HRD Full Form

HRD Full Form: What Does HRD Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of HRD is? Then, here you will come to know what Does HRD stand for? Also all possible Full Form of HRD.

HRD Full Form

The term HRD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

HRD Full Form is – Human Resource Development

Human resource development is a means of enhancing the knowledge, skills, and positive working attitudes of all people working at all levels of a company.

Human resource development includes opportunities such as employee training, employee career development, management and performance development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, identification of key employees, support for tuition fees, and organizational development. The most preeminent workforce so that organizations and individuals can achieve their goals their work in serving clients.

HRD covers the entire scope of creation, management, and development of employer-employee relations. For most organizations, agencies, and companies, the HR department is responsible for: Managing recruitment, selection, and promotion Developing and monitor employee wellness and health programs, promote and implement HR policies Promote employee professional development and training.

Work Provide orientation programs for new employees Provide advice on disciplinary measures Provide as the primary contact for work-related injuries or accidents Human resource management is about: Responding to existing employee concerns: unlike business leaders who control the day-to-day work of employees, the HR department responds to employee concerns such as: Employee benefits, salaries, investments employees, retirement plans and training.

HRD is a process by which an organization’s employees are supported on an ongoing basis and plan to

  1. Acquire or refine the necessary competencies to perform other functions. Each other relative to their current or future role;
  2. Develop their shared capabilities as individuals and explore and exploit their internal potential for their own purposes and/or organizational development;
  3. Develop an organizational culture in which the superiors-subordinate relationships, team spirit, and cooperation between subordinate units are very strong and contribute to creating professional happiness, motivation, and the pride of the collaborator.

HRD Minister Full Form

Full Form of HRD Minister is – Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

What Does HRD Stand For?

RD stands for – Human Resource Development

Human resource development is the process of increasing the knowledge, abilities and interest of positive work among the persons working at all levels of the practical institution.

Henry Ford says – “Take my buildings from me, take away my machines and all the capital, but leave my employees, I will become Henry Ford again.” Henry Ford’s statement proves that individuals play an important role in an organization.

In fact, managing human resources is the most important and central task because the proper or improper use of all other resources depends on human elements. In other words, it is not possible to achieve the objectives of the organization without the support of human resources.

Human resources means knowledge, skills, abilities, values, interests and beliefs of the labour force of the organization. In fact, it is the qualified and skilled manpower that determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. When similar to other elements, an organization that has qualified labour force will be more effective than an organization that has less qualified workforce.

CSP Full Form

What is Full Forms of HRD

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term HRD.

Sr. No.TermCategoryHRD Full Form
1HRDMicrobiologyHairy Root Disease
2HRDNeuroscienceHalf Reduction Date
3HRDUncategorizedHam Radio Deals
5HRDSoftwareHam Radio Deluxe
6HRDDubaiHandbook of Reliability Data
9HRDScienceHanford reach database
10HRDNYSE SymbolsHannaford Brothers Company
11HRDUncategorizedHard Rectangular Drives
12HRDFunnyHard Rocker Dude
13HRDUncategorizedHardware Release Document
14HRDTelecomHardware Requirements Document
15HRDAthleticsHardwood Mountain Bike Park
16HRDStreetHarlem River Drive
17HRDUncategorizedHarm Reduction Development
18HRDSpace TechnologyHatch Restraint Device
19HRDMilitaryHazardous Response and Decontamination
20HRDUncategorizedHead of Research and Development
21HRDUncategorizedHealth Reference Disk
22HRDUncategorizedHealth Regulation Department
23HRDBiosensorHealth Reliability Degree
24HRDUncategorizedHealth Resources Division
25HRDNeurologyHeart Rate Deceleration
26HRDUncategorizedHeart Related Disorders
27HRDBiophysicsHeart Rhythm Determinant
28HRDCardiologyHeart Rhythm Device
29HRDCardiologyHeart Rhythm Disorders
30HRDEnvironmental HealthHeart Rhythm Disturbances
31HRDHeat Related DeathsHeat Recovery Dehumidification
34HRDLocal - RailwayHelical Rail Design
35HRDDogs RelatedHerding Ranch Dog
36HRDObservationHigh Rate Detector
37HRDSpace TechnologyHigh Rate Dosimeter
38HRDArmyHigh Resolution Display
39HRDTechnologyHigh-Rate Demultiplexer
40HRDAircraft & AviationHigh-Rate Discharge
41HRDGeographyHigh-resolution Data
42HRDDevelopmentHindu Rashtra Development
43HRDEducationalHistorical Research Development
44HRDMedicalHomologous Recombination Deficiency
45HRDUncategorizedHood River Distillers
46HRDFenderHot Rod Deluxe
47HRDRestaurantsHotel and Restaurant Development
48HRDUncategorizedHoward Raymond Davies
49HRDInformation TechnologyHuman Readable Description
50HRDMilitaryHuman Remains Detection
51HRDDevelopmentHuman resource and development
52HRDHumanHuman Resource Department
53HRDBusinessHuman Resource Development
54HRDUncategorizedHuman Resource Dimensions
55HRDMagazineHuman Resource Director
56HRDLocal StatesHuman Resources Department
57HRDNormal BusinessHuman Resources Development
58HRDEmploymentHuman Resources Director
59HRDPoliticsHuman Resources Division
60HRDHumanHuman Rights Dialogue
61HRDEducationalHurricane Research Division
62HRDUncategorizedHybrid Restriction Diagram
63HRDUncategorizedHydraulic Repair and Design

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about HRD. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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