TVS Full Form

TVS Full Form: What Does TVS Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of TVS is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of TVS but also get detailed information about TVS. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does TVS stand for?

TVS Full Form

The term TVS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

TVS Full Form is – Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

TVS is an Indian multinational motorcycle company. TVS is an Indian multinational motorcycle company and the headquarters of TVS Motor Company is at Chennai, India.

TVS is the third biggest bike producing organization in India with an income of more than US$2.8 billion in 2018-19.

TVS Motor Full Form

Full Form of TVS Motor is – Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

TVS Company Full Form

Full Form of TVS Company is – Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

What Does TVS Stand For?

TVS stands for – Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

All Full Forms of TVS

Here is the complete list of Full Form of TVS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryTVS Full Forms
1TVSArmyTactical Vehicle System
2TVSMilitaryTactical Voice Switch
3TVSArmyTactics Versus Stradegy
4TVSArmyTactics Versus Strategy
5TVSUncategorizedTaiwan Vacuum Society
6TVSTaiwanTaiwan Video System
7TVSAirportTangshan Sannuhe Airport
8TVSUncategorizedTape Validation System
9TVSMilitaryTarget Value System
10TVSUncategorizedTarget Video Solutions
11TVSUncategorizedTarget Video Stream
12TVSBusinessTasmanian Visitor Survey
13TVSUncategorizedTeam Video Services
14TVSUncategorizedTeam Vital Signs
15TVSViewerTeamViewer Video Session
16TVSUncategorizedTechnical and Vocational School
17TVSTechnologyTechnical Views
18TVSUncategorizedTechnology Validation Service
19TVSUncategorizedTechnology Value Solutions
20TVSEngineTecumseh Vertical Shaft
21TVSPriceTecumseh Vertical Styled
22TVSTechnologyTelemetry Validation System
23TVSUncategorizedTelephone Verification System
24TVSUncategorizedTelevision Viewing System
25TVSAutomotiveTemperature Vacuum Switch
26TVSEducationalTemporal Variables Speaking
27TVSSurgeryTemporary Vascular Shunt
28TVSCheckTenant Verification Service
29TVSUncategorizedTennis Venues
30TVSWarehouseTeradata Virtual Storage
31TVSUncategorizedTerminal Voice Switch
34TVSDesignTest and Verification Solutions
35TVSPsychologyTest Validation Summary
36TVSUncategorizedTest Validity Study
37TVSBusinessTest Value Sets
38TVSThailandThai Volunteer Services
39TVSUncategorizedThe Vamp Squad
40TVSUncategorizedThe Vegan Society
41TVSUncategorizedThe Victoria's Secret
42TVSUncategorizedThe video store
43TVSUncategorizedThe Village School
44TVSUncategorizedThe Virtual Series
45TVSArmyThe Vital Soldiers
46TVSVocalThe Vocalist Studio
47TVSUncategorizedthe Voluntary Service
48TVSUncategorizedThe Voyager School
49TVSExplorationThermal Vacuum Stability
50TVSAutomotiveThermal Vacuum Switch
51TVSCameraThermal Video System
52TVSUncategorizedThermo Vacuum Switch
53TVSUncategorizedThermodynamic Venting System
54TVSUncategorizedThermostatic Vacuum Switch
55TVSUncategorizedThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
56TVSOphthalmologyThreshold Visual Sensitivity
57TVSUncategorizedThrottle Valve Solenoid
58TVSUncategorizedThrottle Valve Switch
59TVSPsychologyTime-Varying Sinusoidal
60TVSColorsTint Viscosity Stabilizer
61TVSEducationalTinted Viscosity Stabilizer
62TVSUncategorizedTissue Viability Service
63TVSMedicalTissue Viability Society
64TVSUncategorizedToken Validation Service
65TVSEnvironmental HealthTolerance Values
66TVSNeurologyTonic Vibration Stimulus
67TVSUncategorizedTools Valve Spring
68TVSUncategorizedTopological Vector Space
69TVSEducationalTornadic Vortex Signature
70TVSRadarTornado Vortex Signatures
71TVSNissanTorque Vectoring System
72TVSSecurityTotal Value Subscriptions
73TVSUncategorizedTotal Vapour Solution
74TVSRheumatologyTotal Vascular Score
75TVSTransportationTotal Vehicle Suspension
76TVSSuspensionTotal Vehicle System
77TVSUncategorizedTotal Vein Systems
78TVSRadiologyTotal Visibility Score
79TVSUncategorizedTotal Vision System
80TVSSolidsTotal Volatile Solid
81TVSUncategorizedTowed Vehicle System
82TVSProductTrackless Virtual Studio
83TVSTraumatologyTraditional Vital Signs
84TVSDrivingTraffic Violator School
85TVSUncategorizedTraining Validation System
86TVSUncategorizedTrans Vaginal Sonogram
87TVSUncategorizedTransaction Verification System
88TVSEndocrine SystemTransfer Vibration through Spine
89TVSCardiologyTransient Visual Symptoms
91TVSCardTransient Voltage Suppressing
92TVSTechnologyTransient Voltage Suppressor
93TVSSuppressorTransient Voltage Surge
94TVSUncategorizedTransient Voltage Surges
95TVSServiceTransit Visualization System
96TVSNanotechnologyTransition Voltage Spectroscopy
97TVSEncodingTransparent Video Systems
98TVSTechnologyTransparent Voice Signalling
99TVSMedicalTransplant Vascular Sclerosis
100TVSTechnologyTriangular Voltage Sweep
101TVSCardiologyTricuspid Valve Surgery
102TVSInstitutesTrinity Valley School
103TVSUncategorizedTrust Value Service
104TVSNormal BusinessTrust, Value, and Service
105TVSUncategorizedTV Virtual Surround
106TVSUncategorizedTwin Vortices Series

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So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about TVS. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than TVS? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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