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GRP Full Form

GRP Full Form

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is the full form of GRP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of GRP but also get detailed information about GRP.

Not only this, but you will also come to know the Meaning of GRP here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of GRP or abbreviation of GRP related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible GRP Full Form and it’s meanings here.


GRP Full Form

The term GRP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

GRP Full Form is – Government Railway Police

GRP (Government Railway Police) is the Indian Railways police force. It was established by the Parliament of India’s Railways Act, 1989.

The Government Railway Police are typically accountable for the prevention and detection of crime on railways. The safety of goods-sheds, goods-wagons at stations and parcel workplaces shouldn’t be the Railway Police’s obligation, however, of the Railway Safety Drive of the Railway.

GRP’s duties correspond to these of the District Police within the areas underneath their jurisdiction, akin to patrolling, however solely on railway property. It’s the parent department of the Railway Safety Drive and aids and gives help to it, whose significant duties are to guard and safe all railway property.


GRP Pipe Full Form

Glass(fiber) Reinforced Plastic

GRP is a composite material which consists of glass fibers and polymer matrix.


GRP Police Full Form

Government Railway Police


GRP Full Form in Railway

Government Railway Police


What Does GRP Stand For?

GRP stands for – Government Railway Police


What is GRP Meaning

The term GRP can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of GRP is – Government Railway Police

GRP (Government Railway Police) is the police force of the Indian Railways. It was established by the Railways Act, 1989 of the Parliament of India. Its duties correspond to those of the District Police in the areas under their jurisdiction, such as patrolling, but only on railway property. It is the parent agency of the Railway Protection Force, and aids and provides assistance to it, whose primary duties are to protect and secure all railway property.

The GRP’s responsibility is to observe law and order on all railway property. Officers are recruited from the Indian Police Service. The force is under joint-control of the Indian Ministry of Railways and the police departments of the various state police departments of India.

The primary role of the GRP is to observe law & order within railway stations in India and in mainline, passenger and suburban trains, including control of passenger and commuter traffic, thus preventing overcrowding, controlling vehicle traffic within station premises, arresting criminals, and removing persons with disease and preventing hawking and begging.[4] It also examines empty train carriages at the time of arrival at their termini for lost property left behind by passengers or stolen from trains and sees to the removal of bodies of persons who die on trains or near station premises and their medical needs.

The GRP also has the power to report and arrest passengers violating the Railways Act, 1989, such as ticketless travel, theft, sexual assault, and report them to the civilian law enforcement in India, report fraudulent or oppressive behaviour towards railway personnel, and enquire any accidents on railway property. It also renders any assistance required to railway officers and the Railway Protection Force.


All Full Forms of GRP

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of GRP.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of GRP, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term GRP.

Note: For your convenience, you can “Search” in this table what you want by typing in the search bar.

