ASL Full Form

ASL Full Form: What Does ASL Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ASL is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ASL but also get detailed information about ASL. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ASL stand for?

ASL Full Form

The term ASL has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ASL Full Form is – Age, Sex, Location

In digital communication, ASL (sometimes written A/S/L, capitalized or lowercase, and with or without a question mark) is an abbreviation for age, sex, location.

ASL Full Form in Chat

Age, Sex, Location

What Does ASL Stand For?

ASL stands for – Age, Sex, Location

ASL is not like other abbreviations. ASL stands for age / gender / location and is often shortened to ASL.

The main purpose of ASL is to find out if the other person who entered the chat is someone you would like to be friends with or not.

Currently, the most common way to ask someone on the chat about their age, gender and location is ASL.

All Full Forms of ASL

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of ASL.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryASL Full Forms
2ASL UncategorizedAbout Spanish Language
3ASL TechnologyAbove See Level
4ASL EducationalAbsolutely Signed Language
5ASL UncategorizedAbstract Schema Language
6ASL VenezuelaAcademia de Software Libre
7ASL UncategorizedAcademic and Student Life
8ASL AthleticsAcademic Athletics League
9ASL UniversityAcademic Service-Learning
10ASL SportAcademic Sports League
11ASL UncategorizedAcademic Study Leave
12ASL ScienceAcademic Support Learning
13ASL NutritionAccelerated Shelf Life
14ASL UncategorizedAccent in sign language
15ASL BusinessAccount Spending limits
16ASL UncategorizedAccounting Solutions Limited
17ASL UncategorizedAccounting Solutions Ltd
18ASL UncategorizedAccreditation and State Liaison
19ASL HealthcareAccreditation Status List
20ASL UncategorizedAccumulator Shift Left
21ASL Physical MedicineAchieved Significant Level
22ASL BiotechnologyAcid Soluble Lignin
23ASL RadiologyAcoustic Source Localization
24ASL Information TechnologyACPI Source Language
25ASL TechnologyACPI Source Language
26ASL UncategorizedAcquisition Summary Listing
27ASL UncategorizedActing Sub-Lieutenant
28ASL TechnologyAction Semantic Language
29ASL UncategorizedAction Services Library
30ASL ModelAction Specification Language
31ASL UncategorizedAction Status List
34ASL UncategorizedActions Speak Louder
35ASL UncategorizedActive Schema Language
36ASL DentistryActive Self-Ligating
37ASL UncategorizedActive Service List
38ASL OrthopaedicActive Sick Leave
39ASL RadiotherapyActive Source Length
40ASL UncategorizedActive South London
41ASL MilitaryActive Speech Level
42ASL ProductsActive Speed Limiter
43ASL UncategorizedActive Status List
44ASL OncologyAcute Severe Lymphopenia
45ASL OtolaryngologyAcute Subglottic Laryngitis
46ASL UncategorizedAda Structured Library
47ASL TechnologyAda Support Library
48ASL UncategorizedAdapter Scripting Language
49ASL AudiologyAdaptive Sentence Lists
50ASL TechnologyAdaptive Speed Leveling
51ASL PharmaceuticalAdaptive Switch Laboratories
52ASL Companies or OrganizationsAdaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.
53ASL UncategorizedAdaptive Switch Labs
54ASL DeviceAdaptive Systems Laboratory
55ASL DiplomaAdditional and Specialist Learning
56ASL UncategorizedAd-hoc Support Library
57ASL ProductsAdjustable Sun Lounger
58ASL BusinessAdmission of Securities to Listing
59ASL ArmyAdvance Squad Leader
60ASL UncategorizedAdvanced Solutions Lab
62ASL GamingAdvanced Squad Leader
63ASL CyclistAdvanced Stop Line
64ASL PharmaceuticalAdvanced Supplementary Level
65ASL Information TechnologyAdvanced System of Languages
66ASL TechnologyAdvanced Systems Laboratory
67ASL EducationalAdventure Scripting Language
68ASL Companies or Sponsored Listings
69ASL UncategorizedAge Sex Location
70ASL Stock ExchangeAggregate Stop-loss Limit
71ASL AthleticsAir Soft League
72ASL Aircraft & AviationAircraft Service list
73ASL MedicalAirway Surface Liquid
75ASL TechnologyAlbuquerque Seismological Laboratory
76ASL EducationalAlgebraic Specification Language
77ASL ArmyAllowable Supply List
78ASL Uncategorizedalphabet sign language
79ASL EducationalAmbient Stress Level
80ASL EducationalAmerica Sign Language
81ASL SchoolsAmerican School in London
82ASL EducationalAmerican Sign Language
83ASL AthleticsAmerican Soccer League
84ASL EducationalAmerican Supportive Language
85ASL MedicalAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
86ASL SoundAnalogue Sequencer Loops
87ASL OilAnalysis Switch
88ASL Companies or OrganizationsAnalytical Service Laboratories
89ASL MedicalAnticodon Stem and Loop
90ASL BiochemistryAnticodon Stem-Loop
92ASL Voluntary OrganizationAnti-Saloon League
93ASL Information TechnologyApache Software License
94ASL Local - CountriesAppalachian School of Law
95ASL UncategorizedApple System Log
96ASL UncategorizedApplication Security Liaison
97ASL Information TechnologyApplication Services Library
98ASL PharmaceuticalApplied Science Laboratories
99ASL EducationalApplied Sciences Laboratory
100ASL ManufacturingApproved Supplier List
101ASL Aircraft & AviationApproved Supplier Listing
102ASL MusicAqua Syndrome Live
103ASL ArmyArchipelagic Sea Lane
104ASL UncategorizedArithmetic Shift Left
105ASL UncategorizedArt Sculpture Lab
106ASL UncategorizedArt Skateboarding Life
107ASL PharmaceuticalArterial Spin Labelling
108ASL UncategorizedAscended Star League
109ASL EducationalAssessment of Student Learning
110ASL ArmyAssign Switch Locator routing
111ASL ScoutingAssistant Scout Leader
112ASL MedicalAssistant Secretary for Legislation
113ASL PsychologyAssociative Sequence Learning
114ASL AthleticsAtlantic Soccer League
115ASL ArmyAtmospheric Sciences Laboratory
116ASL EducationalAtmospheric Surface Layer
117ASL EducationalAtom Specification Language
118ASL Companies or OrganizationsAudiogenre Software, Ltd.
119ASL AthleticsAussie Athletics Leaders
121ASL EducationalAustralian Society for Limnology
123ASL SurfingAustralia's Surfing Life
124ASL MilitaryAuthorized Stocking List
125ASL CarAuto Service Leasing
126ASL UncategorizedAutomated Screening Lanes
127ASL TransportationAutomated Side Load
128ASL TechnologyAutomatic Sound Leveling
129ASL Information TechnologyAverage Search Length
131ASL EducationalAverage Sentence Length
132ASL AthleticsAverage Shot Length
133ASL GovernmentAverage Staffing Level
134ASL AirportHarrison County Airport
135ASL EducationalSign Language

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about ASL. If you want more information about ASL, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ASL? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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