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CAP Full Form: What Does CAP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CAP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CAP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CAP.

CAP Full Form

The term CAP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CAP Full Form is – Centralized Admission Process

In Maharashtra, India admission of the MBA and MMS admission process for the B-schools affiliated to the universities of Maharashtra is conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) through Centralized Admission Process (CAP).

Also, admission to First Year of Full Time Engineering and Technology Program is conducted by CAP.

CAP – Community-Acquired Pneumonia

The total type of CAP is community-acquired pneumonia. CAP is, without doubt, one of the most typical infectious ailments and a vital explanation for morbidity and mortality worldwide. Specific bacterial pathogens that trigger CAP embrace Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Moracaella catarrhalis. Nonetheless, with the appearance of recent diagnostic applied sciences, viral respiratory tract infections are being acknowledged as a common aetiology of CAP. The most typical viral pathogens from hospitalized sufferers admitted with community-acquired pneumonia embrace human rhinoviruses and influenza. CAP happens in lots of organisms, together with viruses, microorganism, and fungi. Pathogens differ by affected person age and different components; however, the relative significance of every as an explanation for community-acquired pneumonia is unsure as a result of most sufferers don’t bear thorough testing and since the take a look at can be accompanied by particular brokers. It recognized in lower than 50% of circumstances.

There are influenza, C. pneumoniae and M. pneumoniae. Pneumonia brought on by mycoplasma and chlamydia is sometimes clinically indistinguishable from other pneumonia. Frequent viral causes embrace respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), adenovirus, influenza virus, metapophovirus, parainfluenza virus. Bacterial superinfection can distinguish viral from bacterial an infection. C pneumonia accounts for two to five% of the cap and is the second most typical explanation for a lung infection in wholesome individuals between 5 and 35 years of age.

CAP Full Form in Medical

Community-Acquired Pneumonia

CAP Full Form Banking

CAP is highest interest rate limit which is applicable on a variable credit product.

What Does CAP Stand For?

