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KRA Full Form

KRA Full Form: What Does KRA Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of KRA is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of KRA but also get detailed information about KRA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does KRA stand for?

KRA Full Form

The term KRA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

KRA Full Form is – Key Result Area

KRA is a administration idea that defines the job place and responsibility of an worker, and furthermore alludes to the various regions of work for which he may assume liability.

Key End result area defines the primary job duty of a person, firm or group. It refers to particular areas of outcomes for which an worker is accountable. KRA is determined by the corporate or group to evaluate the person’s quantitative and qualitative evaluation skill for a particular job assigned to him. This information can be utilized as a appraisal software because it reveals the general efficiency of that entity. A particular objective have to be set to enhance the effectivity of the group.

KRA – Key Responsibility Area

KRA Full Form in HR

Key Result Area/ Key Responsibility Area

KRA Full Form in Appraisal

Key Result Area/ Key Responsibility Area

KRA Full Form in Mutual Fund

KYC Registration Agency

What Does KRA Stand For?

KRA stands for – Key Responsibility Area

KRA follows Job Description of an individual and represents the regions where workers are expected to do it at their workplace.

Many times, Managers face problems in defining the KRA to their group members. These targets finally assess productivity regularly, aligning the team to common targets or jobs. Generally, Managers, even though they are mindful of the duties, however, find it hard to form it in a format that is written. Some might not realize the fundamental terminology thus confront challenges in articulating the Targets or Individual/Team’s aims in an unambiguous way.

Key responsibility areas (KRA) consult with a comprehensive overview of everything an individual is expected to perform in the office.

The KRA are a tactical aspect that comprises his crucial job duties. Contrary to KPIs, they can be qualitative and summarize the task’s range in achieving organizational objectives. KRAs work as a foundation for KPI metrics. By way of instance, timely content quality and delivery.

All Full Forms of KRA

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term KRA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryKRA Full Forms
1KRACompanies or OrganizationsK. R. Anderson, Inc.
2KRAEducationalKansas Reading Association
3KRAPoliticsKansas Republican Assembly
4KRALocalKaunas Local Archive
5KRASocietyKempsville Recreation Association
6KRAUncategorizedKen Robinson Associates
7KRAResidentialKenbrink Residents Association
8KRAAssociationsKentucky Reading Association
9KRARestaurantsKentucky Restaurant Association
10KRAGovernmentalKenya Revenue Authority
11KRALocal - Airport CodesKerang, Victoria, Australia
12KRAAlliancesKey Recovery Alliance
13KRAUncategorizedKey Responsibility Accountability
14KRAArmyKey Responsibility Area
15KRAUncategorizedKey Responsibility Areas
16KRAManagementKey Result Area
17KRAUncategorizedKey Result Areas
18KRAMarketingKey Results Activities
19KRAUncategorizedKey Results Area
20KRAUncategorizedKey Results Areas
21KRAFunnyKill the Reidys of America
22KRAASX SymbolsKillara Resources Limited
23KRAUncategorizedKindergarten Readiness Assessment
24KRAEducationalKirsten Reite Architecture
25KRAUncategorizedKnowledge Reformulation and Abstraction
26KRAVoluntary OrganizationKogarah Residents' Association
27KRAAthleticsKorea Racing Authority
29KRAAgenciesKYC Registration Agency
30KRAUncategorizedKamen Rider Agito
31KRAIndonesiaKampung Ramah Anak
32KRAUncategorizedKanjeng Raden Adipati
33KRACertificateKanjeng Raden Arya
34KRASultanKanjeng Raden Ayu
35KRADevelopmentKansas Reading Association
36KRAPoliticsKansas Republican Assembly
37KRAUncategorizedKansas Roofing Association
38KRAUncategorizedKapalua Resort Association
39KRAUncategorizedKarim Raslan Associates
40KRAUncategorizedKart Racers of America
41KRAIndonesiaKawasaki Racing Academy
42KRAUncategorizedKelvingrove Refurbishment Appeal
43KRAOrganizationKempsville Recreation Association
44KRAAssociateKen Robinson Associates
45KRAConferenceKentucky Reading Association
46KRAUncategorizedKentucky Rehabilitation Association
47KRAUncategorizedKentucky Reinvestment Act
48KRARestaurantsKentucky Restaurant Association
49KRAUncategorizedKentucky River Authority
50KRAUncategorizedKenya Rainwater Association
51KRAKenyaKenya Revenue Authority
52KRAAirport CodeKerang Airport
53KRAUncategorizedKern Reading Association
54KRAUncategorizedKern River Alliance
55KRACertificateKey Recovery Agents
56KRATechnologyKey Recovery Alliance
57KRAUncategorizedKey Recovery Authority
58KRAProjectionKey Resource Area
59KRAUncategorizedKey Responsibilities Area
60KRAManagementKey Responsibility Area + 1 variant
61KRACoachingKey Responsibility Areas
62KRABusinessKey Result Areas
63KRACriminalKickback Racket Act
64KRAPhysiologyKidney Renin Activity
65KRAServerKimberly Recreation Association
66KRAEducationKindergarten Readiness Assessment
67KRADrawingKirsten Reite Architecture
68KRAAirlineKiwi Regional Airlines
69KRAUncategorizedKnights of the Royal Arch
70KRANon-profit OrganizationKogarah Residents' Association
71KRATractorKomatsu Remanufacturing Asia
72KRAUncategorizedKomite Revolusi Agraria
73KRASurabayaKonferensi Regional Akuntansi
74KRAUncategorizedKorea Racing Association
75KRAKoreaKorea Racing Authority
76KRAUncategorizedKorps Rijdende Artillerie
77KRAFisheryKozhikode Regional Archives
80KRAUncategorizedKrystyna Rawicz Associates
81KRAUncategorizedKuali Research Administration
82KRAIndiaKuki Revolutionary Army
83KRAAirlineTranscontinental Airlines

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