CDS Full Form

CDS Full Form: What Does CDS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CDS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CDS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CDS.

CDS Full Form

The term CDS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CDS Full Form is – Combined Defense Services

What is CDS, if you want to become an officer in the Indian Airforce, Indian Army or Indian Navy and you are graduating and at the same time you are between 19-24 years old, then you pass the CDS exam and you are a pilot in the Indian Airforce You can run a fighter plane or you can serve the country by going to the officer rank.

And even if you want to become an officer in the Indian Navy or the Indian Army, CDS brings a golden opportunity for you.

Officers are recruited in Indian armies through CDS. UPSC conducts a CDS or Combined Defense Service Examination, under which the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force are recruited. At the same time, candidates must pass graduation to appear in this examination. The selection process for this exam is very similar to other government exams. For CDS recruitment, there is a written test and then an interview.

After successful in this examination, the candidates are sent to Indian Military Academy Dehradun, Airforce Academy Hyderabad, Airforce Academy Hyderabad and Naval Academy Goa for training. UPSC conducts the CDS exam twice a year. At the same time, after passing the CDS exam, you can get the rank of officer in the Indian Army. For this, candidates should be fit both mentally and physically.

Discs (Combined Defense Services) – Through the assessment of Combined Defense Services, the applicant can find a new line of work by getting the position of official in any of the Army, Air Force and Navy. The Navy, Air Force and the Army are vital pieces of the Indian Defense Force. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the CDS assessment two times every year.

In CDS, you have to pass the written test first and after passing the written test, you have to appear in the interview (SSB). The CDS Exam is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The CDS Exam is conducted for appointments to the posts of officers of the three wings of the Army – Army, Air Force and Navy.

If you want to make a big officer at a young age then CDS Exam and NDA are the best option. Good salary, equal and excellent facilities are available here.

Education Qualification for CDS Exam

Here the candidates of different positions are selected, then naturally the educational qualifications are also different, such as-

Indian Military Academy

Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university or equivalent for Officer Academy.

Indian Naval Academy

For this academy, one should have a BSC or Engineering degree with Chemistry, Math and Physics.

Air Force Academy

For this academy, a 10 + 2 subject with a recognized university degree should be Math and Physics or Engineering degree.

Age Limit for CDS for CDS Exam

1. Age 19 to 24 years for Indian Military Academy (IMA).

2. Age 19 to 25 years for Naval Academy (INA).

3. Age for Officer Testing Academy (OTA) 19 to 25 years.

4. Age 19 to 24 years for Air Force Academy (AFA).

Nationality for CDS Exam

1. Must be an Indian citizen.

2. Only one should be unmarried.

CDS Exam Pattern?

The written test is the first to be admitted to CDS. In which questions related to English, General Knowledge and Mathematics are done. After passing this examination, the candidates are called for interview. Interviews of the candidates include Intelligence and Personality Test. Keep in mind that candidates will also have to face negative marking in this examination. In this case, think before giving any wrong answer. Explain that intelligence and personality tests will be conducted in two phases.

First Phase – This phase will consist of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test and then Picture Perception and Description (PPDT) test. Candidates will be nominated for the second phase of Intelligence and Personality Testing after watching OIR and PPDT.

Second stage- When you have crossed the first stage they are called for the second stage. It conducts interviews, group test officer work, psychology tests and conferences. In addition, the personality test is assessed by three officers. Separate numbers are not given for this, rather numbers are given by looking at your performance. At the same time, the conference numbers are allotted given the initial performance of the cadets. It is decided by the jury members sitting on the panel and after that the final list is released.

Written Examination for CDS

1. The written examination is of 300 marks.

2. It consists of questions related to English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics subjects.

CDS Exams –

English – 100 Marks – 2 hours

General Knowledge – 100 Marks – 2 Hours

Elementary Mathematics – 100 Marks – 2 hours

CDS Exam Full Form

Combined Defence Services

CDS Full Form in Army

Chief of Defence Staff

CDS Full Form in Banking

Credit Default Swap

UPSC CDS Full Form

Combined Defence Services

What Does CDS Stand For?

