SSA Full Form

SSA Full Form

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SSA Full Form

The term SSA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

SSA Full Form is – Social Security Administration

SSA – Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan


SSA Full Form in BSNL

Full Form of SSA in BSNL is – Secondary Service Area


SSA Full Form in Education

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan


What Does SSA Stand For?

SSA stands for – Social Security Administration


What is SSA Meaning

The term SSA can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of SSA is – Social Security Administration


All Full Forms of SSA

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of SSA.

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Sr. No.TermCategorySSA Full Forms
1SSALocal Language CodesNilo-Saharan
2SSANYSE SymbolsSaatchi & Saatchi, P. L. C.
3SSAVoluntary OrganizationSafe School Ambassadors
4SSAUncategorizedSafe Sector Altitude
5SSAMedicalSaikosaponin A
6SSAPostalSales and Services Associate
7SSAMedicalSalmonella Shigella Agar
9SSAAirport CodesSalvador, Buenos Aires, Brazil
10SSABiochemistrySambucus Sieboldiana Agglutinin
11SSAEducationalSame-Sex Attraction
12SSACognitive ScienceSame-Sex Attraction
13SSACompanies or OrganizationsSandhills Suri Alpacas, L. L. C.
14SSAMiscellaneousSarv Shiksha Abhiyan
15SSAGovernmentSarv Shiksha Abhiyan
16SSAMiscellaneousSarv Siksha Abhiyan
17SSAMiscellaneousSarva Shiksha Abhiyan
18SSASanitationSarva Shiksha Abhiyan
19SSANASA - Space - SpaceS-band (1.98 to 2.2 GHz) Single Access
20SSATechnologyS-band Single Access
21SSAMiscellaneousScaled Shape Ap
22SSATriathlonSchool Sport Australia
23SSAEducationalSchool Superintendent Assessment
24SSASchoolsSchool Superintendents of Alabama
25SSAAthleticsScratch Scoring Average
26SSADisc GolfScratch Scoring Average
27SSAColombiaSea Search Armada
28SSAEnvironmental HealthSea Spray Aerosol
29SSASchoolsSecondary School Apprentice
30SSALocal - RailwaySecondary Switching Area
31SSAFBI FilesSecret Service Agent
34SSAServiceSector Skills Agreement
35SSATransportationSector Specific Agency
36SSAFDA Administration AdministrationSector-Specific Agencies
37SSAFoodSector-Specific Agency
38SSAEducational - StudentsSecular Student Alliance
39SSAMedicalSecurity Administration
40SSAComputing - DatabasesSegment Search Argument
41SSAMiscellaneousSegment Search Arguments
42SSAEducational - SocietiesSeismological Society of America
43SSANuclearSeismological Society of America
44SSAMilitarySelective Service Act
45SSAMicrobiologySelective Strep Agar
46SSAProfessional OrganizationsSelf Storage Association
47SSAPoliticsSelf Storage Association
48SSABiochemistrySenile Systemic Amyloidosis
49SSAMiscellaneousSenior Special Agent
50SSAGovernmentSenior Special Agent
51SSAPoliticsSenior State Advisor
52SSAUncategorizedSenior System Architect
53SSATechnologySenior Systems Analyst
54SSANASASensor Scan Assembly
55SSADrug TherapySequence Symmetry Analysis
56SSAComputing - General ComputingSerial Storage Architecture
57SSAComputingSerial Storage Architecture
58SSAMedicalSeronegative Spondyloarthropathies
59SSAPharmaceuticalSeronegative SpondyloArthropathy
60SSAMiscellaneousServer Side Application
62SSACompanies or OrganizationsService Sector Assistant
63SSAAssociationsService Specialists Association
64SSAProfessional OrganizationsService Station Association
65SSAMiscellaneousService Systems Associates
66SSAMedicalSessile Serrated Adenoma
67SSAAthletics - SailingSevern Sailing Association
68SSAMedicalSewage Sludge Ash
69SSAEducational - PsychologyShallow Self-Absorbed
70SSACriminologyShared Service Agency
71SSAMedia CenterShared Service Arrangement
72SSAEducationShared Service Arrangement
73SSAMedicalShared Services Agency
74SSABusinessShared Services Agreement
75SSAEducationShared Services Arrangement
76SSASituationShared Situation Awareness
77SSARehabilitationShared Supported Accommodation
78SSAAthleticsSharp Shooters Association
79SSABiochemistrySheep Serum Albumin
80SSAYachtingShip Security Assessment
81SSAMiscellaneousShort Sale Approval
82SSAMilitaryShort Service Appointment
83SSANASA - Space - SpaceShuttle Simulation Aircraft
84SSAMedicalSickle Cell Anemia
85SSAMiscellaneous - HobbySide Saddle Association
86SSAMedicalSide To Side Anastomosis
87SSALocal - CountriesSide, Side, Angle
88SSAPharmaceuticalSide-to-Side Anastomosis
89SSAComputer SecuritySIGINT Secure Area
91SSAMiscellaneousSignificant Scientific Agreement
92SSAMedicalSignificant Scientific Agreement
93SSAAcidSilica Sulfuric Acid
94SSAAmmoSilver State Armory
95SSAShootingSingapore Shooting Association
96SSALocalSingapore Soka Association
97SSAChurchSingapore Soka Association
98SSAAerosolSingle Scattering Albedo
