CRC Full Form

CRC Full Form: What Does CRC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of CRC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CRC but also get detailed information about CRC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does CRC stand for?

CRC Full Form

The term CRC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CRC Full Form is – Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is a way of checking data for faults for all hard discs and optical discs. Cyclic redundancy check errors can occur when dealing with registry, file system, or hard drive issues, or when downloading improperly configured applications or files. Unfortunately, if it’s a cyclic redundancy search data bug, the data could be lost or removed. As a consequence, proper cyclic redundancy review errors as easily as possible.

Check for cyclic redundancy or check for cyclic redundancy (in computing, CRC). CRC is a feature that is widely used in digital networks and storage systems to detect unintended changes in computer files (such as hard drives).

W. Wesley Peterson invented the CRC in 1961, and the 32-bit polynomial that is used in Ethernet CRC functions (and other standards) was first written in 1975. It is well-liked for its ease of execution, statistical study, and ability to spot errors caused by noise in transmission networks.

The CRC error reports that corrupt or incomplete files were detected during the cyclic redundancy check. In these cases, the data value and the CRC value do not match, which leads to the cancellation of the action (save, copy, read access, etc.), as well as the corresponding CRC error message.

Running into the CRC error can be very frustrating. Common actions, such as rebooting the system, do not help with this type of error. It is also not recommended to disable the verification procedure, as the files may be lost. For each situation in which the CRC error occurs, there are different strategies to resolve it and save the data.

What is CRC Full Form in Education

Cluster Resource Coordinator

What is CRC Full Form in Networking

Cyclic Redundancy Check

What Does CRC Stand For?

CRC stands for – Cyclic Redundancy Check

What Does CRC Stand For in Networking?

In Networking CRC stands for – Cyclic Redundancy Check

What Does CRC Stand For in Education?

