CRS Full Form

CRS Full Form

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CRS Full Form

The term CRS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant –

CRS Full Form is – Common Reporting Standard

CRS is an international benchmark for the automated exchange of financial account details.

The objective of CRS will be to restrict the chances for taxpayers to bypass reporting.
The Common Reporting Standard’s main intention will be to ascertain and explain the private financial information that has to be shared about assets, income, and taxable quantities across global boundaries. The CRS defines the information needed to be shared, so the financial institutions must document the varieties of people who are subject to data exchange and defines the processes that financial institutions need to follow.
CRS initially came into use in 2017, and each year additional nations start sharing information.

CRS – Commission of Railway Safety

CRS is an administration commission of India and subordinate to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. According to the Railways Act, 1989, the Commission is the Railway Safety Authority in India. The office examines a wide range of genuine rail mishaps. CRS has its administrative centre at the Northeast Railway Compound in Lucknow. The CRS is going by the Chief Railway Safety Commissioner (CCRS) in Lucknow.

What Does CRS Stands For?

CRS stands for – Common Reporting Standard and Commission of Railway Safety

All Full Forms of CRS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CRS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCRS Full Form
1CRS UncategorizedCable Recovery Service
2CRS EducationalCambridge Reference Sequence
3CRS US GovernmentCampaign Reporting System
4CRS PharmaceuticalcAMP-responsive elements
5CRS EducationalCampus Recreation Services
6CRS EducationalCampus Reservation System
7CRS UncategorizedCandidate Referral Service
8CRS InternetCan't Remember S..
9CRS SlangCan't Remember Sh..t.
10CRS NASA - SpaceCan't Remember Squat
11CRS Internet - ChatCan't Remember Stuff
12CRS AthleticsCarbon Race Series
13CRS Pharmaceuticalcare record service
14CRS Companies or OrganizationsCarolina Restoration Services
15CRS NYSE SymbolsCarpenter Technology Corporation
16CRS Information TechnologyCarrier Router System
17CRS TransportationCarrier Routing System
18CRS AccountingCash Recycling System
19CRS PharmaceuticalCatheter-Related Sepsis
20CRS GuatemalanCatholic Relief Service
21CRS Voluntary OrganizationCatholic Relief Services
22CRS PharmaceuticalCaudal Regression Syndrome
23CRS PharmaceuticalCell Regeneration System
24CRS Information TechnologyCell Relay Service
25CRS MedicalCenter for Reproductive Science
26CRS UncategorizedCenter for Resource Solutions
27CRS FBI FilesCentral Records System
28CRS UncategorizedCentral Referral System
29CRS TransportationCentral Reservation System
30CRS UncategorizedCentral Reservations System
31CRS Aircraft & AviationCertificate Release to Service
32CRS Information TechnologyCertificate Retrieval System
33CRS Occupation & PositionsCertified Residential Specialist
34CRS ResidentialCertified Residential Specialists
35CRS Certifications & DiplomasCertified Resource Specialist
36CRS ArmyChairman's Readiness System
37CRS UncategorizedChapter Relations and Standards
38CRS Information TechnologyCharacter Reference Sheet
39CRS EducationalChemical Reference Substances
40CRS AthleticsChicago Racing Series
41CRS Local - CountriesChild Restraint System
42CRS TransportationChild Restraint Systems
43CRS PharmaceuticalChildren's Rehabilitative Services
44CRS PharmaceuticalChinese restaurant syndrome
45CRS Information TechnologyCho Ren Sha
46CRS Voluntary OrganizationChristian Relief Services
47CRS LocalChristian Religious Services
48CRS LocalChristian Religious System
49CRS Information TechnologyChronic Reloading Syndrome
50CRS PharmaceuticalChronic Rhinosinusitis
51CRS PharmaceuticalCircadian Regulatory Sequence
52CRS Normal BusinessClaim Rated Scale
54CRS EducationalCleveland Restoration Society
55CRS UncategorizedClient Relationship Summary
56CRS PharmaceuticalClinical Rehabilitation Sciences
57CRS PharmaceuticalClinical Reporting System
58CRS PharmaceuticalClinical Research and Statistics
