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FMS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you want to know what is FMS full form is? If so, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of FMS, but also get detailed information about FMS.

Not only this, you will also come to know the Meaning of FMS here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of FMS or abbreviation of FMS related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible FMS Full Form and its meaning here.

FMS Full Form

The term FMS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant FMS Full Form is –

FMS – Farmington Municipal Schools

FMS – Faculty of Management Studies

FMS – Florida Military School

FMS Engineer Full Form

Full Form of FMS Engineer is – Facility Maintenance Service

What Does FMS Stands For?

FMS stands for – Farmington Municipal Schools, Faculty of Management Studies and Florida Military School

What is FMS Meaning

The term FMS was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of FMS is – Farmington Municipal Schools, Faculty of Management Studies & Florida Military School

All Full Forms of FMS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term FMS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryFMS Full Forms
1FMS TechnologyEarth Entry Vehicle
2FMS UncategorizedEast English Village
3FMS UncategorizedEastern Equine Virus
4FMS ChemistryEffective Excluded Volume
5FMS RespiratoryElastic Equilibrium Volume
6FMS ElectronicsElectric Expansion Valve
7FMS UncategorizedElectronic Educational Village
8FMS ImmigrationElectronic Employment Verification
9FMS ChartElectronic Entry Visa
10FMS RefrigerationElectronic Expansion Valve
11FMS ValveElectronic Expansion Valves
12FMS UncategorizedElectronically Enhanced Vision
13FMS UncategorizedElectronics Engineering Video
14FMS MovieEmergency Escape Vehicle
15FMS NeurologyEmotionally Enhanced Vividness
16FMS Scienceemployee expense voucher
17FMS ImmigrationEmployment Eligibility Verification
18FMS MedicalEncephalosis Virus
19FMS Medicalencircling endocardial ventriculotomy
20FMS UncategorizedEnd Expiratory Volume
21FMS PhysiologyEnd-Expiratory lung Volume
22FMS Medicalend-expiratory volume
23FMS Healthendocardial ventriculotomy
24FMS UncategorizedEnergy Efficiency Verification
25FMS MalaysiaEnergy Efficient Vehicle
26FMS TransportationEnergy Efficient Vehicles
27FMS ScienceEnglish Electric Valve
28FMS UncategorizedEnhanced Educator Version
29FMS UncategorizedEnhanced Educators Version
30FMS EngineeringEnhanced Environmental Friendly Vehicles
31FMS UncategorizedEnhanced Environmental Vehicle
32FMS EnvironmentEnhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle
33FMS VehicleEnhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles
34FMS UncategorizedEnhanced Environmentaly-friendly Vehicle
35FMS LicensingEnhanced Episomal Vector
36FMS Medicalenveloped vaccinia
37FMS Medicalenveloped vaccinia virus
38FMS Medicalenveloped virion
39FMS MedicalEnveloped Virions
40FMS MedicalEnveloped virus
41FMS UncategorizedEnvironment Education Victoria
42FMS TransportationEnvironment Enhanced Vehicles
43FMS EngineEnvironmentally Enhanced Vehicle
44FMS UncategorizedEnvironmentally Enhanced Vehicles
45FMS UncategorizedEpisomal Expression Vectors
46FMS MedicalEquine Encephalitis Virus
47FMS VeterinaryEquine Encephalosis Virus
48FMS UncategorizedEradicator Epidemic Virus
49FMS FondErneuerbare Energie Versorgung
50FMS UncategorizedEstimated Exposure Value
51FMS Molecular BiologyEuprosterna Elaeasa Virus
52FMS InsuranceEuropean Embedded Value
53FMS UncategorizedEuropean Embedded Values
54FMS OtolaryngologyEuropean Evaluation of Vertigo
55FMS BioengineeringExtracellular Enveloped Virion
56FMS MedicalExtracellular Enveloped Virions
57FMS MedicalExtracellular Enveloped Virus
58FMS ManagementFacilities Management Services
59FMS ManagementFacilities Management System
60FMS Information TechnologyFacility Management Services
61FMS UncategorizedFacsimile Memory State
62FMS ManagementFactory Management System
63FMS EducationalFaculty of Management Sciences
64FMS ManagementFaculty of Management Studies
