ASTM Full Form

ASTM Full Form: What Does ASTM Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ASTM is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ASTM stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ASTM.

ASTM Full Form

The term ASTM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

ASTM Full Form is – American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM is one of the world’s largest voluntary standards development organizations. The year of creation is 1898. ASTM is a non-profit organization that develops standards based on consensus. More than 32,000 experts from industry, government and academia from more than 100 countries are involved in the development of standards.

ASTM publishes normative documents for test methods, operating rules, terms, guidelines, and classification rules in 130 areas. They apply to objects such as metals, plastics, paints, oil and petroleum products, construction, energy, textiles, the environment, computer systems, electronics, medical services and devices, etc.

ASTM annually publishes in about 70 volumes all of its current and revised standards, available to all countries of the world. Some aspects of ASTM activities are highlighted below.

Budget. As of 2000. ASTM revenue was ~ 35.4 million dollars. As part of this amount ~ 24.5 million dollars – income from the sale of publications and ~ 2.3 million dollars – membership fees.

The process of developing documents for standardization. ASTM includes about 130 technical committees, in which, as mentioned above, more than 32 thousand experts from more than 100 countries of the world cooperate on a voluntary basis. The procedure for the development of documents is basically identical to similar procedures adopted in the standardization organizations of other countries.

Its specific feature is the use of the ASTM website in a way that provides members of the Society with the greatest possible flexibility in their standard-setting activities. One of the most significant benefits of the Website is the opportunity for free discussion on standards development, which gives committees the ability to amend the draft standard in real time (on-line), speeding up the review and, ultimately, the publication time. Such discussions also facilitate the participation in the process of foreign members and those whose participation is limited by transport problems.

Some ASTM technical committees began using e-mail to exchange draft standards in 1990, and in 2000. ASTM held the first Internet poll.

The composition of the technical committees is formed in such a way that during the voting there could be no dominance of anyone interested party.

If a committee member feels that the process of adopting a standard is going in the wrong direction, in his opinion, he can contact the ASTM Administrative Committee and the procedure for adopting the standard will be revised.

Terms of standards development. As a rule, the development of a standard (depending on the complexity of the topic and the terms provided for by the TC) lasts 1-2 years.

Types of documents being developed. ASTM develops and publishes the following 6 types of documents:

  • Standards for test methods (Standard Test Method),
  • Standards of technical conditions (Standard Specification),
  • Standard Practice,
  • Standard Terminology,
  • Standard Guide,
  • Standard Classification.

What is ASTM Standard Full Form?

ASTM Full Form is – American Society for Testing and Materials

What Does ASTM Stand For?

ASTM stands for – American Society for Testing and Materials

GUI Full Form

What is Full Forms of ASTM

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ASTM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryASTM Full Form
1ASTMEducationalAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
2ASTMNASDAQ SymbolsAastrom Biosciences, Inc.
3ASTMUncategorizedAbstract Syntax Tree Meta-Model
5ASTMUncategorizedAbstract Syntax Tree Metmodel
6ASTMUncategorizedAcademy for Science, Technology & Maritime
9ASTMScienceAcoustic Short-Term Memory
10ASTMUncategorizedAdvanced Systems Technology and Management
11ASTMManagementAgricultural Systems Technology Management
12ASTMUncategorizedAir Single Temp Metering
13ASTMAmericaAmerican Society for Test and Materials
14ASTMPlatingAmerican Society for Test Methods
15ASTMStandardAmerican Society for Testing and Measurement
16ASTMUncategorizedAmerican Society for Testing and Methods
17ASTMEducationalAmerican Society for Testing Materials
18ASTMInsulationAmerican Society for Testing Methods
19ASTMToyAmerican Society for Tests and Measurements
20ASTMMaterialAmerican Society for the Testing of Materials
21ASTMUncategorizedAmerican Society for Tropical Medicine
22ASTMUncategorizedAmerican Society of Test and Measurement
23ASTMAmericaAmerican Society of Test Methods
24ASTMUncategorizedAmerican Society of Testing and Machinery
25ASTMTechnologyAmerican Society of Testing and Measurement
26ASTMAircraft & AviationAmerican Society Of Testing Materials
27ASTMTestingAmerican Society of Tests and Material
28ASTMUncategorizedAmerican Society of Tool and Manufacturing
29ASTMMedicalAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine
30ASTMMedicalAmerican Standard Test Method
31ASTMMedicalAmsterdam Short-Term Memory
34ASTMPharmaceuticalAnaerobic Stabilization Thermophilic Mesophilic
35ASTMUncategorizedAnother Stupid Test Method
36ASTMEducationalAssociated Students of Truckee Meadows
37ASTMManagementAssociation of Swiss Travel Management
38ASTMEducationalASTM International
39ASTMSports MedicineAugmented Soft Tissue Mobilization
40ASTMJurisprudenceAustralian Stamp Duties
41ASTMEducationalAverage Size of Test Measurements


What is ASTM Full Form in Civil Engineering?

American Society for Testing and Materials

What is ASTM Pipe Full Form?

American Society for Testing and Materials Pipes

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about ASTM. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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