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GMT Full Form

GMT Full Form

GMT Full Form: What Does GMT Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of GMT is? Then, here you will come to know what Does GMT stand for? Also all possible Full Form of GMT.

GMT Full Form

The term GMT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

GMT Full Form is – Greenwich Mean Time

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) – Greenwich mean time associated with the daily rotation of the Earth.

In watches, this abbreviation stands for the function of simultaneously displaying the time in two time zones. Often the GMT function is included in the broader World Time function. In this case, the watch is capable of displaying the time in several time zones at once.

UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) – Coordinated Universal Time. The modern version of GMT adjusted for more accurate atomic time.

What is the History of GMT?

Since ancient times, people have looked at the sky and counted the suns and moons to measure time. Now that the very concept of time or timekeeping (measurement) exists and clocks (chronometers) have been invented, you can easily find out how many hours are in any part of the Earth. Yes! In different places on our planet, the time is different. In fact, in general, it proceeds differently in other places for many reasons. However, people are used to observing such a phenomenon by the movements of celestial bodies in the sky, especially the sun.

The UTC time scale was introduced to replace the GMT scale back in 1972. It is the UTC scale that is now used for all civil needs, and time zones are indicated by an offset relative to UTC: UTC + 3, UTC + 4. No one has supported the GMT scale for a long time. All-time sources (even NTP servers on the Internet, even GPS satellites, even ground stations of exact time) now supply time only in UTC. It has long been incorrect to use GMT instead of UTC (okay, back in the 70s and 80s of the last century, it was done according to the old habit, but in the 21st century, it is completely unacceptable). In the Windows time settings, for some unknown reason, GMT is indicated by GMT as a file from their developers and a violation of international standards. For some reason, they were stupid and corrected this situation only in Win7 and Win2008-R2 (there, the time is already indicated through UTC).

GMT time and UTC system

It was assumed that when our star is at its zenith in the sky, then it is noon on Earth. This became the starting point for the rest of the day. However, when civilizations began to unite and get to know each other, to cooperate together through international trade, a single system was needed with the help of which it was possible to find out what time it was at a particular moment in a certain territory. What for? Because in Great Britain, for example, it is early morning, while in Central Asia, it is noon at the same moment.

It was decided to start the measurement from the prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich in England, near London. This place is famous for its observatory – the Greenwich Observatory. This measurement system was given the name – Greenwich Mean Time or GMT, which is translated from English as “Greenwich Mean Time”. Today, few people use the GMT system since a new system has been adopted – UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Coordinated Universal Time. Unlike GMT, UTC does not start counting down according to Greenwich Mean Time but shows “zero value” in a number of countries located in the same time zone.

By the way, there are time zones in the GMT system. They are the same for all systems and for all countries. The essence of time zones, both according to GMT and UTC, is that while the sun rises somewhere, in another part of the planet this day is already half lived, and vice versa, if somewhere the day has already ended, then in another place people experience it in the rays of the sun. Amazing relativity! However, it is worth noting that in both GMT and UTC, Greenwich or the region where it is located is still zero.

What is Time Zones?

As already stated above, there are time zones on Earth, according to which the flow of time in a certain territory is established. Today, watch manufacturers, mostly of costly brands, add to their products for their customers such an option as showing the time in different parts of the world or even in other countries. On the same clock, you can simultaneously find out how many hours are in London, Paris and, for example, in Dubai, sometimes with an accuracy of a second.

Quite a convenient function, considering that buyers of such expensive things are very busy and are constantly travelling around the world. In such a situation, you need to know what time it is in the city where you are going.

In UTC, the measurement is carried out as follows:

  • Los Angeles – -7 hours;
  • New York – -4 hours;
  • UTC – 0 hours;
  • London – +1 hour;
  • Paris – +2 hours;
  • Moscow – +3 hours;
  • Dubai – +4 hours;
  • India – +5.5 hours;
  • Beijing – +8 hours;
  • Tokyo – +9 hours;
  • Sydney – +10 hours.

We can say that the maximum discrepancy around the world is approximately equal to 12 hours or half of the Earth’s revolution around its axis. Actually, because of these revolutions, there is a change of day and night.

ENT Full Form

What is GMT Full Form in Time?

GMT Full Form is – Greenwich Mean Time

What Does GMT Stand For?

GMT stands for – Greenwich Mean Time

What Does GMT Stand For in Time?