65FMS EducationalFaculty of Pharmaceutical
66FMS PharmaceuticalFalse Memory Syndrome
67FMS UncategorizedFamous Millionaire Squad
68FMS CultivationFarmington Municipal School
69FMS CultivationFarmington Municipal Schools
70FMS ManufacturingFast Manufacturing System
71FMS EducationalFatigue Management Scheme
72FMS PharmaceuticalFat-Mobilising Substance
73FMS ManagementFault Management System
74FMS US GovernmentFear of Missing Something
75FMS UncategorizedFederal Malayan States
76FMS PharmaceuticalFederal Monitoring Survey
77FMS Local - CountriesFederated Malay States
78FMS EducationalFederation of Materials Societies
79FMS PharmaceuticalFeline McDonough Sarcoma
80FMS CultivationFertilizer Management System
81FMS PharmaceuticalFibroMyalgia Syndrome
82FMS Information TechnologyFieldbus Messaging Specification
83FMS Information TechnologyFieldbus Messaging System
84FMS SchoolsFieldstone Middle School
85FMS Information TechnologyFile Management Service
86FMS ManagementFile Management Services
87FMS EducationalFilm Music Society
88FMS UncategorizedFinal Mile Services
89FMS US GovernmentFinancial Management Service
90FMS ManagementFinancial Management Services
91FMS Information TechnologyFinancial Management Software
92FMS ManagementFinancial Management Solutions
93FMS PharmaceuticalFinancial Management System
94FMS ManagementFinancial Management Systems
95FMS Normal BusinessFinancial Managers Society
96FMS MarketingFinancial Marketing Solutions
97FMS SocietyFine Motor Skills
98FMS Local - CountriesFines Management Services
99FMS Local StatesFire Management System
100FMS UncategorizedFirst Marine Squad
101FMS Information TechnologyFixed Mobile Substitution
102FMS ManufacturingFlash Management System
103FMS Information TechnologyFlash Media Server
104FMS UncategorizedFlash Media Streaming
105FMS ForumFlash Memory Summit
106FMS ProductsFlat Mock Safety
107FMS ManagementFleet Management Service
108FMS TransportationFleet Management System
109FMS Normal BusinessFlexible Manfacturing System
110FMS Normal BusinessFlexible Manufacturing System
111FMS UncategorizedFlexible Modeling System
112FMS UncategorizedFlexible Monitoring System
113FMS TransportationFlight Management System
114FMS ASX SymbolsFlinders Mines Ltd
115FMS EducationalFlood Management Strategy
116FMS ManagementFluid Management Systems
117FMS EducationalFluorescent Mineral Society
118FMS UncategorizedFollow My Sound
119FMS SchoolsFolsom Middle School
120FMS NASA - SpaceFood Management System
121FMS SchoolsFoothills Middle School
122FMS UncategorizedFor My Savior
123FMS Science FictionForce Mode Squad
124FMS ArmyForce Module Subsystem
125FMS UncategorizedFord Mazda Sanyo
126FMS ArmyForeign Army Sales
127FMS ForestryForest Management System
128FMS ForestryForest Middle School
129FMS ForestryForestview Middle School
130FMS EducationalForms Management System
131FMS Local - Airport CodesFort Madison, Iowa USA
132FMS SchoolsFrancisco Middle School
133FMS SchoolsFrancisco Middle School's
134FMS UncategorizedFratres Maristae a Scholis
135FMS AccountingFraud Management System
136FMS AthleticsFredericksburg Motor Athletics
137FMS SchoolsFreedom Middle School
138FMS UncategorizedFreenet Messaging System
139FMS SchoolsFreeport Middle School
140FMS UncategorizedFreestyle Martial Systems
141FMS SchoolsFrelinghuysen Middle School
142FMS NYSE SymbolsFresenius Pharmaceutical
143FMS ScoutingFrontier Market Scouts
144FMS AthleticsFuel Modified Athletics
145FMS UncategorizedFun Mangling And Smashing
146FMS UncategorizedFunctional Magnetic Stimulation
147FMS UncategorizedFunctional Milestone Scale
148FMS UncategorizedFunctional Movement Screen
149FMS UncategorizedFunctional Movement Specialist
150FMS UncategorizedFunctional Movement Systems
151FMS MarketingFundraising Marketing and Social
152FMS UncategorizedFuntional Movement Screen

FMS Full Form in Telecom

Fiber Management System

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about FMS. If you want more information about FMS, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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