Sr. No.TermCategoryGRP Full Form
1GRPUncategorizedGabe Reed Productions
2GRPAllergyGalectin Related Protein
3GRPUncategorizedGambro Renal Products
4GRPGamingGames Russian Patch
5GRPPreventionGang Reduction Program
6GRPUncategorizedGarden Resource Program
7GRPUncategorizedGas Return Pipe
9GRPBioengineeringGastrin Reasing Peptide
10GRPUncategorizedGastrin Releasing Peptid
11GRPUncategorizedGastrin Releasing Peptide
12GRPMedicalGastrin Releasing Peptide
13GRPUncategorizedGastrin releasing polypeptide
14GRPPharmaceuticalGastrin Releasing Protein
15GRPMedicalGastrin-related peptide
16GRPMedicalGastrin-releasing peptide
17GRPBiochemistryGastrin-Releasing Peptide
18GRPMedicalgastrin-releasing peptide1-27
19GRPMedicalGastrin-releasing polypeptide
20GRPUncategorizedGastroenterology Research and Practice
21GRPUncategorizedGateway Review Process
22GRPUncategorizedGateway Routing Protocol
23GRPNetworkGateway Routing Protocol
24GRPUncategorizedGay Reality Porn
25GRPGovernmentalGender Recognition Panel
26GRPTranssexualGender Recognition Panel
27GRPEducationGender Responsive Pedagogy
28GRPUncategorizedGender Responsive Planning
29GRPUncategorizedGender Responsive Policing
30GRPUncategorizedGender Rights Project
31GRPCognitive ScienceGender Role Preference
34GRPEducationGender-Responsive Pedagogy
35GRPIndiaGeneral Railway Police
36GRPUncategorizedGeneral Registration Protocol
37GRPUncategorizedGeneral Renewal Process
38GRPEmissionGeneral Reporting Protocol
39GRPUncategorizedGeneral Response Protocol
40GRPUncategorizedGeneral Retirement Plan
41GRPNormal BusinessGeneral Risk Premium
42GRPUncategorizedGeneral Routing Problem
43GRPUncategorizedGeneralized Renewal Process
44GRPUncategorizedGeneralized Riemann Problem
45GRPTechnologyGeneralized Routing Procedures
46GRPSonGeneration Research Program
47GRPUncategorizedGeneric Race Parts
48GRPUncategorizedGeneric Reference Price
49GRPMolecular BiologyGenetic Reference Population
50GRPUncategorizedGenki Racing Project
51GRPInformation TechnologyGentoo Reference Platform
52GRPLinuxGentoo Reference Platform
53GRPEnvironmental HealthGeogenic Radon Potential
54GRPTechnologyGeographic Reference Point
55GRPOilGeographic Response Plan
56GRPPlanningGeographic Response Plans
57GRPNetworkingGeographic Routing Protocol
58GRPAircraftGeographical Reference Points
59GRPUncategorizedGeographical Routing Protocol
60GRPTechnologyGeophysical Research program
61GRPUncategorizedGeorectified Radiance Product
62GRPGermanGerman Rail Pass
63GRPGermanGerman Riding Pony
64GRPUncategorizedGestion des Risques Professionnels
65GRPUncategorizedGet Ready Program
66GRPScienceGEWEX Radiation Panel
67GRPUncategorizedGhana Railways & Ports
68GRPUncategorizedGhana Redevelopment Party
69GRPCosmosGiant Radio Pulse
70GRPImmunologyGibberellin-Regulated Protein
71GRPPhuketGibbon Rehabilitation Project
72GRPUncategorizedGibraltar Reform Party
73GRPCiscoGigabit Route Processor
74GRPUncategorizedGila River Power
75GRPUncategorizedGINAF Rally Power
76GRPUncategorizedGiornale Radio Piemonte
77GRPItalyGiornale Radio Piemonte
78GRPUncategorizedGiornale RadioTelevisivo Poemonte
79GRPMusicGirls Rock Philly
80GRPVitaminGla Rich Protein
81GRPUncategorizedGlasgow Research Partnership
82GRPRadiologyGlass fiber-Reinforced Plastic
83GRPStructuralGlass Fibre Reinforced Polymers
84GRPTechnologyGlass Fibre Reinnforced Polyester
85GRPUncategorizedGlass Reenforced Plastic
86GRPUncategorizedGlass Re-enforced Plastic
87GRPManufacturerGlass Reinforced Pipe
88GRPArmyGlass Reinforced Plastic
89GRPOilfieldGlass Reinforced Plastic
91GRPPlasticsGlass Reinforced Plastics
92GRPProductsGlass Reinforced Polyester
93GRPUncategorizedGlass Re-inforced Polyester
94GRPDoorGlass Reinforced Polyester
95GRPDoorGlass Reinforced Polymer
96GRPManufacturerGlass Reinforced Products
97GRPUncategorizedGlass-fiber Reinforced Plastic
98GRPPipeGlassfiber Reinforced Plastic
99GRPUncategorizedGlassfiber Reinforced Plastics
100GRPUncategorizedGlass-fiber Reinforced Polyester
101GRPPlasticsGlassfibre Reinforced Plastic
102GRPProductGlassfibre Reinforced Plastic
103GRPFiberGlass-fibre Reinforced Plastic
104GRPPlasticsGlassfibre Reinforced Plastics
105GRPMilitaryGlassfibre Reinforced Plastics
106GRPFiberGlass-fibre Reinforced Plastics
107GRPUncategorizedGlassfibre Reinforced Polyester
108GRPTechnologyGlass-fibre Reinforced Polyester
109GRPUncategorizedGlassfibre-Reinforced Plastic
110GRPEngineeringGlass-Reinforced Polyester
111GRPPlasticsGlass-reinforced Polyester
112GRPUncategorizedGlass-reinforced polymer
113GRPTransplantationGlia Restricted Progenitor
114GRPUncategorizedGlial Restricted Precursors
115GRPNeuroscienceGlial-Released Protein
116GRPMedicalGlial-Restricted Precursor
117GRPControllerGlobal Rating Policy
118GRPUncategorizedGlobal Relationship Partner