In Time GMT stands for – Greenwich Mean Time

What is Full Forms of GMT?

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term GMT.

Sr. No.TermCategoryGMT Full Form
1GMTTime ZoneGreenwich Mean Time
2GMTScience FictionGalaxy Mean Time
3GMTUncategorizedGambia Maybe Time
5GMTAthleticsGames Management Team
6GMTUncategorizedGaming Machine Technologies
9GMTFashionGarment Manufacturing Technology
11GMTNYSE SymbolsGATX Corporation
12GMTUncategorizedGeffen Magic Tournament
13GMTPathologyGelatinous bone Marrow Transformation
14GMTUncategorizedGene Matrix Transposed
15GMTTechnologyGeneral Mean Time
16GMTMilitaryGeneral Military Training
17GMTArmyGeneral Motor Transport
18GMTNormal BusinessGeneral Motors Truck
19GMTAutomotiveGeneral Motors Trucks
20GMTUncategorizedGeneral Movement Toolbox
21GMTOccupation & PositionsGeneral Multi-Tasker
22GMTUncategorizedGeneralist Medical Training
23GMTElectromagneticGeneralized Multipole Technique
24GMTInformation TechnologyGenerative Modeling Technologies
25GMTEducationalGeneric Mapping Tool
26GMTTechnologyGeneric Mapping Tools
27GMTUncategorizedGenetic Male Tilapia
28GMTTreeGenetically Modified Trees
29GMTAllergyGenomic Matching Technique
30GMTMedicalGeometric Mean Titer
31GMTMedicalGeometric Mean Titre
34GMTMathematicsGeometric Measure Theory
35GMTInternet - ChatGet Me Tight
36GMTUncategorizedGet More Traffic
37GMTAthleticsGet Moving Today
38GMTFunnyGhana Maybe Time
39GMTAstronomyGiant Magellan Telescope
40GMTInformation TechnologyGigabyte Management Tools
41GMTGeographyGiuseppi Maria Terreni
42GMTAutomotiveGlass Mat Thermoplastic
43GMTPlasticsGlass Mat Thermoplastics
44GMTBusinessGlobal Management Team
45GMTProgramGlobal Management Trainee
46GMTTravel & TourismGlobal Marine Travel
47GMTMarketGlobal Marketing Transfers
48GMTClimateGlobal Mean Temperature
49GMTUncategorizedGlobal Membership Team
50GMTUncategorizedGlobal Messaging Token
51GMTMedicalGoal Management Training
52GMTCompanies or OrganizationsGonzalez Model Talent
53GMTUncategorizedGood Microbiological Techniques
54GMTPharmaceuticalGood Mother Tincture
55GMTUncategorizedGoodbye Mankind Time
56GMTUncategorizedGoodman Martinez Thompson
57GMTMusicGospel Music Television
58GMTTraineeGraduate Management Trainees
59GMTLearningGrand Max Theater
60GMTUncategorizedGrand Motor Team
61GMTAirportGranite Mountain Air Station
62GMTUncategorizedGreat Magazine of Timepieces
63GMTFunnyGreek Maybe Time
64GMTUncategorizedGreen Metric Ton
65GMTAutomotiveGreen Mobility Trophy
66GMTCompostingGreen Mountain Technology
67GMTVermontGreen Mountain Transit
68GMTZoneGreenwich Mean Time
69GMTTransportationGreenwich Meantime
70GMTUncategorizedGreenwich Meridian Time
71GMTUncategorizedGreenwich Moaning Time
72GMTInternet - ChatGrinding My Teeth
73GMTPhysical TherapyGross Muscle Test
74GMTUncategorizedGround Maintenance Technics
75GMTTechnologyGround Moving Target
76GMTCultivationGrounds Maintenance Tractor
77GMTUncategorizedGroup Medical Training
78GMTCompanies or OrganizationsGroves Manufacturing & Tooling
79GMTArmyGuided Missile Transporter
80GMTPharmaceuticalGums, Mouth, Tonsils
81GMTAthleticsGuyot Motorcycle Team


What is Meaning of GMT?

GMT Means – Greenwich Mean Time

What is GMT Full Form in Railway?

GMT Full Form is – Greenwich Mean Time

What is GMT Full Form in Geography?

GMT Full Form is – Greenwich Mean Time

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about GMT. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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