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BAC Full Form

BAC Full Form

BAC Full Form

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BAC Full Form

The term BAC has many full form, but out of which most relevant

BAC Full Form is – Business Advisory Committee

BAC – Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration


BAC Cource Full Form

Business Administration Certificate


BAC Degree Full Form

Business Administration Certificate


BAC Full Form in Education

Business Administration Certificate


BAC Full Form in Medical

Blood Alcohol Concentration


What Does BAC Stands For?

BAC stands for Business Advisory Committee and Blood Alcohol Content / Blood Alcohol Concentration


BAC Meaning

The term BAC has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of BAC is -Business Advisory Committee and Blood Alcohol Content / Blood Alcohol Concentration


BAC Full Form in Medical

In Medical field BAC is Blood Alcohol Concentration


All Full Forms of BAC

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Sr. No.TermCategoryBAC Full Forms
1BACUncategorizedA Be Alcohol Conscious
2BACInternational - FrenchBaccalaurat
3BACUncategorizedBachelor of Arts in Communication
5BACInternet - ChatBack At Computer
6BACInternet SlangBack At Computer
7BACComputing - File ExtensionsBackup
10BACMedicalBacterial Artificial Chromosome
11BACBioinformaticsBacterial Artificial Chromosome
12BACMedicalBacterial Artificial Chromosomes
14BACUncategorizedBad A Chicks
15BACInternet SlangBad Assed Chick
16BACUncategorizedBadger Air-Brush Co
17BACBadmintonBadminton Asia Confederation
19BAC NourishmentBake A Cake
20BACArtBakehouse Art Complex
21BACTechnologyBalanced Asynchronous Class
22BACUncategorizedBalfour Apology Campaign
23BACUncategorizedBallarat Archives Centre
24BACRadiologyBalloon-Assisted Coiling
25BAC Companies or OrganizationsBaltimore Aircoil Company
26BAC NFL TeamsBaltimore Colts
27BACUncategorizedBank Atlantic Center
28BAC BankingBank Automated Credit
29BAC BankingBank of
30BAC BankingBank of Amer Cp
31BAC London Stock ExchangeBank Of America
34BAC BankingBank of America Corp
35BACOrganizationsBank of America Corp.
36BAC BankingBank of America Corporation
37BACTechnologyBank of America Corporation
38BAC NYSE SymbolsBankAmerica Corporation
39BACComputing - TelecomBar Calls
40BACGamingBarcelona Affiliate Conference
41BACEducational - ArchitectureBarcelona Architecture Center
42BAC FunniesBarfing Almost Constantly
43BACAirport CodeBarranca de Upia Airport
44BACPathologyBarrett's Adenocarcinoma
45BACMedicalBarts Arthritis Centre
46BAC ASX SymbolsBaru Resources Limited
47BACArtBaryshnikov Arts Center
48BACArmyBase Area Code
49BACUncategorizedBasic Access Component
50BACImmigrationBasic Access Control
51BACTechnologyBasic Access Control
52BAC AccountingBasic Accumulation Category
53BACArmyBasic Airborne Course
54BACMilitaryBasic Airborne Course
55BACUncategorizedBasic Aviation Course
56BACUncategorizedBasics in Addiction Counseling
57BACMedicalBasque Autonomous Community
58BACArtsBattersea Art Centre
59BACEducational - ChemistryBattery Acid Concoction
60BACMinistry Of DefenseBattlefield Area Clearance
61BACSocietyBay Area Council
62BACStatisticsBayesian Adjustment for Confounding
63BACUncategorizedBeach Athletic Club
64BACAthletics - SwimmingBeaches Aquatic Club
65BACEducational - ElectronicsBeam Attenuation Coefficient
66BACElectronicsBeam Attenuation Coefficient
67BACEducationBehavior Adjustment Class
68BACEducationBehaviour and Attendance Collaborative
69BACUncategorizedBeijing American Center
70BACExplorationBell Aerospace Company
71BACEducational - CollegesBelmont Abbey College
72BACUncategorizedBen And Curt
73BACPharmaceuticalBeneficiary Advisory Committee
74BAC Companies or OrganizationsBenefit Administration Company
75BACUncategorizedBenefit Advisory Council
76BACEducational - ChemistryBenzAlkonium Chloride
77BACMedicalBenzalkonium Chloride
79BACBiochemistryBenzyldimethyltetradecylammonium Chloride
80BACPharmaceuticalBereavement Advisory Council
81BACReadingBerks Arts Council
82BACBerlinBerlin Atlantic Capital
83BACCardiologyBest Alternative Care
84BACUncategorizedBeyond A Century
86BAC AdvisoryBicycle Advisory Committee
87BACGovernmentBicycle Advisory Committee
88BAC Awards & MedalsBids and Awards Committee
89BACMarineBids and Awards Committee
91BACLocal - CountriesBids Awards Committee
92BACUniversityBiesiot Activities Center
93BACPharmaceuticalBile Acid Concentration
94BACMedicalBile Acid Concentration
95BACGovernmentBill at Cabinet
96BACTechnologyBilling Account Code
97BACFDA AdministrationBilling Agency Code
98BACUncategorizedBinary Arithmetic Coding
99BACScopeBindon Aiming Concept
100BAC FunniesBingeing At College
101BACUncategorizedBioenergy Association of California