CAP stands for – Centralized Admission Process and Community-Acquired Pneumonia

All Full Forms of CAP

Now, list of All Full Form of CAP in various category is given below.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCAP Full Forms
1CAPAerospaceCabin Attendant Panel
2CAPMedicalCalcium Phosphate
3CAPTechnologyCAMEL Application Part
4CAPEducational - UniversitiesCampus Access Point
5CAPEducational - UniversitiesCampus Accountability Partner
6CAPTechnologyCanada Air Pilot
7CAPProfessional OrganizationsCanadian Association of Paralegals
8CAPMedicalCanadian Association of Pathologists
9CAPTechnologyCanadian Association of Physicists
10CAPMedicalcancer of prostate
11CAPEnvironmental HealthCanonical Analysis of Principal
12CAPAirport CodesCap Haitien, Haiti
13CAPChemistryCapacity Assurance Plan
14CAPEducational - UniversitiesCapital Academic Program
15CAPSocietyCapping Anger Positively
18CAPMedicalCarbonated Apatite
19CAPMedicalcarcinoma of prostate
20CAPMedicalCarcinoma Of The Prostate
21CAPOccupation & PositionsCareer Action Plan
22CAPEducational - UniversitiesCareer Advisory Program
23CAPOccupation & PositionsCareer Alignment Profile
24CAPOccupation & PositionsCareer Apprenticeship Program
25CAPASX SymbolsCarpentaria Exploration, LTD.
26CAPMiscellaneousCascade AIDS Project
27CAPComputing - HardwareCasing Added Protection
28CAPLocal - CountriesCatabolic gene activator proteins
29CAPMedicalCatabolite Activator Protein
30CAPMolecular BiologyCatabolite gene Activator Protein
31CAPMedicalCategories of Auditory Performance
34CAPMedicalCationic Activator Protein
35CAPMedicalCationic Antimicrobial Peptide
36CAPNASA - SpaceCCMS Application Program
37CAPAthletics - AthleticsCelebration of Athletic Participation
38CAPMedicalCell Attachment Protein
39CAPMedicalCellulose Acetate Phthalate
40CAPChemistryCellulose Acetate Propionate
41CAPMedicalCenter Accreditation Project
42CAPEducationalCenter for American Progress
43CAPEducational - UniversitiesCenter for Applied Probability
44CAPMiscellaneousCenter for the Art of Performance
45CAPComputingCentral Arbitration Point
46CAPLocal StatesCentral Arizona Project
47CAPMedicalCentral Auditory Processing
48CAPEducational - UniversitiesCentre for Academic Practice
49CAPMiscellaneousCentre for Alternate Photography
50CAPMedicalCertified Addiction Professional
51CAPAwards & MedalsCertified Administrative Professional
52CAPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Analytics Professional
53CAPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Angel Practitioner
54CAPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Authorization Professional
55CAPNormal BusinessChange Acceleration Process
56CAPPoliticsChange Advocacy Party
57CAPNormal BusinessChange And Partnership
58CAPComputing - SoftwareChannel Assembly Program
59CAPVoluntary OrganizationCharitable Annuity Program
60CAPVoluntary OrganizationChartered Advisor in Philanthropy
61CAPNavyChief Aviation Pilot
62CAPMedicalChild Abuse Potential
63CAPMiscellaneousChild Access Prevention
64CAPEducationChild Action Project
65CAPJuridicalChild Assistance Program
66CAPSocietyChildcare Action Program
67CAPSocietyChildcare Action Project
68CAPVoluntary OrganizationChildren Awaiting Parents
69CAPMedicalChildren of Alcoholic Parents
70CAPVoluntary OrganizationChristian Appalachian Project
71CAPLocalChristians Against Poverty
72CAPMedicalChronic Alcoholic Pancreatitis
73CAPMedicalChronic Apical Periodontitis
74CAPOcean ScienceCircum-Atlantic Project
75CAPJuridicalCitizen Action Patrol
76CAPMiscellaneous - AnimalsCitizens for Animal Protection
77CAPMiscellaneousCity Action Partnership
78CAPMilitaryCivil Air Patrol
79CAPArmyCivil Augmentation Program
80CAPAircraft & AviationCivil Aviation Publication
81CAPLocal StatesClerks Assistance Program
82CAPComputing - NetworkingClient Access Protocol
83CAPNormal BusinessClient Appreciation Program
84CAPEducationClient Assistance Program
85CAPEducational - UniversitiesClinical Advancement Program
86CAPMiscellaneousClosed Apple Purchase
87CAPBusinessClosing Agreement Program
88CAPMiscellaneous - PlasticsCoated Abrasive Product
89CAPEducational - MathematicsCoefficients And Properties
91CAPPharmaceuticalCognitive Affective And Physical
92CAPMedicalCold Atmospheric Plasma
93CAPComputing - SoftwareCollaborative Analytical Processing
94CAPEngineeringCollaborative Arrival Planning
95CAPNormal BusinessCollected and Assessed Problem
96CAPMiscellaneousCollective Advocacy Project
97CAPEducational - CollegesCollege Access Program
98CAPEducationalCollege Alliance Program
99CAPEducational - AlumniCollege Alumni Program
100CAPEducational - CollegesCollege of American Patholgists
101CAPMedicalCollege of American Pathologists
102CAPGovernmentalColony Advisory Program
