PPMS Full Form

PPMS Full Form

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PPMS Full Form

The term PPMS has many full form, but out of which most relevant PPMS Full Form is –

Physical Properties Measurement System

What Does PPMS Stands For?

PPMS stands for – Physical Properties Measurement System

PPMS Meaning

The term PPMS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of PPMS is –

Physical Properties Measurement System

All Full Forms of PPMS

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Sr. No.TermCategoryPPMS Full Form
1PPMSBioengineeringPaper Mill Sludge
2PPMSUncategorizedPark Place Middle School
3PPMSUncategorizedParts Per Million A Standard
4PPMSManagementPasteur Platform Management System
5PPMSManagementPasteur Platform Management System
6PPMSManagementPayroll Personnel Management System
7PPMSManagementPayroll Personnel Management System
8PPMSUncategorizedPeak Program Meters
9PPMSUncategorizedPeak Programme Meters
10PPMSHealth CarePerformance In Practice Modules
11PPMSUncategorizedPerformance in Practice Modules
12PPMSMedicalPerformax's Personal Matrix System
13PPMSCardiologyPermanent Pacemakers
14PPMSUncategorizedPersatuan Pelajar Malaysia Syria
15PPMSUncategorizedPersatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney
16PPMSMembranePersistent Pupillary Membranes
17PPMSRadioPersonal People Meters
18PPMSForestryPersonal Performance Management System
19PPMSSciencePersonal Property Management System
20PPMSPublic HealthPersonal Protection Measures
21PPMSUncategorizedPersonal Protective Measures
22PPMSUS GovernmentPersonnel Performance Management System
23PPMSGovernmentPersonnel Performance Management System
25PPMSGeographyPhotogrammetry Production Monitoring System
26PPMSGeriatricsPhysical Performance Measures
27PPMSEducationalPhysical Properties Measurement System
28PPMSTechnologyPhysical Properties Measurement System
29PPMSUS GovernmentPhysical Property Measurement System
30PPMSMeasurementPhysical Property Measurement System
31PPMSQuantumPhysical Property Measurement Systems
34PPMSMaterialPhysical Property Measuring System
35PPMSUncategorizedPhysician Practice Management System
36PPMSUncategorizedPhysicians Practice Management Systems
37PPMSParks & RecreationPilgrim Park Middle School
38PPMSParks & RecreationPinellas Park Middle School
39PPMSUncategorizedPittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
40PPMSUncategorizedPittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
41PPMSUncategorizedPlanned Preventative Maintenance System
42PPMSSportPlayer Preferred Moves
43PPMSUncategorizedPluggable Port Modules
44PPMSUncategorizedPlum Point Middle School
45PPMSUncategorizedPolicies & Procedures Manuals
46PPMSMedicalPollen-Part Mutations
49PPMSEcologyPopulation Projection Matrices
50PPMSChemistryPorous Polymer Monoliths
51PPMSRadioPortable People Meters
52PPMSUncategorizedPortable Positron Measurement System
53PPMSRadiologyPosterior Probability Maps
54PPMSInferencePosterior probability maps
55PPMSBioengineeringPosteriori Probability Model Selection
56PPMSRespiratoryPotentially Pathogenic Microorganisms
57PPMSUncategorizedPotentially Polluting Marine Sites
58PPMSMilitaryPower Pattern Measurement System
59PPMSMedicalPre Professional Pharmaceutical
60PPMSSclerosisPreferred Player Movements
61PPMSUncategorizedPrepayment Penalty Mortgages
62PPMSUncategorizedPre-Professional Medical Society
63PPMSClubsPre-Professional Pharmaceutical
64PPMSSchoolsPreston Plains Middle School
65PPMSNeurologyPrimary Progressive
66PPMSNeurologyPrimary Progressive Disease
67PPMSNeurologyPrimary Progressive Form Of MS
68PPMSNeurologyPrimary Progressive MS
69PPMSPharmaceuticalPrimary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
70PPMSMedicalPrimary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
71PPMSSurgeryPrimary Pulmonary Meningiomas
72PPMSPathologyPrimary Pulmonary Myxoid Sarcoma
73PPMSPatientPrimary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
74PPMSBusinessPrivate Placement Memorandums
75PPMSTradingProcess and Production Methods
76PPMSNormal BusinessProcess and Production Monitoring System
77PPMSMaturityProcess Performance Models
78PPMSUncategorizedProcesses and Production Methods
79PPMSUncategorizedProcessing and Production Methods
80PPMSUncategorizedProcessor Power Modules
81PPMSUncategorizedProcurement Performance Management System
82PPMSUncategorizedProcurement Performance Measurement System
83PPMSManagementProduct and Production Management System
84PPMSUncategorizedProduction Process Models
85PPMSManagementProfessional Practice Management System
86PPMSNormal BusinessProfessional Practices Management System
87PPMSTechnologyProfessional Productivity Management System
88PPMSNormal BusinessProgram and Project Management Section
89PPMSManagementProject Performance Management System
91PPMSManagementProject Portfolio Management System
92PPMSManagementProject Proposal Management System
93PPMSUncategorizedPulp and Paper Mill Sludge