CDS stands for – Compact Disc Single or CD single

CDS is a music single, which is in the form of a Compact Disc

GPA Full Form

What is Full Forms of CDS

Full Forms of CDS is –

Sr. No.TermCategoryCDS Full Form
1CDSMedicalCalgary Depression Scale
2CDSMedicalCalibrated Dichotomous Sensitivity
3CDSAthleticsCalifornia Dressage Society
5CDSNormal BusinessCall, Discuss, Select
6CDSMedicalCambridge Depersonalization Scale
9CDSEducationalCampus Dining Services
10CDSBusinessCanadian Depository for Securities
11CDSJuridicalCanine Detection Services
12CDSTechnologyCapability Demonstration Satellite
13CDSDevelopmentCapability Development Support
14CDSPharmaceuticalCaps Deficiency Syndrome
15CDSMedicalCardiac Depression Scale
16CDSCareerCareer Development Services
17CDSCareerCareer Development Symposium
18CDSTechnologyCargo Delivery System
19CDSPharmaceuticalCarroll Depression scales
20CDSAccountingCash Deposit System
21CDSMiningCatalogue of Data Sources
22CDSFunnyCell Death Server
23CDSBioengineeringCell Dissociation Solution
24CDSAcademic & ScienceCenter for Data Science
25CDSDevelopmentCenter for Development Services
26CDSEducationalCenter of Documentary Studies
27CDSEducationCenter on Disability Studies
28CDSInformation TechnologyCentral Data Subsystem
29CDSNASACentral Data System
30CDSEngineeringCentral Degassing Station
31CDSStock ExchangeCentral Depository System
34CDSEducationalCentral Difference Scheme
35CDSInformation TechnologyCentral Disk Space
36CDSEngineeringCentral Dispatch System
37CDSDevelopmentCentre for Development Studies
38CDSBankingCertificates of Deposit
39CDSCybersecurityCertified Digital Signing
40CDSBusinessCertified Director of Safety
41CDSPharmaceuticalCervico-Dorsal Syndrome
42CDSPharmaceuticalChicago Dental Society
43CDSArmyChief of Defence Staff
44CDSCanadaChief of the Defence Staff
45CDSMedicalChild Depression Scale
46CDSGovernmentChild Development Service
47CDSDevelopmentChild Development Services
48CDSDevelopmentChild Development Specialist
49CDSAMEX SymbolsChina Direct, Inc.
50CDSMedicalChinese Diabetes Society
51CDSPharmaceuticalChronic Disease State
52CDSForumChronic Disease Symposium
53CDSHobbyCircular Date Stamp
54CDSCompanies or OrganizationsCitrix Device Services
55CDSClothingClean Dry Socks
56CDSEducationalClimate Data Store
57CDSMedicalClinical Data System
58CDSPharmaceuticalClinical Decision Support
59CDSMedicalClinton Disorder Syndrome
60CDSPharmaceuticalClonidine Displacing Substance
61CDSNASA - SpaceCloseout Door System
62CDSClubsClub and District Support
63CDSProductsCockpit Display System
64CDSEngineeringCockpit Display Systems
65CDSArmyCode Substitution simultaneous
66CDSBioinformaticsCoding Regions
67CDSMedicalCoding Sequence
68CDSCertifications & DiplomasCoffee Diploma System
69CDSDevelopmentCognitive Development Society
70CDSPharmaceuticalCognitive Disabilities Severe
71CDSBusinessCold Drawn Seamless
72CDSProductsCold Drawn Steel
73CDSNASA - SpaceCollision Detector System
74CDSScience FictionColony Defence System
75CDSAstronomyCommand and Data Subsystem
76CDSNASA - SpaceCommand and Data System
77CDSAutomotive SystemsCommand Data Set
78CDSNormal BusinessCommercial Documentation Services
79CDSEngineeringCommon Display System
80CDSCommunityCommunity Day School
81CDSMedicalCommunity Dental Services
82CDSArmyCompact Digital Switch
83CDSMedicalComplete Dentures
84CDSChemistryCompliance Data System
85CDSCompanies or OrganizationsComprehensive Development Services
86CDSComputingComputer Data Source
87CDSComputingComputer Designed Shape
88CDSTransportationComputer Distribution System
89CDSEducationalConstruction Drawing Subset
91CDSLocal - CountriesContact Data System
92CDSArmyContainer Delivery System
93CDSManufacturingContent Delivery Service
94CDSEducationalContinuous Deflection Separation
95CDSOccupation & PositionsContinuous Deflective Separation
96CDSPharmaceuticalContract Data Set
97CDSNASA - SpaceControl Data System
98CDSArmyControl Display System
99CDSJuridicalControlled Dangerous Substance
100CDSPharmaceuticalControlled Drug Substance
101CDSDevelopmentCooperative Development Services
102CDSInformation TechnologyCoordinated Data System
103CDSSAPCore Data Services
104CDSNASA - SpaceCoronal Diagnostic Spectrometer
105CDSProfessional OrganizationsCorporate Directory Source
106CDSArmyCorps Dressing Station
107CDSTechnologyCorrelated Double Sampling
108CDSLocal - CanadianCountry Day School
109CDSCommunityCounty District School Code
110CDSSchoolsCovenant Day School
111CDSEscortsCovered Doggy Style
122CDSTransportationCrashworthiness Data System
123CDSAccountingCredit Default Swap
124CDSBusinessCredit Default Swaps
125CDSJuridicalCriminal Defence Service
126CDSNormal BusinessCross Direction Support
127CDSEducationalCross Disciplinary Subject
128CDSTechnologyCross Domain Solution
129CDSArmyCubic Defense Systems
130CDSStock MarketCurrency Derivatives Segment
131CDSComputingCurrent Directory Structure
132CDSNormal BusinessCustom Development Service
133CDSManufacturingCustomer Detail Specification
134CDSCybersecurityCyber and Data Security
158CDSPharmaceuticalSociety Dental Service
159CDSSocietySociety Directory Service

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CDS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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