IVR Full Form

IVR Full Form: What Does IVR Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of IVR is? Then, here you will come to know what Does IVR stand for? Also all possible Full Form of IVR.

IVR Full Form

The term IVR has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

IVR Full Form is – Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a set of voice options that help the user get to the right employee. IVR’s task is to maintain round-the-clock communication with customers and increase their loyalty to your company.

IVR helps to distribute calls to responsible employees, advise clients on popular requests using tone dialing, or send their call to voicemail.

By connecting an IVR, you can save time for processing incoming calls and reduce the cost of maintaining an incoming line.

Voice menu (IVR)

Distribute calls automatically using an interactive voice menu. The client does not have to wait long for a response.

What is IVR?

This is a voice menu that prompts the subscriber to get to the necessary department or the responsible employee.

What is IVR in Telephony?

Greetings from a customer or partner of an organization

Information about special promotions of the company

Determination of the purpose of the call: why the subscriber calls the company

Transferring a call to the number of the required department or employee

What are the capabilities of IVR system?

The voice menu is configured free of charge and is included in the basic functionality of the Telfin. Office automatic telephone exchange;

The number of levels of the voice menu is not limited;

Availability of ready-made welcome sound files in the PBX settings;

Record IVR greetings with a professional voice announcer. The cost of recording a message by our professional speaker up to 100 words is 1300 rubles;

Reports on everyone who has used tone or voice dialing of your menu.

What are Pros of using IVR?

Saving money

Use the voice menu and forget about the secretary. The service works without wages, days off, and sick leave. At the same time, IVR can be connected free of charge.


There is not a single missed call since IVR simultaneously processes any number of incoming calls. The subscriber dials an extension and communicates directly with the employee.

High quality

When ordering a greeting from a professional IVR announcer in the studio, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality recording, pleasant intonation, and correctly placed accents in the text.


All IVR recordings are performed on studio equipment. The finished files are sent by e-mail within just a few days.


IVR from the announcer allows you to build the right communications with customers and stand out from the crowd of competitors using simple beeps in the telephone receiver.

Additional benefits

Any number of IVRs in one PBX

Connect several voice menus for one company at the same time. Each IVR is configured separately and in a complex.

Individual IVR configuration scenarios

Use different options for the voice menu depending on the goals of the company. Changes to the IVR can be made independently or with the help of Telfin specialists.

Handling erroneous actions of the subscriber

If the subscriber has not dialed or entered an incorrect combination of numbers, the answering machine repeats the voice menu request.

Direct communication between the subscriber and the employee

IVR allows you to set up forwarding to the extension or mobile number of the responsible employee, as well as to his voice mail.

Record all calls

Even if the client hangs up, his call is fixed. A report on missed calls is available in PBX and CRM (in case of solution integration).

What is IVR Full Form in Banking?

In Banking IVR Full Form is – Interactive Voice Response

What is IVR Full Form in Telecom?

In Telecom IVR Full Form is – Interactive Voice Response

What Does IVR Stand For?

IVR stands for – Interactive Voice Response

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It allows a subscriber to obtain information of interest by pushing keys in a tone mode on a particular speech menu (or speech recognition technology). IVR can also be used to route calls within the Call Center / Contact Center while ensuring a rational workload of operators following their specialization.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Interactive Voice Response, is a system of pre-recorded voice messages that performs the function of routing calls within a call center (or providing the information) with the selection of data using tone dialing on the telephone keypad. This system most often looks like this for a subscriber: Press “1” to listen …, press “2” to connect to … More and more, pressing the buttons is replaced by the ability to pronounce the essence of the appeal “get a loan / to find out the address of an ATM / …” … It seems to have become more convenient, BUT so far, not all systems recognize the voice more accurately than 90%, so sometimes they add the asking “did you choose a loan?” “Yes!” and it becomes even less convenient to use than tone dialing.

What Does IVR Stand For in Call Center?

In Call Center IVR stands for – Interactive Voice Response

MICR Full Form

What is Full Forms of IVR

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term IVR.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIVR Full Form
1IVRInformation TechnologyInteractive Voice Response
2IVRPharmaceuticalIdio-Ventricular Rhythm
3IVRCardiologyIliac bed Vascular Resistance
5IVRMedicalIliac Vascular Resistance
6IVRTechnologyImage-based Virtual Reality
9IVRInformation TechnologyImmediate Value Returned
10IVRPsychiatryImmediate Verbal Recall
11IVRMedicalImmersive Virtual Reality
12IVRTechnologyImplementation Verification Review
13IVRUncategorizedImplied Volatility Rank
14IVRAutomotiveIn Vehicle Receiver
15IVRInternet SlangIn Virtual Reality
16IVRPharmacologyIn Vitro Release
17IVRMedicalIn Vivo Recovery
18IVREngineeringIncident Verification Report
19IVRCompanies or OrganizationsIncline Vacation Rental
20IVRUncategorizedInduction Voltage Regulator
21IVRCultureIndulgence versus Restraint
22IVRCultureIndulgence vs Restraint
23IVRUncategorizedIndustrial Virtual Reality
24IVRAllergyInhibition of Virus Release
25IVRMedicalInhibitor of Virus Replication
26IVRInterfaceInitial Value Register
27IVRRepresentationInitial Value Representation
28IVRGastroenterologyInitial Virological Response
29IVRMilitaryInitial Voice Report
30IVRMedicalInitiative for Vaccine Research
31IVRTechnologyInnovative Voice Response
34IVRPowerInput Voltage Range
35IVRUncategorizedInspection Visit Report
36IVRTaekwondoInstant Video Replay
37IVRUncategorizedInstant Voice Response
38IVRMedicalInstitute for Virus Research
39IVRInstitutesInstitute for Vision Research
40IVRInstitutesInstitute for Volunteering Research
41IVRServiceInstitute of Vehicle Recovery
42IVRUncategorizedIntegrated Voice Response
43IVRAutomotiveIntelligent Vehicle Research
44IVRUncategorizedIntelligent Voice Recognition
45IVRInformation TechnologyInter Vsan Routing
46IVRInformation TechnologyInteractive Virtual Reality
47IVRTechnologyInteractive Voice Recognition
48IVRVoiceInteractive Voice Recording
49IVRInternet SlangInteractive Voice Response
50IVRTransportationInternational Vehicle Register
51IVRAutomotiveInternational Viper Registry
52IVRInformation TechnologyInterrupt Vector Register
53IVRMedicalInterventional Radiology
54IVRMedicalIntramolecular Vibrational Relaxation
55IVRRoboticsIntroduction to Vision and Robotics
56IVRAirport CodeInverell Airport
57IVRTicker SymbolsInvesco Mortgage Capital
58IVRNuclearIn-Vessel Retention


What is IVR Full Form in Post Office?

In Post Office IVR Full Form is – Interactive Voice Response

What Does IVR Stand For in Medicare?

In Medicare IVR stands for – Interactive Voice Response

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about IVR. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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