119GRPUncategorizedGlobal Remuneration Professional
120GRPUncategorizedGlobal Remuneration Professionals
121GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGlobal Renumeration Professional
122GRPUncategorizedGlobal Research Platform
123GRPEducationalGlobal Research Priorities
124GRPUniversityGlobal Research Priority
125GRPDevelopmentGlobal Research Project
126GRPEconomicsGlobal Research Projects
127GRPUncategorizedGlobal Research Publishing
128GRPUncategorizedGlobal Resilience Partnership
129GRPClimateGlobal Resilience Partnership
130GRPUncategorizedGlobal Resources Partnership
131GRPUncategorizedGlobal Resources Program
132GRPNighthawkGlobal Response Pistol
133GRPVentureGlobal Retail Partners
134GRPUncategorizedGlobal Retirement Partners
135GRPUncategorizedGlobal Risk Partners
136GRPCompanyGlobal Rolled Products
137GRPInformation TechnologyGlobe Replication Protocol
138GRPEndocrine SystemGlucokinase Regulatory Protein
140GRPPharmaceuticalGlucose Regulated Protein
141GRPLocal - CountriesGlucose-Regulated Protein
142GRPHistochemistryGlutamic acid-Rich Protein
143GRPMedicalglutamic acid-rich proteins
144GRPUncategorizedGlycine rich protein
146GRPAllergyGlycine-Rich cell wall Protein
147GRPMedicalglycine-rich cell wall protein
148GRPMolecular BiologyGlycine-Rich Protein
149GRPMedicalGlycine-rich protein
150GRPMedicalGlycine-rich proteins
151GRPBiochemistryGlycine-rich RNA binding Protein
152GRPBiochemistryGlycyrrhizae Radix Protein
153GRPGoldmineGold Reward Program
154GRPPuppyGolden Retriever Puppies
155GRPUncategorizedGolf Retirement Plus
156GRPUncategorizedGonadotropin Releasing Peptide
157GRPUncategorizedGood Recruitment Practice
158GRPUncategorizedGood Refurbishment Practice
159GRPUncategorizedGood Regulators of Pharmaceuticals
160GRPUncategorizedGood Regulatory Practice
161GRPMedicalGood Regulatory Practice
162GRPMilitaryGood Regulatory Practices
163GRPUncategorizedGood Reprint Practices
164GRPForumGood Reputation Point
165GRPForumGood Reputation Points
166GRPEducationGood Research Practice
167GRPPracticeGood Research Practices
168GRPUncategorizedGood Retail Practice
169GRPFoodGood Retail Practices
170GRPFoodGood Retailing Practices
171GRPFDA AdministrationGood Review Practice
172GRPMedicalGood Review Practice
173GRPMedicalGood Review Practices
174GRPScoreGorongosa Restoration Project
175GRPUncategorizedGovernment of Republic of the Philippines
176GRPUncategorizedGovernment of the Republic of Philippines
177GRPGovernmentGovernment of the Republic of the Philippines
178GRPRailwayGovernment Railway Police
179GRPPolice ForceGovernment Railway Police Force
180GRPUncategorizedGovernment Recruiting Programs
181GRPUncategorizedGovernment Religious Preference
182GRPManagementGovernment Resource Planning
183GRPManagementGovernment Resources Planning
184GRPUncategorizedGovernor Rick Perry
185GRPUncategorizedGovernor's Reorganization Plan
186GRPEmploymentGraduate Recruitment Program
187GRPLanguageGraduate Recruitment Program
188GRPEducationGraduate Research Program
190GRPUncategorizedGrass Roots Program
191GRPPlanningGrassland Reserve Program
192GRPAgricultureGrassland Reserve Program
193GRPConservationGrasslands Reserve Program
194GRPVoluntary OrganizationGrasslands Restoration Project
195GRPParks & RecreationGrassroots Recreation Program
196GRPTechnologyGravitational Relativistic Physics
197GRPDogGreat Pyranese
198GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGreen Roof Professional
199GRPUncategorizedGreen Roof Professionals
200GRPEducationalGreen-Rating Project
201GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGrey Raid Productions
202GRPMedia CenterGross Rating Point
203GRPBusinessGross Rating Point
204GRPMedia CenterGross Rating Points
205GRPMediaGross Rating Points
206GRPTVGross Ratings Point
207GRPRatingGross Ratings Points
208GRPMiningGross Regional Product
209GRPEducationalGross Research Product
210GRPUncategorizedGroundwater Reduction Plan
213GRPOrganizationsGroup 7
214GRPInformation TechnologyGroup file
215GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGroup Risk Plan
216GRPLocal - Airport CodesGrurpi, GO, Brazil
217GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGrusin Rosen Productions
218GRPAccountingGuaranteed Royalty Payment
219GRPAircraft & AviationGuidance Replacement Program
220GRPTechnologyGuidance Replacement Program
221GRPEducationalGuided Reading Practice
222GRPDrinkGuideline Review Panel
223GRPInformation TechnologyPixBase Pictures GRoup

CSI Full Form


Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about GRP. If you want more information about GRP, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than GRP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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