UPC Full Form

UPC Full Form: What Does UPC Stand For? Do you want to know what is full form of UPC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does UPC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of UPC.

UPC Full Form

The term UPC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

UPC Full Form is – Universal Product Code

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a barcode system that is used to retail the products in North America.

The Universal Product Code was the first barcode labeling system to be widely adopted. According to BarCode 1, the American food industry first established the UPC as a standard barcode symbology for product labeling April 3, 1973, and foreign interest in the UPC led to the adoption of the EAN code format (a format similar to UPC) in December 1976.

A bag of 50 folders Juicy Fruit chewing gum was the first product to be scanned in a retail store on June 26, 1974 at Marsha’s Supermarket in Troy, Ohio (for the curious, it was a 67 cents sale. You can see this bag of chewing gum on display at the National Museum of American History of American Scientists Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.)

The standard version of the Universal Product Code is known as UPC-A and has 12 digits. There is also an abbreviated 8-bit version called UPC-E that can be used when there is not enough space for the 12-digit version. In Europe, another barcode system is used called EAN (European Article Number), which is 8 or 13 digits long.

To ensure global compliance with the EAN / UCC numbering system (and facilitate trade between countries) as of January 1, 2005, the Sunrise 2005 initiative stipulated that “all US and Canadian companies should be able to scan and process EAN-8 and EAN-13, supplement to 12-digit UPC at point of sale (ECCC).

Do I need a UPC code?

Companies offering products for sale using their own brand name / label and businesses that trade outside of Canada must have UPC barcodes. UPC barcodes are also handy for scanning and tracking your products across the supply chain.

How do I get a UPC code?

Organizations wishing to use a UPC must apply to GS1, which is a non-profit organization that maintains global merchandise identification standards and is committed to issuing and maintaining a barcode. Having a single UPC organization issue ensures that neither of the two products can have the same UPC code.

What Does UPC Stand For?

UPC stands for – Universal Product Code

All Full Forms of UPC

Here is the Full Form of UPC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryUPC Full Form
1UPCUncategorizedA Universal Program Code
2UPCUncategorizedThe Universal Peace Commitee
3UPCDeviceUbiquitous and Pervasive Computing
5UPCUgandaUganda People's Congress
6UPCComputingUltra Personal Computer
8UPCTechnologyUltra Physical Contact
9UPCUncategorizedUltra Polished Connector
10UPCTechnologyUltra-Personal Computer
11UPCEngineeringUnacceptable Professional Conduct
12UPCCertifications & DiplomasUnder Postal Certificate
13UPCUncategorizedUnderage Punk Caught
14UPCInformation TechnologyUnified Parallel C
15UPCLocal - EuropeanUnified Patent Court
16UPCMechanicsUniform Plumbing Code
17UPCBusinessUniform Practice Code
18UPCLawUniform Probate Code
19UPCSupply ChainUniform Product Code
20UPCNYSE SymbolsUnion Planters Corporation
21UPCUnionsUnion Program Council
22UPCUnionsUnion Programming Council
23UPCUncategorizedUnique Product Code
24UPCCompanies or OrganizationsUnit Parts Company
25UPCNursingUnit Practice Council
26UPCMilitaryUnit Processing Code
27UPCTechnologyUnit Production Cost
28UPCProductsUnit Purchase Cost
29UPCTechnologyUnited Pan-European Communications
30UPCCompanies or OrganizationsUnited Parcel Corporation
31UPCCouncilUnited Parent Council
34UPCChurchUnited Pentecostal Church
35UPCCompanies or OrganizationsUnited Plastics Corporation
36UPCVoluntary OrganizationUnited Poultry Concerns
37UPCUncategorizedUnited Presbyterian Church
38UPCUncategorizedUnited Process Controls
39UPCCompanies or OrganizationsUnited Processing Corporation
40UPCUncategorizedUnited Property Casualty
41UPCInformation TechnologyUnity Procedure Call
42UPCInformation TechnologyUnity Procedure Code
43UPCAthleticsUniversal Paintball Clan
44UPCLocal - CountriesUniversal Paragon Corporation
45UPCInformation TechnologyUniversal Personal Communication
46UPCEducationalUniversal Pipe Coating
47UPCCompanies or OrganizationsUniversal Plastic Company
48UPCUncategorizedUniversal Presentation Concepts
49UPCCodeUniversal Price Code
50UPCTechnologyUniversal Product Code
51UPCInformation TechnologyUniversal Product Codes
52UPCUncategorizedUniversal Project Code
53UPCUncategorizedUniversal Promotions Corporation
54UPCSchoolsUniversity Preparation College (Australia)
55UPCEducationalUniversity Presbyterian Church
56UPCEducationalUniversity Program Council
57UPCCouncilUniversity Programming Council
58UPCEducationalUniversity Programs Council
59UPCUncategorizedUnlimited Profits Com
60UPCFunnyUnorganized Pathetic Committee
61UPCForumUrban Planning Council
62UPCSocietyUrban Poor Consortium
63UPCOrganizationsUrban Poor Consortium
64UPCUncategorizedUrinalysis Program Coordinator
65UPCMedicalUrine Protein Creatinine
66UPCPharmaceuticalUrine Protein:Creatinine Ratio
67UPCVeterinaryUrine Protein-to-Creatinine
68UPCTechnologyUsage Parameter Control
69UPCUncategorizedUse Promo Code
70UPCTechnologyUser Parameter Control
71UPCMedicalUsual Provider Continuity
72UPCEducationUtah Parent Center

LOI Full Form

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So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about UPC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than UPC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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