PCM Full Form

PCM Full Form: What Does PCM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PCM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PCM but also get detailed information about PCM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PCM stand for?

PCM Full Form

The term PCM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant Full Form is –

PCM Full Form is –Pulse-Code Modulation

PCM is a method which is used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. In computers, digital telephony, CD/DVD and other digital audio applications, it is the standard form of digital audio.

What is PCM Subject Full Form

PCM Subject Full Form is – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

The group of three subjects Physics Chemistry Maths are called as PCM. Students have to choose either PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) or PCB Physics, Chemistry and Biology) while taking admission for HSC after SSC.

What is PCM Full Form in Education and Science

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

What is PCM Full Form in Medical

Protein K-Calorie Malnutrition

What Does PCM Stand For?

PCM stands for – Pulse-Code Modulation

Pulse code modulation (PCM) is widely used in data transmission systems for converting analog messages (such as speech) into a serial stream of zeros, and units.

An important characteristic of PCM is the difference between the value of the sampled voltage (sample) and quantization levels with which it is compared. Most often input voltages will not match the quantization levels. As mentioned above, the PCM encoder sets the sample to the value of the closest quantization level.

What Does PCM Stand For in Audio?

In Audio PCM Stand For – Pulse-Code Modulation

What Does PCM Stand For in Cars?

In Cars PCM Stand For – Power-Train Control Module

What is Full Forms of PCM

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of PCM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPCM Full Forms
1PCMUncategorizedA Power Cord Modulator
2PCMNASAE Pulse-Code Modulation Event
3PCMEducationalPacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia
4PCMInternet SlangPaper Craft Magazine
5PCMInformation TechnologyParallel Cache Management
6PCMClimateParallel Climate Model
7PCMStatisticsPartial Credit Model
8PCMMusicPasadena Conservatory of Music
9PCMOncologyPatient Care Monitor
10PCMShipping & SailingPatrol Craft, Missile
11PCMBankingPayments And Cash Management
12PCMEducationalPento Cyleinic Methyl
13PCMEducationalPeoples Climate March
14PCMEducationalPeoples Climate Movement
15PCMAccountingPer Calculated Month
16PCMUnit MeasuresPer Calendar Month
17PCMTaxPercentage of Completion Method
18PCMInformation TechnologyPerformance Computer Modulator
19PCMUncategorizedPerformance Counter Metrics
20PCMUncategorizedPerformance Counter Monitor
21PCMUncategorizedPermanent Contributing Member
22PCMInformation TechnologyPersonal Call Manager
23PCMManagementPersonal Care Management
24PCMOccupation & PositionsPersonal Challenge Manager
25PCMSoftwarePersonal Computer Magazine
26PCMComputingPersonal Computer Manufacturer
27PCMCardPersonal Computer Memory
28PCMMedicalPharmaceutical Case Management
29PCMEngineeringPhase Change Material
30PCMTechnologyPhase Change Memory
31PCMMedicalPhase Contrast Microscopy
34PCMEngineeringPhase-Change Memory
35PCMOphthalmologyPhase-Conjugate Mirror
36PCMUncategorizedPhase-Contrast Microscopy
37PCMMusicPhoenix Conservatory of Music
38PCMTechnologyPhysical Connection Management
39PCMEducationalPhysics Chemistry And Math
40PCMEducationalPhysics Chemistry And Mathematics
41PCMPhysicsPhysics, Chemistry, Maths
42PCMManagementPivotal Contact Management
43PCMUncategorizedPizza Completes Me
44PCMPathologyPlasma Cell Mastitis
45PCMMedicalPlasma Cell Myeloma
46PCMHematologyPlatelet-Conditioned Medium
47PCMAirportPlaya del Carmen Airport
48PCMLocal - Airport CodesPlaya Del Carmen, Mexico
49PCMInternet - ChatPlease Call Me
50PCMUncategorizedPleasure Craft Marine
51PCMComputingPlug Compatible Manufacturers
52PCMTechnologyPlug Compatible Module
53PCMNuclearPlutonium Contaminated Material
54PCMWastePlutonium Contaminated Materials
55PCMChemistryPolarizable Continuum
56PCMChemistryPolarizable Continuum Model
57PCMBacteriophagePolish Collection of Microorganisms
58PCMUncategorizedPonce City Market
59PCMMedicalPorous Coated Motion
60PCMManagementPorsche Communication Management
61PCMMedia CenterPortland Society Media
62PCMLocal - CountriesPositive Crash Mode
63PCMEducationPost and Contract Management
64PCMUSPSPostal Commodity Machine
65PCMUncategorizedPoste de Commandement Mobile
66PCMUnit MeasuresPounds Current Money
67PCMAircraft & AviationPower Conditioning Module
68PCMTechnologyPower Control Mission
69PCMTechnologyPower Control Module
70PCMMilitaryPower Converter Module
71PCMTechnologyPower cooling mismatch
72PCMAutomotivePowertrain Control Module
73PCMLocalPractical Christian Ministries
74PCMGovernmentalPractical Christian Ministry
75PCMOncologyPrecision Cancer Medicine
76PCMConservationPrecision Conservation Management
77PCMManufacturingPrecision Contract Manufacturing
78PCMProductsPre-Costed Module
79PCMConstructionPreferred Construction Management
80PCMUncategorizedPregnancy Care Management
81PCMCosmosPressurised Cargo Module
82PCMExplorationPressurized Cargo Mission
83PCMNASA - SpacePressurized Cargo Module
84PCMPharmaceuticalPrevention Case Management
85PCMAccountingPrice Cost Margin
86PCMMedicalPrimary Care Management
87PCMMedicalPrimary Case Manager
88PCMMedicalPrimary Cutaneous Melanoma
89PCMUncategorizedPrivacy Contract Management
91PCMManagementPrivate Capital Management
92PCMComputer SecurityPrivilege Certificate Manager
93PCMManagementPro Cycling Manager
94PCMTechnologyProcess Change Management
95PCMUncategorizedProcess Communication Model
96PCMInformation TechnologyProcess Control Manual
97PCMTechnologyProcess Control Module
98PCMTechnologyProcess Control Monitor
99PCMEducationalProcess Control Monitoring
100PCMUncategorizedProcessor Counter Monitor
101PCMPowerProduct Change Management
102PCMManagementProduct Content Management
103PCMUncategorizedProfessional Case Management
104PCMCertifications & DiplomasProfessional Certified Marketer
105PCMStock MarketProfessional Clearing Member
106PCMManagementProfessional Crisis Management
107PCMManagementProfessional Society Management
108PCMTechnologyProfitability and Cost Management
109PCMArmyProgram Coordination Meeting
110PCMAccountingProject Cost Model
111PCMPowerProject Cycle Management
112PCMTechnologyPropulsion Control Module
113PCMRussiaProsperity Capital Management
114PCMMedicalProtein Calorie Malnutrition
115PCMMedicalProtein-Calorie Malnourished
116PCMFertilityProtein-Carboxyl Methylase
117PCMConstructionProviding for Construction Management
118PCMLocalPseudo Christian Moron
119PCMCardinalPub Cardinal Marunouchi
120PCMTechnologyPulse Code Modulated
121PCMEducationalPulse Code Modulation
122PCMMedia CenterPulse Code Modulator
123PCMTechnologyPulse Coded Modulation
124PCMTechnologyPulse-code Modulation
126PCMInformation TechnologyPunch Card Machine
127PCMTechnologyPunched Card Machine

BFSI Full Form

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