59CRS PharmaceuticalClinical Risk Score
60CRS Information TechnologyCluster Ready Server
61CRS NASA - SpaceCO2 Reduction Subsystem
62CRS GovernmentalCoarse
63CRS Local - RailwayCoast Rail Services
64CRS ArmyCoastal Radio Station
65CRS UncategorizedCoastal Reprographic Services
66CRS Occupation & PositionsCognitive Retraining Specialist
67CRS ProductsCold Rolled Steel
68CRS JuridicalColorado Revised Statutes
69CRS Pharmaceuticalcolorectal surgery
70CRS MusicColumbia Rhythm Section
71CRS PharmaceuticalComa Recovery Scale
72CRS ArmyCombat Recon Soldier
73CRS EducationalCombinatory Reduction System
74CRS ArmyCombined Reconnaissance System
75CRS ArmyCombined Reporting System
76CRS Local StatesCombined Revenue System
77CRS UncategorizedCommercial Refrigeration Specialists
78CRS Normal BusinessCommercial Rental Space
79CRS UncategorizedCommercial Resupply Service
80CRS UncategorizedCommercial Resupply Services
81CRS UncategorizedCommodity Related Saving
82CRS BusinessCommon Reporting Standard
83CRS UncategorizedCommon Reporting Standards
84CRS JuridicalCommonwealth Record Series
85CRS ArmyCommunications Relay Set
86CRS Film CensorshipSociety Rating System
87CRS SocietySociety Recovery Services
88CRS PharmaceuticalSociety Rehabilitation Services
89CRS US GovernmentSociety Relations Service
90CRS SocietySociety Renewal Society
91CRS PharmaceuticalComparative Respiratory Society
92CRS EducationalComplete Residue System
93CRS Aircraft & AviationCompliance Record System
94CRS UncategorizedComprehensive Ranking System
95CRS PharmaceuticalComprehensive Rehabilitation Services
96CRS UncategorizedComprehensive Retail Solutions
97CRS EducationalComprehensive, Representative, or Selective
98CRS UncategorizedCompressed Row Storage
99CRS Normal BusinessComputer Readable Service
100CRS ComputingComputer Repair Shop
101CRS ComputingComputer Repair Software
102CRS Information TechnologyComputer Reservation System
103CRS ComputingComputer Reservation Systems
104CRS ComputingComputer Reservations System
105CRS EducationalComputerized Registration System
106CRS TransportationComputerized Reservation System
107CRS Information TechnologyConfiguration Report Server
108CRS PharmaceuticalCongenital Rubella Syndrome
109CRS US GovernmentCongressional Record Service
110CRS ArmyCongressional Research Service
111CRS UncategorizedConsistent Reliable Service
112CRS AccountingConstant Returns to Scale
113CRS Companies or OrganizationsConsumer Recreation Services
114CRS ArmyContainer Recovery System
115CRS FDA AdministrationContamination Response System
116CRS UncategorizedContingent Resource Solutions
117CRS ContractorsContractors Rental Supply
118CRS Normal BusinessContracts and Rebates System
119CRS EducationalControlled Release Society
120CRS UncategorizedCoordinate Reference System
121CRS ArmyCoordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization
122CRS UncategorizedCore Rule Set
123CRS Information TechnologyCornored Rat Software
124CRS EducationalCorporate Responsbilities for Society
125CRS EducationalCorrect Relation Selection
126CRS ArmyCorrectional Reporting System
127CRS Local - Airport CodesCorsicana Airport, Corsicana, USA
128CRS UncategorizedCosmic Ray Subsystem
129CRS UncategorizedCost Reduction Strategy
130CRS CouncilCouncil of Residential Specialists
131CRS NASA - SpaceCounter Rotation Scanner
132CRS UncategorizedCountry Radio Seminar
133CRS NASA - SpaceCouRSe
134CRS Pharmaceuticalcraniosynostosis
135CRS Voluntary OrganizationCreation Research Society
136CRS UncategorizedCreditor Reporting System
137CRS NASA - SpaceCRosS
138CRS Information TechnologyCrush Recovery System
139CRS London Stock ExchangeCrystal Amber Fund Limited
140CRS UncategorizedCrystal Red shrimp
141CRS UncategorizedCustomer Relationship Summary
142CRS Information TechnologyCustomer Requirement Specification
143CRS PharmaceuticalCutaneous Radiation Syndrome
144CRS Companies or OrganizationsCyber Research Systems
145CRS PharmaceuticalCytokine Release Syndrome
146CRS UncategorizedReprocessing Services
147CRS Information TechnologyWordPerfect 5.1 File Conversion Resource

CRS Full Form in Banking

Common Reporting Standard

CRS Full Form in Railway

Commission of Railway Safety

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