PPMS – Physical Properties Measurement System

Physical Properties Measurement System

PPMS is a computerized low temperature and magnet framework for estimating physical properties, for example, explicit warmth, attractive AC and DC affectability, and electrical and warm vehicle properties (eg Hall impact, thermoelectric figure of legitimacy, and Seebeck impact).

PPMS is an adaptable estimation stage that gives turnkey and adjustable abilities to gauge a wide scope of material and gear properties as temperature and attractive field components.

The PPMS framework is intended to quantify the physical properties of materials as mass, slender film, and powder. The examples are adequately little to fit inside the instrument’s estimation volume. For instance, electric vehicle estimations are typically restricted to examples with a parallel reach under 10 mm x 10 mm and a thickness of a few millimeters. Then again, magnetometry limits the example’s distance across reach to under 4.5 mm and its length to a few millimeters. Powders are normally squeezed mathematically (at times with folios’ assistance) that meet these dimensional necessities. As of now, accessible estimation choices are DC resistivity, electric vehicle, a multi-work test, and vibration examining magnetometry (VSM).

DC resistivity can be either 2-or 4-wire, and when in 4-wire mode, the mode incredibly lessens the commitment from the lead and contact resistors. Inside the instrument around 10 mm x 10 mm mounting region, there is normally space for up to 3 examples, given that they are of the fitting size.

The electrical vehicle choice (ETO) additionally underpins 2-or 4-wire modes, and again the 4-wire mode is profitable regarding lessening the commitment of lead and contact opposition. Nonetheless, with the legitimate lead arrangement, the Hall coefficient can likewise be estimated in 4-wire mode. Notwithstanding obstruction (and Hall coefficient), 2-and 4-wire current-voltage bends just as differential opposition (dV/dI) can be calculated. The voltage reaction is estimated in light of a current excitation in 4-wire mode, the current response is evaluated because of the voltage excitation. In contrast to the obstruction choice, just 2 examples are upheld inside an estimation region of ​​approximately 10 mm x 10 mm when ETO is utilized.

The VSM choice is a quick, delicate, and entirely programmed DC magnetometer. This estimation is cultivated by overlaying the example in a pick curl and identifying the instigated voltage. Utilizing a minimized gradiometer pickup loop arrangement, a generally enormous swaying abundance (1–3 mm top), and a recurrence of 40 Hz, the framework can resolve charge changes of under 10–6 EMUs at an information pace of 1 Hz. Because of the pickup loop size, the examples are right now restricted to measurements and lengths of under 4.5 mm and 5 mm, individually. While the measurement is truly determined by the drag of the pickup loop, a length more prominent than 5 mm delivers a low second that is ideal to dodge. Tests are put in quartz oars or metal loops as required.

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