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WC Full Form

WC Full Form: What Does WC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of WC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does WC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of WC.

WC Full Form

The term WC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

WC Full Form is – Water Closet

WC are toilets that use water to discharge sewage waste into a separate septic tank for later treatment and are mainly located in the home.

But in the United States, this term “WC” is not used very often. WC was derived from the word “toilet”.

In medieval times and early modern times, indoor toilets often consisted of a seat on a pot in a closet or the like. Of course, only the elite owned such things.

The word “toilet” originated in the 17th century in French as a diminutive from toile -“canvas.”

Originally, the toilet was referred to as a secluded location where you can prepare yourself. Usually in these toilet table was places which has inbuilt mirror and crest. Table covered with a cloth, the mirror was often draped – hence the name. The term “restroom” was used in a similar way in Russia at the time. In Vladimir Dahl’s “The Good Dictionary of The Living Great Russian Language” (the second half of the 19th century), the restroom was defined as “a room in which to dress, clean, dress, wash, rub, etc.” The toilet, according to the same Dal, is “dressing, attire, a restroom table with a mirror and all accessories.” Neither the restroom nor the toilet then mattered to the “fresh place.” This expansive meaning of the word “toilet” in French and English acquired only towards the end of the nineteenth century, and in the first half of the twentieth century and in the Russian, but first only in relation to public restrooms (or toilets) in theatres, restaurants, museums. Soon the toilet began to be called WC for the departure of natural needs. Thus, the word “toilet” replaced the words “WC”.

WC Toilet Full Form

Water Closet

What Does WC Stand For?

WC stands for – Water Closet

A WC is an indoor toilet that uses water to wash sewage down the drainage system to a separate septic tank for subsequent disposal. A pit latrine, also known as a “long drop,” is a toilet that does not need water for flushing because the waste is directed to the septic chamber and is placed outside.

A bathroom or the space in which the toilet is situated is referred to as a WC.

BHP Full Form

What is Full Forms of WC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term WC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryWC Full Form
2WCHorseCanadian Warmblood
3WCEngineeringTungsten Carbide
5WCShootingWad Cutter
6WCEducationWagner College
9WCVideo GamingWailing Caverns
10WCMedicalWaist Circumference
11WCLocal StatesWaldo County
12WCSocietyWall Calendar
13WCMuseumsWalton Collective
14WCGamingWar College
15WCPoliticsWar Criminal
16WCOpticsWarm Compress
17WCUncategorizedWarrior Ceremony
18WCOccupation & PositionsWashroom Cleaner
19WCMiscellaneousWaste Canister
20WCNuclearWaste Confidence
21WCConstructionWater Capacity
22WCEducationalWater Cess
23WCFishkeepingWater Change
24WCConstructionWater Chiller
25WCEducationalWater Circulation
26WCConstructionWater Closet
27WCColorsWater Color
28WCEducationalWater Column
29WCEducationalWater Cooler
34WCMedia CenterWax Cylinder
35WCEngineeringWaypoint Capture
36WCArmyWeapon Class
37WCArmyWeapons Carrier
38WCInternetWeb Cleaner
39WCOccupation & PositionsWeb Correspondent
40WCInternet - ChatWeChat
41WCEngineeringWeek Commencing
42WCUncategorizedWeight Code
43WCMedicalWeight Control
44WCUnit MeasuresWeighted Count
45WCMedia CenterWeird Comics
46WCEngineeringWelded Column
47WCNames and NicknamesWesley Curley
48WCGovernmentalWest Cape
49WCLocalWest Central
50WCLocationsWest Coast
51WCLocationsWestern Cape
52WCWoodworkingWestern Cedar
53WCLocal StatesWestern Colorado
54WCForumWestern Conference
55WCEducationalWestwood Clay
56WCPerforming ArtsWet Canvas
57WCPoliticsWet Chemical
58WCEngineeringWetness Class
59WCPharmaceuticalWheel Chair
60WCEnvironmentalWhich Choice
61WCPharmaceuticalWhile Crouching
62WCStarbucksWhipped Cream
63WCMedicalWhite Carneau
64WCFunnyWhite Castle
65WCMedicalWhite cells
66WCNutritionWhite Chocolate
67WCMedicalWhite Composite
68WCPoliticsWhite Council
69WCInternet - ChatWho Cares
70WCMedicalWhooping Cough
71WCAthleticsWild Card
72WCPharmaceuticalWild Caught
73WCJuridicalWild Child
75WCNames and NicknamesWilfred Charles
76WCPharmaceuticalWill Call
77WCNames and NicknamesWilliam Carl
78WCEducationWilmington College
79WCArcheryWinch Cable
80WCEducationalWind Current
81WCNormal BusinessWindow Cards
82WCOccupation & PositionsWindow Cleaner
83WCMartial ArtsWing Chun
84WCArmyWing Commander
85WCTechnologyWire Center
86WCLocal - CountriesWire Connector
87WCNormal BusinessWith Case
88WCJuridicalWith Color
89WCBusinessWithout Charge
91WCEducationalWomen's College
92WCScience FictionWonder Coin
93WCOccupation & PositionsWonderful Companion
94WCArmyWon't Commit
95WCEducationalWood Chipper
96WCWoodWood Chips
97WCOccupation & PositionsWood Cutting
98WCRadiologyWord Choice

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about WC. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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