NVI Full Form

NVI Full Form

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NVI Full Form

The term NVI has many full forms, but out of which most relevant NVI Full Form is –

NVI – Non Value Indicator

NVI – National Violence Index

What Does NVI Stands For?

NVI stands for – Non Value Indicator and National Violence Index

What is NVI Meaning

The term NVI was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of NVI is – Non Value Indicator & National Violence Index

All Full Forms of NVI

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term NVI.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryNVI Full Forms
1NVI AirlineAvial NV Aviation Company
2NVI UncategorizedNamoi Valley Independent
3NVI UncategorizedNarrows View Intermediate
4NVI OtolaryngologyNasal Valve Insufficiency
5NVI UncategorizedNAT Virtual Interface
6NVI CiscoNAT Virtual Interface
7NVI MiscellaneousNatasha Very Ill
8NVI ThailandNational Vaccine Institute
9NVI Companies or OrganizationsNational Ventures, Inc.
10NVI VeteransNational Veterans Intermediary
11NVI PharmaceuticalNational Veterinary Inistitute
12NVI PharmaceuticalNational Veterinary Institute
13NVI VeterinaryNational Veterinary Institute
14NVI US GovernmentNational Violence Index
15NVI USNational Violence Index
16NVI UncategorizedNational Virtual Incubator
17NVI TechnologyNational Virtual Incubator
18NVI Companies or OrganizationsNational Vision Inc
19NVI UncategorizedNational Vision, Inc
20NVI NYSE SymbolsNational Vision, Inc.
21NVI OrganizationsNational Vision, Inc.
22NVI UncategorizedNational Volunteering Index
23NVI UncategorizedNationale Vliegtuig Industrie
24NVI AircraftNationale Vliegtuig Industrie
25NVI Voluntary OrganizationNative Voices International
26NVI Non-profit OrganizationNative Voices International
27NVI UncategorizedNatural Value Initiative
28NVI BusinessNatural Value Initiative
29NVI PharmaceuticalNatural Vision Improvement
30NVI InternetNaval Virtual Internet
31NVI MilitaryNaval Virtual Internet
32NVI UncategorizedNaval Virtual Intranet
33NVI Airport CodeNavoi International Airport
34NVI NavyNavy Virtual Intranet
35NVI UncategorizedNear Vertical Illumination
36NVI UncategorizedNear Vertical Incidence
37NVI OphthalmologyNear Vision Impairment
38NVI PhysiologyNecrotic Volume Increase
39NVI NetherlandNederlands Vaccin Instituut
40NVI UncategorizedNederlands Vastgoed Instituut
41NVI UncategorizedNeg Volume Index
42NVI UncategorizedNegative Volume Index
43NVI BusinessNegative Volume Index
44NVI MedicalNeovascularization
45NVI Eye SurgeryNeovascularization of Iris
46NVI OphthalmologyNeovascularization of iris (rubeosis iridis)
47NVI MedicalNeovascularization of the Iris
48NVI MedicalNeovascularization Of The Iris
49NVI UncategorizedNetherlands Vaccin Institute
50NVI PharmaceuticalNetherlands Vaccine Institute
51NVI MedicalNetherlands Vaccine Institute
52NVI Companies or OrganizationsNetVision Interactive Media
53NVI UncategorizedNetwork Variable Input
54NVI MedicalNeurological Vision Impairment
55NVI PharmaceuticalNeurological Visual Impairment
56NVI CorticalNeurological Visual Impairment
57NVI OtolaryngologyNeuropsychological Vertigo Inventory
58NVI OrthopaedicNeurovascular Injury
59NVI Medicalneurovascular intact
60NVI Nervous SystemNeurovisceral Integration
61NVI AllergyNew Vaccine Introduction
62NVI InstitutesNew Venture Institute
63NVI FlinderNew Venture Institute
64NVI UncategorizedNew Ventures India
65NVI SchoolNew Ventures India
66NVI Sciencenew ventures initiative
67NVI MedicalNew Vessels Iris
68NVI Information TechnologyNew VI
69NVI UncategorizedNew Vi It
70NVI Photography & ImagingNew Vision Imaging
71NVI PhotographyNew Vision Imaging
72NVI UncategorizedNew Vision International
73NVI UncategorizedNew Voice Infrastructure
74NVI LocalNewVision International
75NVI ChurchNewVision International
76NVI UncategorizedNight Vision Instrument
77NVI UncategorizedNile Vocational Institute
78NVI UncategorizedNo Value Indicated
79NVI Information TechnologyNo Value Indicator
80NVI UncategorizedNo Vertical Integration
81NVI StampNon Value Indicator
82NVI UncategorizedNon Virtual Interface
83NVI StampNon-Value Indicator
84NVI UncategorizedNon-Violent Intervention
85NVI ProgrammingNon-virtual Interface
86NVI PatternNon-Virtual Interface
87NVI UncategorizedNorthern Virginia Intergroup
88NVI PharmaceuticalNorwegian Veterinary Institute
89NVI TransportationNot Valid For Inland
90NVI UncategorizedNot Very Interesting
91NVI TechnologyNova Versao Internacional
93NVI RadiologyN-vinylimidazole

NVI – Non Value Indicator

The No Value Indicator stamps allude to stamps whose selling costs and divisions relate to the postage for homegrown first or second letters substantial at that point, and 50 grams of maximum limit. No-esteem pointer stamps are additionally useful for postage to other all-inclusive assistance items.

Non-request postage is a postage made to meet a fixed postage rate that keeps up full legitimacy for the expected postal rate even after the rate increments. It doesn’t show a financial worth, or division, all alone. In numerous English-talking nations, it is called non-esteem marker (NVI) postage. “Top-up” old issues, NVI stamps have been concocted in the United States, Canada and some European nations worldwide to diminish the expense of printing huge issues of low-esteem tickets.

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