ASHA Full Form

ASHA Full Form

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ASHA Full Form

The term ASHA has many full form, but out of which most relevant ASHA Full Form is –

ASHA – Accredited Social Health Activist

ASHA – American Speech Language & Hearing Association

ASHA Full Form in Medical

Accredited Social Health Activist

What Does ASHA Stands For?

ASHA stands for – Accredited Social Health Activist and American Speech Language & Hearing Association

What is ASHA Meaning

The term ASHA has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of ASHA is – Accredited Social Health Activist

– American Speech Language & Hearing Association

All Full Forms of ASHA

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Sr. No.TermCategoryASHA Full Form
1ASHAMedicalA Solution to Help Autism
2ASHAFunnyA Subterranean Homesick Alien
3ASHAUncategorizedAaron Support Help Advice
4ASHAUncategorizedAbsentee Shawnee Housing Authority
5ASHAUncategorizedAcademy for Severe Handicaps and Autism
6ASHAAcademic & ScienceAcademy Of Somatic Healing Arts
7ASHAMassageAcademy of Somatic Healing Arts
8ASHAMedicalAccredited Social Health Activist
9ASHAWater SupplyAccredited Social Health Activist
10ASHAMedicalAccredited Social Health Activist?
11ASHAUncategorizedAccredited Social Health Activities
12ASHAUncategorizedAccredited Social Health Activitist
13ASHAUncategorizedAction Service Hope For Aids
14ASHAUncategorizedAdaptive Satellite Hybrid Access
15ASHAUncategorizedAdvanced Station Housing Allowance
16ASHAUncategorizedAfrican Social Health Agency
17ASHAUncategorizedAir Sea Handling Agents
18ASHAUncategorizedAlaska State Hockey Association
19ASHAAlaskaAlaska State Housing Authority
20ASHAUncategorizedAlberta Standardbred Horse Association
21ASHA Professional OrganizationsAll Sanghar Handicaps Association
22ASHAIndiaAlliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture
23ASHAFarmingAlliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture
24ASHAUncategorizedAmerica Speech-Language Hearing Association
25ASHAUncategorizedAmerica Speech-Language-Hearing Association
26ASHAAmericaAmerican Saddle Horse Association
27ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Saddlebred Horse Assn
28ASHARidingAmerican Saddlebred Horse Association
29ASHAAmericaAmerican Saddlebred Horse Association
30ASHAUncategorizedAmerican School Health Assocation
31ASHAAssociationsAmerican School Health Association
34ASHATechnologyAmerican School Health Association
35ASHAMedicalAmerican School Health Association
36ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Schools & Hospitals Abroad
37ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Schools and Hospital Abroad
38ASHAMedicalAmerican Schools and Hospitals Abroad
39ASHAGovernmentAmerican Schools and Hospitals Abroad
40ASHABuildingAmerican Senior Housing Association
41ASHAHousing & AmenitiesAmerican Seniors Housing Association
42ASHAOrganizationsAmerican Seniors Housing Association
43ASHAAssociationsAmerican Sexual Health Association
44ASHAAmericaAmerican Sexual Health Association
45ASHAScienceAmerican Shippers for Hamburg Alliance
46ASHAAmericaAmerican Shire Horse Association
47ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Show Horse Association
48ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Soccer History Archives
49ASHANon-Profit OrganizationsAmerican Social Health Association
50ASHAMedicalAmerican Social Health Association
51ASHAOrganizationsAmerican Social Hygiene Association
52ASHAHockeyAmerican Special Hockey Association
53ASHAAmericaAmerican Special Hockey Association
54ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech & Hearing Association
55ASHA Professional OrganizationsAmerican Speech and Hearing Association
56ASHATechnologyAmerican Speech and Hearing Association
57ASHACommunityAmerican Speech and Hearing Association
58ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech Hearing Association
59ASHAEducationalAmerican Speech Language & Hearing Association
60ASHADevelopmentAmerican Speech Language & Hearing Association
61ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech-Hearing Association
62ASHAAmericaAmerican Speech-Hearing-Language Association
63ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech-Langauge-Hearing Association
64ASHAAmericaAmerican Speech-Language & Hearing Association
65ASHAAmericaAmerican Speech-Language and Hearing Association
66ASHACommunityAmerican Speech-language Hearing Association
67ASHAEducationAmerican Speech-Language Hearing Association
68ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech-Language, Hearing Association
69ASHAAmericaAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Assn
70ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc
71ASHAEducationalAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association
72ASHAEducationAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association
73ASHAOccupational TherapyAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing- Association
74ASHAAmericaAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing-Association
75ASHARanchAmerican Stock Horse Association
76ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Suffolk Horse Association
77ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Sulphur Horse Association
78ASHAUncategorizedAmerican Surgical Hospital Association
79ASHAAmericaAmerican-Speech-Language-Hearing Association
80ASHAUncategorizedAnchor Self-Help Access
81ASHAUncategorizedAnxiety Self Help Association
82ASHAUncategorizedAppaloosa Sport Horse Association
83ASHAUncategorizedArizona Speech-Language Hearing Association
84ASHAUncategorizedArts and Science Honours Academy
85ASHASchoolsAsian School of Hospitality Arts
86ASHAPhilippineAsian School of Hospitality Arts
87ASHAUncategorizedAssist Support Help Advocate
88ASHAHomeland SecurityAssistant Secretary for Health Affairs
89ASHAMedicalAssociated Social Health Activists
91ASHAUncategorizedAssociation for Social & Health Advancement
92ASHACommunityAssociation for Social and Health Advancement
93ASHAUncategorizedAssociation of Sacred Heart Alumni
94ASHASeekerAsylum Support Housing Advice
95ASHAUncategorizedAudio Streaming for Hearing Aid
96ASHAUncategorizedAurora Shores Homeowners Association
97ASHAUncategorizedAustralasian Sexual Health Alliance
98ASHAAustraliaAustralasian Society for Historical Archaeology
99ASHAUncategorizedAustralian Society for Historical Archaeology
100ASHAUncategorizedAustralian Spiritual Healers Association
101ASHAMedicalAwareness Solidarity and Health for All
102ASHAAbroadOffice of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

ASHA – Accredited Social Health Activist

ASHA is a health activist community established by the Government of India as a part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

ASHA mission was started in 2005 with the objective of full execution upto for 2012. Once completely actualized, India has “ASHA” in each and every village, an objective that converts to 250,000 ASHAs in 10 states.

Upto the July 2013, there are 870,089 ASHAs in India.

As indicated by the information gave by the states in December 2014, there are 859,331 ASHAs in 32 states and association domains. It does exclude information from the conditions of Goa, Puducherry, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

ASHA workers are actually neighbourhood ladies who was trained to work as a heath teachers and advertisers in their networks.

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