16ADCSServerActive Directory Connectors
17ADCSUncategrorizedActivity Data Control System
18ADCSBiochemistryAcyclic Diaminocarbenes
19ADCSNeurologyAD Centers
20ADCSNeurologyAD Cooperative Study
22ADCSUncategrorizedAdigrat Diocesan Catholic Secretariat
23ADCSSurgeryAdipose-Derived Cells
24ADCSArmyAdvanced Defense Communications Satellite
25ADCSInformation TechnologyAdvanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization
26ADCSTechnologyAffiliated Data Centers
27ADCSUncategorizedAfter Destruction Comes Salvation
28ADCSImmunodeficiencyAIDS-Defining Cancers
29ADCSWW2Air Defence Cooperation Squadron
30ADCSArmyAir Defense Control System
31ADCSArmyAirborne Data Collection System
34ADCSPharmaceuticalAlcohol and Drug Compliance Services
35ADCSSubstance AbuseAlcohol and Drug Confrontation Scale
36ADCSPharmaceuticalAlzheimer?s Disease Cooperative Study
37ADCSMedicalAlzheimer's Disease Centers
38ADCSPharmaceuticalAlzheimers Disease Cooperative Study
39ADCSPharmaceuticalAlzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study
40ADCSMedicalAlzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study
41ADCSChemistryAminodeoxychorismate Synthase
42ADCSSignalAnalog to Digital Converters
43ADCSAnalogAnalog-to-Digital Converters
44ADCSDevelopmentAnarchist Developments in Cultural Studies
45ADCSMedicalAntibody-Drug Conjugates
46ADCSMedicalApparent diffusion coefficients
47ADCSRadiologyApparent Diffusion Coefficients
48ADCSNetworkingApplication Delivery Controllers
49ADCSPharmaceuticalArmy Dental Care System
50ADCSCoachingAssessment and Development Centres
51ADCSArmyAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff
52ADCSGovernmentalAssociation of Director of Children?s Services
53ADCSPharmaceuticalAssociation of Directors of Children?s Services
54ADCSAssociationsAssociation of Directors of Childrens Services
55ADCSAssociationsAssociation of Directors of Children's Services
56ADCSUncategorizedAttitude Determination and Control Subsystem
57ADCSSatelliteAttitude Determination and Control Subsystem
58ADCSUncategorizedAttitude Determination and Control System
59ADCSSpaceAttitude Determination and Control System
60ADCSUncategorizedAttitude Determination and Control Systems
61ADCSForumAustralasian Document Computing Symposium
62ADCSInformation TechnologyAutomated Data Capture System
63ADCSMilitaryAutomated Data Capture System
64ADCSPharmacyAutomated Dispensing Cabinets
65ADCSNavyAviation Machinist's Mate Senior Chief Petty Officer
66ADCSNavyAviation Machinist's Mate Senior Chief Petty Officer

ADCS – Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization

ADCS is intended to keep records synchronized among work areas and workstations or between different drives on your work area and is an extremely quick approach to back up significant registries.

With ADCS you can perceive what changes have occurred in your registries and have moved the progressions with a solitary mouse click. The record size, date/time stamp, and traits are indicated conspicuously, with shading coded bolts obviously denoting the status of each document remembered for the examination. You can apply FileSpec channels, duplicate chosen records to a third organizer, and perform synchronization with a solitary mouse-click. Different highlights incorporate indexes recursion, multi-catalogs examination, .csv and HTML-based correlation reports, plate space watcher, custom arranging.

ADCS is an instinctive registry correlation and synchronization utility from Heatsoft Corporation. It will be valuable for any individual who shares a report/program with companions and associates.

ADCS is an exceptionally quick and simple to utilize index and record synchronizer. Its principle work is to synchronize documents between two distinct registries or drives that can be on similar PC or various PCs on an organization. It is ideal for keeping documents synchronized between a work area and PC or between various drives on your work area and an a lot quicker technique for sponsorship up significant catalogs.



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