HTTPS Full Form

HTTPS Full Form: What Does HTTPS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of HTTPS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does HTTPS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of HTTPS.

HTTPS Full Form

The term HTTPS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

HTTPS Full Form is – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTP Secure

HTTPS is a protocol to ensure the confidential and secure exchange of information between the site and the customer. In this way, it protects the data specified by the user in order to make a purchase or subscribe to updates. HTTPS is needed to prevent such information from falling into the hands of scammers.

HTTP is an application protocol for data transmission on the network. It is currently used to obtain information from websites. The HTTP protocol is based on the use of “client server” technology: the customer who submits the request is the initiator of the connection; the server that receives the request executes it and sends the result to the customer.

DATA transmitted under the HTTP protocol is not protected, HTTPS ensures the confidentiality of information by encrypting it;

HTTP uses port 80, HTTPS – port 443.


Ensuring secure data transmission is necessary on sites where confidential information (personal data of users, details of access, payment card details) – on any sites with authorization, interaction with payment systems, postal services are entered and transferred. Encryption of such data will prevent third parties from obtaining and using it. A special SSL certificate must be installed to implement data transmission via HTTPS on a web server that handles customer requests. There are certificates that protect only one domain. And there are certificates that protect information on all subdomains, and this is Wildcard SSL. Also, if you decide to buy a VPS for a serious business project, you’ll probably need a True Business ID with EV certificate that provides the highest level of security in your domain and adds a green line to your browser window. Encryption takes place in both directions, both the data received by the customer and the data sent to the server. Having an SSL certificate is one of the factors in Google’s ranking, so switching to https does increase Google search. Although this factor is not fundamental at the moment, its impact on the search result may increase in the future.

What is HTTPS Full Form in Computer

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

What is HTTPS Full Form in Networking

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

What Does HTTPS Stand For?

HTTPS stands for – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTP Secure

HTTP is a hypertext protocol that is most commonly used to transfer data from a web server to a browser so that users can browse the web. This is a protocol that used to be used on almost all websites. HTTPS is a secure hypertext transmission protocol. So it’s the same hypertext markup protocol as HTTP, but it has an encryption add-on.

In the usual HTTP protocol, the information transmitted from the server to the browser is not encrypted, meaning it is easy to steal.

Secure HTTPS is used for authorization and secure transactions. It works identically to HTTP, but uses an additional cryptographic level of data protection – the SSL protocol. On the technical side, both protocols use two different ports for communication: unlike HTTP, a secure analogue uses 443 TCP-port. Thanks to SSL, data is exchanged at a secure level, which is very important for sites that store sensitive customer information, such as bank card data.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is already noticeable from definitions. HTTPS is not an independent data transfer protocol, but an HTTP with an encryption add-on. This is the key and the only difference. If the http data is transmitted unprotected, HTTPS will provide cryptographic protection. This is used where authorization is responsible: on payment systems websites, postal services, social networks.

If the data is not protected by SSL, the interceptor program launched at an unkind moment allows the attacker to use it. Technically, the implementation of HTTPS is somewhat more complicated: to do this, the protected site must have a server certificate in use that the user accepts or does not accept. This certificate is installed on the server that handles connections. Both the customer’s data and the data obtained from it are encrypted. Encryption keys are used to check whether the customer receives and provides them. Another technical difference is in the ports used for access under the HTTP and HTTPS protocol. The first usually interacts with port 80, the second interacts with port 443. Other ports can be opened for the same purpose by the administrator, but they will never be the same. What is the difference between protocols – the difference in security

THE letters HTTP at the beginning of the address line mean that the client and the server exchange data on the application protocol – hypertext transfer protocol. This is a standard protocol for sharing any data on the Internet. Externally, the acronym HTTP does not stand out – it is the same black as the rest of the address line. Either the unprotected protocol is not specified at all in the browser address bar.

If we use the HTTP protocol, it’s easier to compromise security because data and information are transmitted in the form of simple text. But when using https, it’s hard to compromise security because the data and information you send is encrypted. The HTTPS protocol is highly recommended if the customer transfers their sensitive and sensitive data.

If a green HTTPS appears in the address bar instead of a black HTTPS, then the data is transmitted by the same HTTP protocol, but with an additional add-on that provides cryptographic protection (hence the letter “s” meaning “security”, i.e. security). The data transmitted is encrypted using SSL and TLS protocols that cannot be decrypted without a key. It’s easy to find out the secure connection – in addition to the green color of the letters, the address bar appears an image of a closed lock and the inscription “Reliable.”

The HTTPS protocol is used to protect sensitive data and financial information transmitted over the Internet, such as online shopping, social media registration data, or online banking accounts.

What Does the S in HTTPS Stand For?

The S in HTTPS Stand For – Secure. It is a HTTP Secure (HTTPS)

IDBI Full Form

What is Full Forms of HTTPS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term HTTPS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryHTTPS Full Form
1HTTPSTechnologyHTTP Over SSL
2HTTPSTechnologyHttp Over Ssl Or Http Secure
3HTTPSComputingHTTP Secure
5HTTPSComputingHTTP Secure
6HTTPSNetworkingHTTP secured by SSL
9HTTPSTechnologyHTTP-Secure Connection
10HTTPSServerHyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure
11HTTPSDigital AdvertisingHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
12HTTPSSecurityHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured
13HTTPSUncategorizedHyper Text Transfer Protocol Security
14HTTPSUncategorizedHyper Text Transmission Protocol Secure
15HTTPSTechnologyHyper Text Transport Protocol Secure
16HTTPSInternetHypertext transfer protocol over secure socket layer
17HTTPSComputer SecurityHypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL
18HTTPSTechnologyHypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS
19HTTPSComputingHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
20HTTPSConceptHyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure
21HTTPSMicrosoftHypertext Transfer Protocol Secured
22HTTPSTechnologyHyperText Transfer Protocol Secured
23HTTPSComputer SecurityHyper-Text Transfer Protocol Security
24HTTPSTechnologyHyperText Transport Protocol Secure
25HTTPSCybersecuritySecure HTTP
26HTTPSTechnologySecure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
27HTTPSMilitarySecure Hypertext Transmission Protocol
28HTTPSTechnologySecured HTTP

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about HTTPS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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