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PMO Full Form

PMO Full Form

PMO Full Form: What Does PMO Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PMO is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PMO but also get detailed information about PMO. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PMO stand for?

PMO Full Form

The term PMO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant Full Form

PMO Full Form is –Project Management Office

PMO (Project Management Office) is a group or department, which may be inside or outside of an organization, government agency, or enterprise. Main function of PMO is to set, keep up and guarantees guidelines for venture the board over that association. They’re the guardians of best practices, venture status and bearing — across the board spot.

A PMO ensures organization techniques, practices and activities go right — on schedule, on financial plan and all similarly.

PMO – Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office comprises of the prompt staff of the Prime Minister of India, just as different degrees of care staff answering to the Prime Minister.

PMO Full Form in Medical

Principal Medical Officer

What Does PMO Stand For?

PMO stands for – Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) is a project portfolio management office (PMO), a division in a company that coordinates projects, gathers and moves information on projects, monitoring, budgets, schedules, team communication issues, coordinating the work of all project stakeholders as well as quality standardization.

The managers and professionals that make up the office are accumulating best practices and strategies to optimize the status of the current project. Sometimes PMO is one and only project manager. It depends on the size of the company. It can be safely argued that having a quality project portfolio management office is an integral part of the success of a modern company and its projects.

The main goal of PMO is to achieve quality results and competitive advantages of all processes, methods and policies in project management. The PMO must be fully aligned with the culture and global strategy of the company.

All Full Forms of PMO

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of PMO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPMO Full Forms
1PMOUncategorizedA Power Milk Operation
2PMOAirport CodeFalcone-Borsellino Airport
3PMORespiratoryMouth Pressure
4PMOMusicPacific Mambo Orchestra
5PMOTechnologyPacket Measurement Order
6PMOFunnyPacking Many Ovules
7PMOUncategorizedPainful Meaningless Overhead
8PMOTechnologyPakistan Missile Organization
9PMOAirportPalermo Airport
10PMOUncategorizedPalomar Mountain Observatory
11PMOParenthoodParents Morning Out
12PMOParliamentParliamentary Monitoring Organization
13PMOUncategorizedParticipating Member Organization
14PMOTransportationPassing Muscat Outbound
15PMOHealthPasteurized Milk Ordinance
16PMOSciencePatrolling Monocytes
17PMOGovernmentPay Master's Office
18PMOEuropean UnionPaymaster Office
19PMOUncategorizedPeace Making Office
20PMOUncategorizedPeace Mediation Organization
21PMOProjectionPeninsular Malaysia Operations
22PMOUncategorizedPeople, Management and Organisations
23PMOBotanyPeppermint Oil
24PMOTechnologyPerformance Management Office
25PMOAssessorPerforming Manufacturing Operations
26PMOChemistryPeriodic Mesoporous Organosilica
27PMONephrologyPeritoneal Macrophage
28PMOMedicalPeritoneal macrophages
29PMOPhysiologyPeritoneal Mo
30PMOCardiologyPersistent Microvascular Obstruction
31PMOCognitive SciencePersonal Meaning Organization
34PMORespiratoryPerson-Months Of
35PMOMilitaryPersonnel Management Officer
36PMOUncategorizedPerth Meridien Observations
37PMOChemistryPerturbation Molecular Orbital
38PMOSciencePerturbational Molecular Orbital
39PMOScienceperturbed Morse oscillator
40PMOUncategorizedPest Management Office
41PMOWeather ForecastPico Mountain Observatory
42PMOObservatoriesPine Mountain Observatory
43PMOReliabilityPlanned Maintenance Optimisation
44PMOUncategorizedPlanned Maintenance Outage
45PMOUncategorizedPlant Maintenance Optimization
46PMOUncategorizedPlant Maintenance Order
47PMOUncategorizedPlatform Memory Operations
48PMOAirlinePolar Airlines de Mexico
49PMOUncategorizedPolaris Material Officer
50PMOChemistryPolarized Molecular Orbital
51PMOUncategorizedPolicy Making Organs
52PMOInformation TechnologyPolicy Management Object
53PMOUncategorizedPolish Military Organization
54PMOChemistryPolyMethylene Oxide
55PMOBiochemistryPolysaccharide Monooxygenase
56PMOUncategorizedPopulation Movement Operation
57PMOChemistryPorcine Milk Oligosaccharides
58PMOTransportationPort Maintenance Supervisor
59PMOUncategorizedPort Management Office
60PMONavigationPort Meteorological Office
61PMOShipPort Meteorological Officers
62PMOManagementPortfolio Management Office
63PMOIranPorts and Maritime Organization
64PMOUncategorizedPost Modern Outreach
65PMOShooting SportPostal Money Order
67PMOMedicalPostmenopausal Osteoporosis
68PMOLondon Stock ExchangePremier Oil
69PMOGeocachingPremium Member Only
70PMOProfessional OrganizationsPresent Mode of Operation
71PMOEducationalPressure Maximum Operating
72PMOArmyPreventive Maintenance Optimization
73PMOUncategorizedPrice Momentum Oscillator
74PMOBackpackingPrimary Management Objective
75PMOUncategorizedPrimary Milking Operations
76PMOGovernmentPrime Minister Office
77PMOMilitaryPrincipal Medical Officer
78PMOArmyPrincipal Pharmaceutical
79PMOUncategorizedPrivate Mark Out
80PMOArmyProduction Management Office(R)
81PMOBusinessProgram Management Office
82PMOManagementProgram Management Organization
83PMOManagementProject Management and Operations
84PMOManagementProject Management Offices
85PMOManagementProject Management Operations
86PMOTransportationProject Management Oversight
87PMOGovernmentProject Monitoring Office
88PMOPoliticsProperty Management Officer
89PMOManagementProspective Management Overseas
90PMOMilitaryProvost Marshals Office
91PMOUncategorizedPublic Mutual Online
92PMOUncategorizedPurdue Music Organization
93PMOMusicPurdue Musical Organizations
94PMOObservatoriesPurple Mountain Observatory
95PMOCivic & MunicipalPutnam Municipal Opportunities
96PMONYSE SymbolsPUTNAM Municipal Opportunities Trust

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