99SSAProgramSingle State Agencies
100SSAMedicalSingle State Authority
101SSAComputing - NetworkingSingle Static Assignment
102SSAMedicalSingle strand annealing
103SSANASASingle-Scattering Albedo
104SSAProductsSingle-Strand Annealing
105SSABiologySingle-Strand Annealing
106SSATechnologySingular Spectrum Analysis
107SSAUS GovernmentSingular System Approach
108SSALondon Stock ExchangeSistema JSFC
109SSAComputing - NetworkingSite System Administration
110SSAMedicalSite-Specific Assessment
111SSAAthleticsSix Start Against
112SSAMedicalSjoegrens Syndrome antigen A
113SSARheumatologySjogren's Syndrome A
114SSARheumatologySjogren's Syndrome A Antigen
115SSASkiingSki & Snowboard Australia
116SSAMedicalSkin Sympathetic Activity
117SSAMedicalSkin Sympathetic Activity
118SSAComputing - HardwareSlot-to-Socket Adapter
119SSAPulp And PaperSmall Sample Adapter
120SSATechnologySmallest Space Analysis
121SSAUncategorizedSmart Serial Adapter
122SSAAthleticsSoaring Society of America
123SSAMilitarySoaring Society of America
124SSAEducational - SocietiesSoaring Society of America's
125SSAMiscellaneousSocial Security
126SSAMiscellaneousSocial Security account
127SSALegislationSocial Security Act
128SSAMedicalSocial Security Act
129SSAMiscellaneousSocial Security Ad
130SSAAdministrationSocial Security Admin
131SSAUS GovernmentSocial Security Administration
132SSAGovernmentSocial Security Administration
133SSASocialSocial Security Agency
134SSAUncategorizedSocial Security Appeals
135SSAVoluntary OrganizationSociety for the Study of Addiction
136SSAVoluntary OrganizationSociety of St. Andrew
137SSAComputing - SoftwareSoftware Subscription Agreement
138SSAArmySoftware Support Activity
139SSAArmySoftware Support Activity
140SSANASA - Space - SpaceSolar Survival Architecture
141SSAArmySoldier Store Advance
142SSAWater SupplySole Source Aquifer
143SSAEducational - ElectronicsSolid State Amplifier
144SSATechnologySolid State Amplifier
145SSAEndocrine SystemSomatostatin Analogs
146SSAAthleticsSonic Stadium Awards
147SSAMusicSoprano Soprano Alto
148SSAEngineeringSource Selection Activity
149SSAArmySource Selection Authority
150SSALocal - Language CodesSouthern South America
151SSAAgenciesSovereigns Supranationals and Agencies
152SSAArmySpace Situational Awareness
153SSAMilitarySpace Situational Awareness
154SSANASA - Space - SpaceSpace Suit Assembly
155SSAAerospace EngineeringSpace Suit Assembly
156SSAAccountingSpecial Savings Account
157SSAMiscellaneousSpecial Service Area
158SSAArmySpecial Support Activity (NSA)
159SSAAssociationsSpecialty Sleep Association
160SSAMiscellaneousSpecific Surface Area
161SSAAreaSpecific Surface Area
162SSAArmyStaff Support Activity
163SSAArmyStandard Small Arms
164SSAUS GovernmentStandard Spending Assessment
165SSAEducationStandard Spending Assessment
166SSAComplementary MedicineStandardized Swallowing Assessment
167SSAMiscellaneousStatic Simple Assignment
168SSAComputing - NetworkingStatic Single Assignment
169SSAComputingStatic Single Assignment
170SSAComputing - HardwareStereo Source Amplifier
171SSAMiscellaneousStochastic Simulation Algorithm
172SSAMedicalStochastic Simulation Algorithm
173SSAEducational - StudentsStout Student Association
174SSAArmyStrapdown Sensor Assembly
175SSAArmyStrapdown Sensor Assembly
176SSANuclearStrategic Siting Assessment
177SSAJuridicalStreet Skaters Association
178SSAMedicalStreptococcal SuperAntigen
179SSAEducational - StudentsStudent Success Advisor
180SSALocal - AfricanSub Saharan Africa
181SSAEconomicsSub Saharan Africa
182SSAMiscellaneousSub Station Alpha
183SSAConceptSubject Says All
184SSALocal - Africansub-Saharan Africa
185SSAEconomicsSub-Saharan Africa
186SSAEducational - ChemistrySuccinic SemiAldehyde
188SSAHospitalSulfosalicylic Acid
189SSAEducational - ChemistrySulphoSalicylic Acid
190SSAEducationalSumi-e Society of America
191SSAMiscellaneousSuper Semi Automatic
192SSAInternet - ChatSuper Smart A--
193SSAComputing - Cyber & SecuritySuper Spammers Anonymous
194SSACybersecuritySuper Spammers Anonymous
195SSAMiscellaneousSuper Strong Arms
196SSAMedicalSuperior Septal Approach
197SSAOccupation & PositionsSupervisory Special Agent
198SSAGovernmentSupervisory Special Agent
199SSARAFSupplementary Storage Area
200SSAArmySupply Support Activity
201SSAArmySupply Support Activity
202SSAArmySupply Support Area
203SSAComputingSurvivable Systems Analysis
204SSAVoluntary OrganizationSurvivors of Sexual Assault
205SSAEducational - SocietiesSwiss Society of Aerobiology
206SSASurfingSwiss Surfing Association
207SSAEngineeringSystem Safety Assessment
208SSAEducational - UniversitiesSystem Science Applications
209SSAArmySystem Specification for ATCCS
210SSAArmySystem Supportability Assessment
211SSALocal StatesThe Social Security Administration