102BACUncategorizedBiologic Activated Car
103BACHydrologyBiological Activated Carbon
104BACMedicalBiologically Active Compounds
105BACScienceBioremediation Action Committee
106BACScienceBiotechnology Advisory Committee
107BACBugBirle?ik Arap Cumhuriyeti
108BACUncategorizedBirle?ik Arap Cumhuriyeti'nin
109BACLocalBishop's Advisory Committee
110BACChurchBishop's Advisory Committee
111BACAthleticsBizarre Auction Challenge
112BACClubsBlack Awareness Club
113BACEngineeringBlood Alchohol Content
114BACUncategorizedBlood Alcohol Calculator
115BACUncategorizedBlood Alcohol Chart
116BACPharmaceuticalBlood Alcohol Concentration
117BACDrivingBlood Alcohol Concentration
118BACMedicalBlood Alcohol Concentration
119BACUncategorizedBlood Alcohol Concentrations
120BACDrivingBlood Alcohol Concentrations
121BACUncategorizedBlood Alcohol Consentration
122BACJuridicalBlood Alcohol Content
123BACMedicalBlood Alcohol Content
124BACUncategorizedBlood Alcohol Or Concentration
125BACMedicalBlood Anti-Clot
126BACTechnologyBoard Advisory Committee
127BACPoliticsBoard of Advisers to Committee on Science and Technology
128BACCouncilBodoland Autonomous Council
129BACUncategorizedBody Alcohol Cavity
130BACUncategorizedBoeing Aerospace Corp
131BACNASA - SpaceBoeing Aircraft Company
132BAC ManufacturingBoeing Airplane Company
133BACBoeingBoeing Airplane Company
134BAC ManufacturingBoeing Approved Color
135BAC Companies or OrganizationsBohica Associates Corporation
136BACChemistryBond Additivity Correction
137BACNASA - SpaceBooster Assembly Contractor
138BACTechnologyBooster Assembly Contractor
139BACLocalBorn Again Christian
140BACEducationBoston Architectural Center
141BACArchitectureBoston Architectural College
142BACBostonBoston Architectural College
143BACBostonBoston Architecture College
144BACNuclearBounding Analysis Curve
145BAC Companies or OrganizationsBourn Again Creations
146BACMedicalBovine Adrenocortical
147BACMedicalBovine Articular Chondrocytes
148BACMedicalBrain Attack Coalition
149BACUtahBranch Agricultural College
150BACFamous & CelebsBrandon Augustus Caesar
151BACRadiologyBreast Arterial Calcification
152BACMedicalBreast Augmentation Classification
153BACEducationalBreath Alcohol Concentration
154BACSurgeryBreath Alcohol Content
155BAC Occupation & PositionsBreath Analyzer Coordinator
156BACConstructionBricklayers and Allied Craftsmen
157BAC Professional OrganizationsBricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
158BACUnionBricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
159BACMedicalBrief Assessment of Cognition
160BACArmyBrigade Ammunition Column
161BACWW1Brigade Ammunition Column
162BAC Companies or OrganizationsBriggs Automotive Company
163BACAircraftBristol Aeroplane Company
164BACEducationalBritish Accreditation Council
165BACEducationBritish Accreditation Council for Independent
166BACUncategorizedBritish Acupuncture Council
167BACUncategorizedBritish Admiralty Chart
168BACTechnologyBritish Aerospace Corporation
169BACArmed ForcesBritish Air Commission
170BAC Companies or OrganizationsBritish Aircraft Corporation
171BACMinistry Of DefenseBritish Aircraft Corporation
172BACLocal - BritishBritish Arabian Championship
173BACArmyBritish Army Cadets
174BAC Professional OrganizationsBritish Association for Counselling
175BACConferenceBritish Association for Cytopathology
176BACComputingBroadCast Agent
177BACMedicalBronchioalveolar Carcinoma
179BACMedicalBronchioloalveolar Carcinoma
180BACMedicalBronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma
181BACMedicalBronchoalveolar Carcinoma
182BACCouncilBrooklyn Arts Council
183BACMilitaryBudget Activity Code
184BACBudgetBudget Advisory Committee
185BACUncategorizedBudget at Competition
186BACArmyBudget At Completion
187BACBusinessBudget at Completion
188BACProject ManagementBudget At Completion
189BAC AccountingBudgeted At Completion
191BACClubsBuffalo Athletic Club
192BACNASA - SpaceBuffer Access Card
193BAC ConstructionBuilding Automation and Controls
194BACUncategorizedBulungan Art Club
195BACAirBunker Adjustment Charge
196BACAthletics - AthleticsBurnsville Athletic Club
197BACSocietyBusiness Achievement Club
198BACIndonesiaBusiness Administration Contest
199BACNuclearBusiness Advisory Center
200BACBusinessBusiness Advisory Committee
201BACBusinessBusiness Advisory Council
202BACMedicalBusiness Advisory Council
203BAC AccountingBusiness Analysis & Control
204BACTechnologyBusiness Availability Center
205BACUS GovernmentBuy American Campaign
206BAC CommissionsBuyer Agency Commission
207BACReal EstateBuyer Agent Commission
208BACUncategorizedBy Any Chance
209BACInternet SlangBy Any Chance
210BACUncategorizedBypass Air Control
211BACAutomotiveBypass Air Control Valve
212BACAirlineLeasing Limited


BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) alludes to the level of liquor (ethyl liquor or ethanol) in an individual’s circulatory system. A BAC of .10% implies that an individual’s blood gracefully incorporates one section liquor for every 1000 pieces of blood.

BAC can be estimated within 30–70 minutes in the wake of drinking. In opposition to mainstream thinking, nothing can diminish BAC after some time; Licking espresso, cold showers, and water glasses won’t give you quick rest. Curious about what could be your BAC? Utilize our number cruncher to figure, yet remember that everybody processes liquor (lager, wine, alcohol) unexpectedly. Our adding machine can give you an estimated BAC level; however, don’t depend on it to decide whether you are fit to drive or work.


BAC – Business Advisory Committee

The Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of Parliament examined the administrative business and different issues identified with the continuous rainstorm meeting. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla directed the gathering. The Business Advisory Committee of the Lok Sabha comprises 15 individuals, including the Speaker, who is the ex-officio Speaker. The Chairman assigns the individuals.

  • practically speaking, another board of trustees is framed in the wake of being assigned by the Chairman, and the workplace is comprised in the principal seven day stretch of June consistently.
  • The panel ordinarily meets toward the start of every meeting and from that point at whatever point fundamentally.
  • the panel can suggest the time, which in a meeting with the Leader of the House should be allocated for the conversation of such administrative authoritative and different business as may guide the board to allude.

SSA Full Form


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