103CAPFDA AdministrationColor Additive Petition
104CAPArmyCombat Air Patrol
105CAPNormal BusinessCome And Pay
106CAPMiscellaneousCommercialization Accelerator Program
107CAPMiscellaneousCommercialization Assistance Program
108CAPNormal BusinessCommittee of Advertising Practice
109CAPComputing - SoftwareCommon Aftermarket Protocol
110CAPBusinessCommon Agricultural Policy
111CAPGovernmentCommon Alerting Protocol
112CAPMedicalCommon Assurance Process
113CAPCompanies or OrganizationsCommonwealth Association of Planners
114CAPSocietyCommune Action Plan
115CAPComputingCommunication Application Platform
116CAPAdvertisingCommunications Advertising and Public
117CAPMedicalCommunity Acquired Pneumonia
118CAPMiscellaneousCommuter Alternative Program
119CAPAccountingCompetency Assessment Program
120CAPTechnologyCompetitive Access Provider
121CAPInternational BusinessCompetitive Advantage Period
122CAPCriminalComplaint Against Police
123CAPChemistryComplex Absorbing Potential
124CAPMedicalCompliance Aid for Pharmaceuticals
125CAPNormal BusinessCompliance Assurance Program
126CAPChemistryCompliance Audit Program
127CAPMedicalCompound Action Potential
128CAPTransportationComprehensive Airport Program
129CAPComputing - AssemblyCompressed And Packed
130CAPComputing - File ExtensionsCompressed music file
131CAPComputing - General ComputingComputer Accommodations Program
132CAPTechnologyComputer Aided Planning
133CAPComputingComputer Aided Publishing
134CAPEducational - UniversitiesComputer Analysis Project
135CAPComputing - General ComputingComputer And Printer
136CAPNASA - SpaceComputer Application Program
137CAPComputingComputer Assisted Purchasing
138CAPComputing - General ComputingComputer-Aided Planning
139CAPEducationalComputer-Aided Publishing
140CAPShippingCondition Assessment Programme
141CAPMiscellaneousCondom Access Project
142CAPArmyConfiguration and Alarm Panel
143CAPArmyConfiguration Audit Plan
144CAPCivilizationCongress of Aboriginal Peoples
145CAPNormal BusinessConsistency Application And Professionalism
146CAPMiscellaneousConsistency Availability and Partition
147CAPTechnologyConsistency Availability Partition tolerance
148CAPComputing - DatabasesConsistency, Availability, and Partition
149CAPMilitaryConsolidated Appeal Process
150CAPCompanies or OrganizationsConsulting Architects and Planners
151CAPMiscellaneousConsumer Assistance Program
152CAPNuclearContainment Accident Pressure
153CAPEducational - ArchitectureContemporary Architecture Practice
154CAPMedia CenterContent Acquisition Program
155CAPMedicalContinuous Assessment Programme
156CAPNASA - SpaceContractor Acquired Property
157CAPMiscellaneousContribute Achieve and Pay
158CAPUnited NationsControl And Power
159CAPFDA AdministrationControl of Automated Processes
160CAPTechnologyControlled Access Program
161CAPMedicalControlled Attenuation Parameter
162CAPSocietyCool Arizona Pets
163CAPEducationalCooperative Advantage Program
164CAPGeographyCooperative Agreements Program
165CAPMedicalCooperative of American Physicians
166CAPMiscellaneousCoordinated Admission Program
167CAPNormal BusinessCoordinating Agency Partner
168CAPMedia CenterCoordination Actors And Production
169CAPEducationalCorrective Action Plan
170CAPNuclearCorrective Action Program
171CAPNASA - SpaceCost Account Package
172CAPNormal BusinessCost Avoidance Program
173CAPMedicalCouncil on Alcohol Policy
174CAPNormal BusinessCourtesy Awareness Programme
175CAPProductsCover And Plinth
176CAPEducationalCreative Arts Program
177CAPNASA - SpaceCrew Activity Plan
178CAPJuridicalCrime Action Policy
179CAPPolice ForceCrime Activity Prevention
180CAPJuridicalCrime Awareness Program
181CAPJuridicalCrimes Against Persons
182CAPGovernmentCriminal Alien Program
183CAPArmyCrisis Action Planning
184CAPArmyCrisis Action Procedures
185CAPMedicalCriteria Air Pollutant
186CAPGovernmentCross-Agency Performance Goals
187CAPEducational - UniversitiesCumulative Average Point
188CAPComputing - General ComputingCurrent Applications Presentation
189CAPArmyCurrent Approved Program
190CAPEducational - UniversitiesCurricular Academic Program
191CAPComputing - SoftwareCustom Application Program
192CAPMiscellaneousCustom Automated Prosthetics
193CAPTechnologyCustomer Administration Panel
194CAPNormal BusinessCustomer Appreciation Program
195CAPAccountingCustomer Approved Payment
196CAPMarketingCustomer Availability Program
197CAPComputingCut And Paste
198CAPMedicalCyclic Alternating Pattern
199CAPPharmaceuticalCytoskeleton Associated Proteins

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Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about CAP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CAP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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