In Education CRC stands for – Cluster Resource Coordinator

JDBC Full Form

What is Full Forms of CRC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CRC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCRC Full Form
1CRC EducationalCagiva Research Center
2CRC AthleticsCalandra Racing Concepts
3CRC PharmaceuticalCalcium Release Channel
5CRC RacingCalder Race Course
6CRC PrisonCalifornia Rehabilitation Center
8CRC InvestmentsCalifornia Reinvestment Coalition
9CRC Companies or OrganizationsCalifornia Resources Corporation
10CRC PublishingCamera Ready Copy
11CRC Voluntary OrganizationCamp Robinson Crusoe
12CRC EducationalCampus Recreation Center
13CRC UniversityCanada Research Chairs
14CRC RoboticsCanadian Robotics Competition
15CRC PharmaceuticalCancer Research Campaign
16CRC UncategorizedCandidate Responsibility and Collaboration
17CRC CarbonCarbon Reduction Commitment
18CRC MedicalCarcinoma
19CRC MedicalCardiometabolic Risk in Chinese
20CRC CareerCareer Resource Center
21CRC AccountingCash Receipts Clearing
22CRC ConsultingCasualty Risk Consulting
23CRC MedicalCatabolite Repression Control
24CRC EducationalCenter for Research Computing
25CRC LocalCentral Reform Congregation
26CRC PharmaceuticalCentre Remedial Clinic
27CRC PharmaceuticalCerebrovascular Reserve Capacity
28CRC PharmaceuticalCertified Rehabilitation
29CRC PharmaceuticalCertified Rehabilitation Counselor
30CRC RetirementCertified Retirement Counselor
31CRC FoodCFSAN Review Committee
34CRC Voluntary OrganizationChapters Local Conference
35CRC EducationalCharacter Report Card
36CRC Local - CountriesChecksum Recovery Correction
37CRC ToxicologyChemical Referral Center
38CRC ChinaChemical Registration Center
39CRC ClothingChemical Resistant Clothing
40CRC ChemistryChemical Rubber Company
41CRC CouncilChicago Rabbinical Council
42CRC Companies or OrganizationsChicago Recording Company
43CRC LocalChild Registration Certificate (Pakistan)
44CRC Voluntary OrganizationChildren's Rights Council
45CRC SocietyChinese Recreation Club
46CRC ChurchChristian Reformed Church
47CRC ChurchesChristian Revival Church
48CRC NYSE SymbolsChromcraft Revington, Inc.
49CRC CommissionsCincinnati Recreation Commission
50CRC Voluntary OrganizationCircles of Recovery Conference
51CRC ArmyCircuit Routing Chart
52CRC ArmyCivil Response Corps
53CRC GovernmentCivil Rights Center
54CRC US GovernmentCivil Rights Commission
55CRC Normal BusinessClass Responsibilities and Collaboration
56CRC AthleticsClean Racers Club
57CRC Normal BusinessClient Relationship Center
58CRC EducationalClimate Research Center
59CRC PharmaceuticalClinical Research Centre
60CRC MedicalClinical Research Coordinator
61CRC ArmyClose Range Correction
62CRC GovernmentCOAG Reform Council
63CRC CommissionsCoastal Resources Commission
64CRC UncategorizedCode Renewable Check
65CRC CoilCold Rolled Coil
66CRC EducationalCollege Rugby Championship
67CRC AthleticsCollegiate Rugby Championship
68CRC PharmaceuticalColon Resection Center
69CRC OncologyColorectal Adenocarcinoma
70CRC Nuclear MedicineColorectal Cancer
71CRC MedicalColorectal Cancer Patients
72CRC MedicalColorectal carcinoma
73CRC PharmaceuticalColo-Rectal Carcinoma
74CRC MedicalColorectal Carninoma
75CRC PharmaceuticalCommission on Rehabilitation Counselor
76CRC Normal BusinessCommit Reconcile Consistency
77CRC InternationalCommittee on the Rights of Child
78CRC United NationsCommittee on the Rights of the Child
79CRC Information TechnologyCommon Recursive Classes
80CRC ArmyCommon Reference Code
81CRC EducationCommunity Relations Commission
82CRC MedicalCommunity Residential Care
83CRC EducationCommunity Resource Center
84CRC CommitteesCompliance Review Committee
85CRC Occupation & PositionsComponent Responsibility Collaborator
86CRC ComputingComputer Recycling Center
87CRC EducationalComputing Resource Center
88CRC PharmaceuticalConcentration-Response Curve
89CRC SocietyConflict Resolution Catalysts
91CRC EnvironmentalConservation Resource Centre
92CRC DecontaminationContamination Reduction Corridor
93CRC Companies or OrganizationsContinental Recording Company
94CRC ArmyContinental Replacement Center
95CRC ArmyContinental United States Replacement Center
96CRC PharmaceuticalContraction-Relaxation Cycle
97CRC NASA - SpaceContractor Recommended Code
98CRC MedicalContrast Recovery Coefficient
99CRC Armed ForcesControl and Reporting Center
100CRC ControlControl Reporting Centre
101CRC MedicalControlled Release Capsule
102CRC United NationsConvention for Rights of Children
103CRC GovernmentConvention of the Rights of the Child
104CRC United NationsConvention on the Rights of the Child
105CRC ArmyCOOP Response Cell
106CRC Companies or OrganizationsCooper Rubber Company
107CRC US GovernmentCooperative Research Centre
108CRC AircraftCoordinating Research Council
109CRC ForumCorporate Researchers Conference
110CRC UncategorizedCorrectional Reception Center
111CRC Occupation & PositionsCorrosion Reaction Consultants
122CRC AthleticsCortez Race Committee
123CRC NASA - SpaceCost Reduction Curve
124CRC BusinessCosta Rica Colon
125CRC CurrencyCosta Rican Colon
126CRC EducationalCosumnes River College
127CRC MedicalCreatinine Clearance
128CRC MortgageCredit Reporting Company
129CRC BankingCredit Risk Control
130CRC MilitaryCrisis Response Center
131CRC Normal BusinessCustomer Relations Center
132CRC HobbyCustoms, Rods, and Classics
133CRC EducationalCuug Resource Centre
134CRC TechnologyCyclic Redundancy Check
158CRC EngineeringCyclic Redundancy Checking
159CRC EngineeringCyclic Redundancy Code
160CRC UncategorizedCyclic Reundancy Check
161CRC UncategorizedCyclical Redundancy Checking
162CRC NASA - SpaceCyclical Redundancy Coding
163CRC FunnyCynical Redundancy Check
164CRC Airport CodeSanta Ana Airport
165CRC EnvironmentalSociety Recycling Centre
166CRC SocietySociety Resources Center
167CRC PlasticsThe Chemical Rubber Company

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CRC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CRC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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