PFA Full Form

PFA Full Form: What Does PFA Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PFA but also get detailed information about PFA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PFA stand for?

PFA Full Form

The term PFA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PFA Full Form is – Please Find the Attachment

PFA is an internet slang. PFA is used in email communication, when a sender attaches a document (Word, Excel, PDF or picture file) with that mail.  It is utilized to reminder the receiver that an attachment is added with this email, kindly look at this.

PFA Full Form in Email

Full Form of PFA in email is – Please Find the Attachment

PFA Tube Full Form

Perfluoroalkoxy Alkanes

What Does PFA Stand For?

PFA stands for – Please Find the Attachment

Correspondence today is an integral part of life. Yes, most of what we write every day is short messages in instant messengers. However, the good old letters are still very popular, only now in electronic form. The problem is that in our digital age there is so much information that we have to filter it carefully.

So how do you write a letter that will be convenient and pleasant for your recipient to read? How do you compose a message you want to answer?

One commonly used slug is PFA – stand for Please Find the Attachment

The following expressions are most commonly used to write formal emails:

If we want to attach a file, then we indicate:

  • PFA – (Please accept in attachment)
  • PFA my CV
  • PFA my report
  • An attachment is a computer file attached to an email (resume, photo, etc.).

All Full Forms of PFA

Now, Here is the list of All Full Form of PFA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPFA Full Form
1PFANYSE SymbolsAlliance First Products, Incorporated
3PFACardiologyPacemaker Function Analyzer
4PFAMuseumsPacific Film Archive
5PFAAssociationsPacific Financial Association
6PFAAirlinePacific Flight Services
7PFATechnologyPacket and Frame Access
8PFAPaediatricsPaediatric First Aid
9PFATechnologyPage Frame Address
10PFAPakistanPakistan Foundry Association
11PFABayPalace of Fine Arts
12PFASportPalestine Football Association
13PFAMeatPalm oil Fatty Acids
14PFAMedicalPalmar Fasciitis And
15PFATechnologyPalmdale Final Assembly
16PFAOptometryPanum's Fusional Area
19PFATechnologyParameter Field Address
20PFASchoolParent & Faculty Association
21PFAEducationalParent Faculty Association
22PFASchoolParent Family Association
23PFASchoolParent Friends Association
24PFASchoolParents & Family Association
25PFANeurologyParoxysmal Fast Activity
26PFADentistryPartial Flip Angle
27PFABioengineeringPartial Foot Amputation
28PFAArmyParticipating Field Activity
29PFAGovernmentPassenger Ferry Account
30PFAMedicalPassive Foot Anaphylaxis
31PFATraumatologyPatella Flexion Angle
33PFAOrthopaedicPatellofemoral Angle
34PFAOrthopaedicPatellofemoral Arthritis
35PFAOrthopaedicPatellofemoral Arthroplasty
36PFAManufacturingPatented Flash Assembly
37PFACombustionPath Flux Analysis
38PFAGovernmentPaths For All
39PFAHealthPatient Flow Analysis
40PFAPayPaycheck Fairness Act
41PFATechnologyPeachtree First Accounting
42PFAWorkbenchPec Fly Accessory
43PFAAssociationsPedorthic Footcare Association
44PFAVoluntary OrganizationPencils For Africa
45PFALocal StatesPennsylvania Family Assistance
46PFAAnimalsPeople For Animals
47PFASports MedicinePerceived Functional Ability
48PFATechnologyPerFlooro Alkyoxy
49PFAPlasticsPerfluoro Alkoxyl Alkane
51PFAEnvironmental HealthPerfluoroalkoxy Polymer
52PFAAthleticsPerformance Fitness Assessment
53PFAAthleticsPerformance Fitness for Athletes
54PFAEnvironmental HealthPerformic Acid
55PFAPerforming ArtsPerforming and Fine Arts
56PFANeurologyPerifornical Area
59PFAMedicalPhosphonoformic acid
60PFAArmyPhysical Fitness Assessment
61PFAProfessional OrganizationsPhysical Fitness Association
62PFAVeterinaryPhytogenic Feed Additive
63PFAGamingPiano From Above
64PFAInternet - WebsitesPicture For Attention
65PFAMedicalPictures of Facial Affect
66PFASchoolsPierre Fauchard Academy
67PFAPharmaceuticalPink Fluffy Animal
68PFAPharmaceuticalPlain (X-ray) Film of Abdomen
69PFAHealthPlasma Fraction Agreement
70PFAMedicalPlatelet Function Analysis
71PFAMedicalPlatelet Function Analyzer
72PFAInternet - ChatPlease Find Attached
73PFAInformation TechnologyPlease Find the Attachment
74PFASciencePlucked from Air
75PFAMedicalPoint of Force Application
76PFARadarPolar Format Algorithm
77PFALaw EnforcementPolice Family Association
78PFAGovernmentPolice Federation of Australia
79PFAJuridicalPolice Force Fingerprint Automation
80PFAInformation TechnologyPop Forwarding Agent

Final Words:

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than PFA? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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