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CWW Full Form

CWW Full Form

CWW Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for CWW full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of CWW as well as detailed information about CWW.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of CWW here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of CWW or abbreviation of CWW related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible CWW Full Form here.

CWW Full Form

The term CWW has many full form, but out of which most relevant CWW Full Form is –

CWW – Cruciform Wing Weapon

CWW – Chief Wildlife Warden

CWW – Crossword Weaver

What Does CWW Stands For?

CWW stands for – Cruciform Wing Weapon and Chief Wildlife Warden

What is CWW Meaning

The term CWW has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of CWW is – Cruciform Wing Weapon

All Full Forms of CWW

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term CWW.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCWW Full Form
1CWW VodafoneCable & Wireless Worldwide
2CWW VodafoneCable and Wireless Worldwide
3CWW UncategorizedCambridge Who's Who
4CWW UncategorizedCamp Walt Whitman
5CWW UncategorizedCanadian Who's Who
6CWW AirlineCanair
7CWW UncategorizedCaptive Wildlife Welfare
8CWW UncategorizedCARES Worker Web
9CWW UncategorizedCarolina West Wireless
10CWW StoreCarolina West Wireless
11CWW UncategorizedCarters Watch the Wear
12CWW UncategorizedCarter's Watch the Wear
13CWW UncategorizedCelebration of Women Writers
14CWW UncategorizedCenter for Women & Work
15CWW UncategorizedCenter for Women and Work
16CWW EducationCenter for Women and Work
17CWW UncategorizedCenter for Women Work
18CWW EducationalCenter for Women Writers
19CWW UncategorizedCenter for Women's Welfare
20CWW UncategorizedCenter Without Walls
21CWW UncategorizedCeramic Wire Wound
22CWW UncategorizedChances With Wolves
23CWW UncategorizedCharles W Woodward
24CWW UncategorizedCharlie Wilson's War
25CWW Internet - ChatChat Window Warriors
26CWW Environmental HealthCheese Whey Wastewater
27CWW ElephantChief Wildlife Warden
28CWW UncategorizedChild Welfare Worker
29CWW UncategorizedChildren Without Worms
30CWW HealthChildren Without Worms
31CWW UncategorizedChildrens Water Way
34CWW UncategorizedChina Wide Web
35CWW UncategorizedChristian Wings for the World
36CWW UncategorizedChristian Writer's Workshop
37CWW UncategorizedChurch Without Walls
38CWW UncategorizedCincinnati Water Works
39CWW EducationalCircle of Wine Writers
40CWW MagazineCircle of Wine Writers
41CWW Uncategorizedcis Watson?Crick Watson?Crick
42CWW UncategorizedCity West Water
43CWW UncategorizedCity Without Walls
44CWW UncategorizedCivil War Weekend
45CWW SchoolClassroom Without Walls
46CWW Toronto Stock ExchangeClaymore Standard & Poors Global Water Exchange Traded Fund
47CWW UncategorizedClean World Water
48CWW UncategorizedClean World Waters
49CWW UncategorizedClinic Without Walls
50CWW MedicalClinic Without Walls
51CWW UncategorizedClinics Without Walls
52CWW MedicalClinics Without Walls
53CWW UncategorizedClouds Without Water
54CWW UncategorizedCognitive Walkthrough for the Web
55CWW UncategorizedCohocton Wind Watch
56CWW Environmental HealthCoking Wastewater
57CWW UncategorizedCold Wet Weather
58CWW Science FictionCollege of Witchcraft and Wizardry
59CWW UncategorizedCollege Without Walls
60CWW UncategorizedColorado Wild Women
61CWW UncategorizedColumbia Walla Walla
62CWW UncategorizedColumbus Water Works
63CWW GeorgiaColumbus Water Works
64CWW UncategorizedCommunicating With Washington
65CWW UncategorizedCommunication World Wide
66CWW UncategorizedCommunity Without Walls
67CWW UncategorizedCompany Wide Web
68CWW Normal BusinessCompressed Work Week
69CWW EmploymentCompressed Work Week
70CWW UncategorizedCompressed Work Weeks
71CWW ScienceCompressed Workweek
72CWW UncategorizedComputer Wise Wholesalers
73CWW ComputingComputing With Words
74CWW PerceptualComputing With Words
75CWW PerceptualComputing-with-Words
76CWW UncategorizedConcern World Wide
77CWW ForumConference of Western Wayne
78CWW UncategorizedConscientious Willing Worker
79CWW UncategorizedContaminated Water Warning
80CWW EducationalContemporary Women's Writing
81CWW LiteratureContemporary Women's Writing
82CWW UncategorizedContinental Who's Who
83CWW UncategorizedCooperative Weather Watch
84CWW UncategorizedCopying within Wikipedia
85CWW IATA CodeCorowa Airport
86CWW Local - Airport CodesCorowa, New South Wales, Australia
87CWW UncategorizedCouncil for the Written Word
88CWW UncategorizedCouncil for Wisconsin Writers
89CWW CouncilCouncil for Working Women
91CWW CouncilCouncil for Working Women
92CWW EducationalCreative Writing Workshop
93CWW LiteratureCreative Writing Workshop
94CWW UncategorizedCreative Writing Workshops
95CWW Professional OrganizationsCrestwood Wildlife Warriors
96CWW ArmyCruciform Wing Weapon
97CWW MilitaryCruciform Wing Weapon
98CWW UncategorizedCruciform Wing-Weapon
99CWW UncategorizedCrystallography World Wide
100CWW UncategorizedCustom Walls Windows
101CWW UncategorizedCustomer Wide Web
102CWW SocietySociety Without Walls

CWW – Cruciform Wing Weapon

The cruciform wing is a lot of four individual wings organized looking like a cross. The cross can be one of two structures; The wings can be uniformly spread around the cross-part of the middle, in two planes at right points, as on a particular rocket, or they might be together in a level pivot about a vertical hub, Such as in cruciform rotor wing or X-wing.

Rocket-and stream moved rockets frequently have a cruciform meager wing plan with four similarly slim, low perspective proportion wings consistently around a long, flimsy body. Cruciform wing rockets are in some cases called Cruciform Wing Weapons (CWW) rather than Planar Wing Weapons (PWW).

CWW – Crossword Weaver

Crossword Weaver is a useful asset that is utilized to make two styles of crossword puzzles. Can make confuses unreservedly with just his words.

CWW – College of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Situated in the Highlands of Scotland, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a Scottish wizarding school. Students from Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England takes admission here.

The royal residence is arranged in the mountains close to an incline. The specific area of the school can never be uncovered on the grounds that it was unplotted. The school for the muggles resembles an old relinquished castle. Moreover, the greater part of the school’s wizarding places are secured to keep their strategies for instructing from showing up, just as to shield understudies and schools from any damage.



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