SSA – Social Security Administration

The US Social Security Administration (SSA) is an unbiased company of the US federal authorities that features Social Safety, a social insurance coverage program that features retirement, incapacity, and survivor advantages.

To fit the bill for the vast majority of these advantages, most laborers pay Social Security charges on their profit; The inquirer’s advantages depending on the worker’s commitment. In any case, benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are given on need premise.

This was in 1935 by President Franklin D. Made by Roosevelt. Previously operated underneath the Division of Well being and Human Providers, SSA has operated as a completely unbiased company since 1994.

Social Safety is a crucial part of many People’s retirement revenue planning techniques, significantly as financial savings charges stay low. Nevertheless, SSA’s breadth of companies supplies several key areas of America’s social security web. For instance, in January 2020, roughly 64 million people, together with retired employees, disabled employees, and survivors, obtained multiple trillions {dollars} in Social Safety advantages by the SSA.


SSA – Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, or SSA, is an Indian authorities program “with the purpose of universality of main training” at an elementary time. The 86th Modification of the Structure of India to offer free and obligatory training to kids between the ages of 6 and 14 (an estimated 205 million kids in 2001) is an elementary proper. This framework was driven by previous Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The objective of SSA is to educate all children whose age is between 6 and 14 by 2010.

The SSA is being applied in partnership with state governments to cowl all the nation and cater to 192 million kids’ wants in 1.1 million settlements.

This system seeks to open new colleges in settlements that don’t have education services and strengthen present college infrastructure by supplying additional classrooms, bogs, consuming water, upkeep grants, and faculty enchantment grants.

Current colleges with insufficient instructor power are supplied with further lecturers, strengthening the lecturers’ capability by granting complete coaching, growing educating materials, and strengthening the tutorial help construction at a cluster, block, and district degree Go.

SSA intends to offer high-quality leading training together with life abilities. SSA has a particular concentrate on woman training and youngsters with particular wants.


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