ACF Full Form

ACF Full Form: What Does ACF Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ACF is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ACF but also get detailed information about ACF. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ACF stand for?

ACF Full Form

The term ACF has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ACF Full Form is – Assistant Conservator of Forests

ACF Full Form in Forest Department

Assistant Conservator of Forests (Indian Forest Service)

What Does ACF Stand For?

ACF stands for – Assistant Conservator of Forests

What Does ACF Stand For in Banking

Accredited Financial Counselor

What Does ACF Stand For Medial Term

Access Control Framework

What is ACF Meaning

The term ACF can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of ACF is – Assistant Conservator of Forests

All Full Forms of ACF

Now you have got information about the nearest full form of ACF.

But, the list not ends here, if you want to know similar full-forms of ACF, then here is the list of various Full-Forms related to Business, Government, Computing, Education, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science etc.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ACF.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryACF Full Form
1ACFNormal BusinessA Credit Fiasco
2ACFUncategorizedAarons Creek Farms
3ACFOncologyABC Foci
4ACFMedicalAberrant Crypt Foci
5ACFMedicalAberrant Crypt Focus
6ACFMedicalAbsorption Correction Factor
7ACFLinguisticsAbstract Conceptual Feature
8ACFTrainingAcademic Clinical Fellow
9ACFMedicalAcademic Clinical Fellowship
10ACFEducationalAcademic Competition Federation
11ACFBowlAcademic Competition Federation
12ACFEducationalAcademic Competition Foundation
13ACFAceAcademic Computing Facility
14ACFAfricaAccess Co-Development Fund
15ACFArmyAccess Control Facility
16ACFComputingAccess Control Field
17ACFCybersecurityAccess Control File
18ACFPharmaceuticalAccess Control Framework
19ACFInformation TechnologyAccess Coordination Function
20ACFPharmaceuticalAccessory Clinical Findings
21ACFEducationalAcid Concentrator Feed
22ACFMilitaryAcquisition Career Fields
24ACFTechnologyActivated Carbon Fiber
25ACFProductsActivated Carbon Filter
26ACFMetabolismActivation Frequency
27ACFPharmaceuticalActive Case Finding
28ACFSAPActive Component Framework
29ACFContactActive Contact Flange
30ACFUnit MeasuresActual Cubic Feet
31ACFAir PollutionActual Cubic Foot
32ACFPharmaceuticalAcute Care Facility
33ACFBioengineeringAdaptive Comb Filter
34ACFChildhoodAdministration for Child and Families
35ACFGovernmentAdministration for Children and Families
36ACFInformation TechnologyAdobe PhotoShop Custom Filter
37ACFHealthAdult Care Facilities
38ACFLaw EnforcementAdult Correctional Facility
39ACFTelescopeAdvanced Coma Free
40ACFInformation TechnologyAdvanced Communication Facility
41ACFComputingAdvanced Communications Function
42ACFInformation TechnologyAdvanced Computer Feasability
43ACFComputingAdvanced Computing Facility
44ACFPressAdvanced Custom Fields
45ACFCoalitionAdvocacy Coalition Framework
46ACFVoluntary OrganizationAdvocate Charitable Foundation
47ACFPharmaceuticalAfrican Clawed Frog
48ACFMedicalAged Care Facility
49ACFConstructionAgricultural Construction Forestry
50ACFVoluntary OrganizationAIDS Care Fund
51ACFForumsAir Cargo Forum
52ACFCargoAir Cargo Forum
53ACFTechnologyAir Combat Fighter
54ACFWW2Air Command Far East
55ACFAir ForceAir Contingency Force
56ACFAir ForceAirlift Clearance File
57ACFPsychiatryAkron Community Foundation
58ACFFoundationsAlabama Coastal Foundation
59ACFLocal - CountriesAlaska Conservation Foundation
60ACFLocal - AlaskaAlaska Society Foundation
61ACFSocietyAlbany County Fair
62ACFMedicalAlberta Cancer Foundation
63ACFCurlingAlberta Curling Federation
64ACFVoluntary OrganizationAlhambra Charity Fund
65ACFLocalAlliance Christian Fellowship
66ACFEducationalAlliance for Children and Families
67ACFSocietyAlliance Society Fellowship
68ACFInternetAlt Comp Freeware
69ACFJobAlternate Care Facility
70ACFHomeland SecurityAlternate Control Facility
71ACFGovernmentAlternative Care Facility
72ACFFinanceAlternative Commercial Finance
73ACFCompanies or OrganizationsAmbuja Cement Foundation
74ACFBusinessAmerican Car & Foundry
75ACFGamingAmerican Checker Federation
76ACFAthleticsAmerican Cricket Federation
77ACFNourishmentAmerican Culinary Federation
78ACFNYSE SymbolsAmeriCredit Corporation
79ACFAnimalsAnimal Component Free
80ACFOrganizationsAnimal Component-Free
81ACFCellAnisotropic Conducive Film
82ACFElectronicsAnterior Cervical corpectomy and Fusion
83ACFMedicalAnterior Corpectomy with Fusion
84ACFOrthopaedicAnterior Cranial Fossa
85ACFMedicalAntique Copper Finished
86ACFMetalAortocaval Fistula
88ACFBiochemistryArchitectural Concrete Finish
89ACFTransportationArea Control Facility
90ACFConstructionArea Control Facility
91ACFForumsArewa Consultative Forum
92ACFFoundationsArizona Society Foundation
93ACFVoluntary OrganizationArkansas Society Foundation
94ACFArmyArmy Cadet Forces
95ACFAircraftArmy contingency force
96ACFFoundationsArts Center Foundation
97ACFForcesASEAN Cultural Fund
98ACFAsianAsian Christian Fellowship
99ACFAsianAsian Credit Fund
100ACFPoliticsAsian Cricket Foundation
101ACFCricketAsset Certification Framework
102ACFForestryAssistant Conservator of Forest
103ACFTechnologyAsymmetric Crying Facies
104ACFLocalAustin Christian Fellowship
105ACFBiochemistryAustralian Conservation Foundation
106ACFSocietyAustrian Cultural Forum
107ACFAustraliaAuthentication Control Function
108ACFEducationalAuto-Correlation Function
109ACFBankingAutocorrelation Function
110ACFChemistryAuto-Correlation Function
111ACFTechnologyAutomated Control Function

Final Words:

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