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CSO Full Form: What Does CSO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CSO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CSO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CSO.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of CSO or abbreviation of CSO related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible CSO Full Form and it’s meanings here.

CSO Full Form

The term CSO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CSO Full Form is – Chief Security Officer

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is the employee of the company, who is responsible for the physical security of a company, which includes its communications and business systems. The CSO’s job is to protect people, assets, infrastructure and technology. An asset may be a digital asset, such as software or intellectual property, or it may be a financial instrument, such as a business document or currency. This asset can also include a physical asset such as a building, a shipping container or an electronic device.

The CSO provides the necessary executive leadership to identify, evaluate and prioritize risk and direct all efforts related to safety and security. A primary responsibility of every CSO is to understand which assets to protect and how to protect them. As the CSO is involved in both business and technical aspects of security, it is likely to be involved in planning and managing disaster recovery.

CSO – Central Statistics Office

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is a government agency in India under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation in India responsible for coordinating statistical activities in India and developing and maintaining statistical standards. It has a well equipped graphical unit. CSO is based in Delhi. Part of industrial statistics is related to the annual survey of industries in Calcutta. It deals with statistical data of various departments.


The Central Statistics Office is responsible for coordinating the statistical activities in the country, and developing and maintaining statistical standards. Its activities include national income accounting; Industry, economic censors and its follow-up survey, compilation of industrial production index as well as consumer price index to provide training in urban non-manual employees, human development statistics, gender statistics, official statistics, in five years. Planning work related to the development of statistics in states and union territories; Dissemination of statistical information, work related to statistics of trade, energy, construction and environment, revision of national industrial classification etc., has two publications: 1. Statistical Summary- InIndia (Annual) 2. Monthly Summary of Statistics

CSO Full Form in Banking

Customer Service Officer

Customer Service Officer answers customer questions through a various media like telephone call, online chats or email.

CSO Full Form in Economics

Central Statistics Office

CSO Full Form in Company

Chief Security Officer

What Does CSO Stand For?

CSO stands for – Chief Security Officer and Central Statistics Office

What is Full Forms of CSO

Now, below is the list of All Full form of CSO from various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryCSO Full Form
1CSOOilfieldCapital Staff Overhead
2CSOOilCar Seal Open
3CSOPipingCar Sealed Open
4CSOEngineeringCar Seat Only
5CSOMiscellaneousCar Seat Organizer
6CSOCareerCareer Services Office
7CSOCareerCareer Services Online
8CSOPolice ForceCasetrack Support Officer
9CSOAirlineCasino Airline
10CSOOptimizationCat Swarm Optimization
11CSOMiscellaneousCelebrity Scratch Off
12CSOGenomicsCell System Ontology
13CSOEducationalCenter for Science Outreach
14CSOArmyCenter for Special Operations
15CSOOrganizationsCentral Selling Organisation
16CSOComputingCentral Services Organization
17CSOLocal-StatesCentral States of Omaha
18CSOEducational-StatisticsCentral Statistic Office
19CSOUS GovernmentCentral Statistical Office
20CSONutrition ScienceCentral Statistical Organization
21CSOStatisticsCentral Statistics Office
22CSOEducational-StatisticsCentral Statistics Ofice
23CSOEducationalCentral Student Outreach
24CSONutritionCertified Specialist in Oncology
25CSOMusicCharleston Symphony Orchestra
26CSOMusicCharlotte Symphony Orchestra
27CSOSchoolsCharter Schools Office
28CSOEducational-StudentsChartered Student Organizations
29CSOMusicChattanooga Symphony Orchestra
30CSOSecurityCheif Security Officer
31CSOMusicChicago Symphony Orchestra
34CSOGarmentChief Executive Officer
35CSOGeodesyChief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer
36CSOTransportationChief Safety Officer
37CSOOccupation & PositionsChief Sales Officer
38CSOMiscellaneousChief Scapegoat Officer
39CSOTeachingChief Schools Officer
40CSOScienceChief Science Officer
41CSOOccupation & PositionsChief Scientific Officer
42CSOBusinessChief Security Officers
43CSONASAChief Security Official
44CSOArmyChief Signal Officer
45CSOComputingChief Sourcing Officer
46CSOMilitaryChief Strategy Officer
47CSOMiscellaneous-FunniesChief Stress Officer
48CSOMiscellaneousChief Sustainability Officers
49CSOChemistryChitosan Oligosaccharide
50CSOPharmaceuticalChlamydia Screening Office
51CSOChurchChristian Science Organization
52CSOLocalChristian Science Organizations
53CSOMusicCincinnati Symphony Orchestra
54CSOSocietyCitizen Support Organization
55CSOGovernmentCivic Society Organization
56CSONutritionCivil Society Organisation
57CSOSocietyCivil Society Organisations
58CSOVoluntary OrganizationCivil Society Organization
59CSOVoluntary OrganizationCivil society organizations
60CSOLaw EnforcementCJIS Systems Officer
61CSOMedicalClarified Slurry Oil
62CSOMusicCleveland Symphony Orchestra
63CSOCriminologyClient Service Officer
64CSOMedicalClinical and Support Options
65CSOMedicalClinical Support Options
66CSOArmyClosely-Spaced Objects
67CSOClubsClub Safeguarding Officer
68CSOMiscellaneousCoastal States Organization
69CSOProductsCoated Side Out
70CSOTechnologyCognizant Secretarial Officer
71CSOComputingCognizant Security Office
72CSOTechnologyCold Start Only
73CSOMiscellaneousCollaboration Support Office
74CSOPharmaceuticalCollege of Syntonic Optometry
75CSOGovernmentalColonial Secretary's Office
76CSOMedia CenterColor Separation Overlay
77CSOMusicColorado Symphony Orchestra
78CSODoctorColour Separation Overlay
79CSOMusicColumbus Symphony Orchestra
80CSOMilitaryCombat Systems Officer
81CSOArmyCombat Systems Officers
82CSOChemistryCombined Sewage Overflow
83CSOMiscellaneousCombined Sewer Outflow
84CSOSocietyCombined Sewer Overflow
85CSOMiscellaneousCommercial Solutions Opening
86CSOMiscellaneousCommercial Stakeholder Organisation
87CSOBusinessCommissioners Standard Ordinary
88CSOCouncilCommittee of Senior Officials
89CSOMiscellaneousCommon Scientific Outline
91CSOMedicalCommon Source Outbreak
92CSOArmyCommunications Service Order
93CSOArmyCommunications Support Organization
94CSOGovernmentCommunity Safety Officer
95CSOGovernmentCommunity Service Obligation
96CSOPoliceCommunity Service Officer
97CSOCommunityCommunity Service Organisation
98CSOLaw EnforcementCommunity Services Officer
99CSOGovernmentCommunity Support Officer
100CSOOfficerCommunity Support Officers
101CSOComputer SecurityCompany Security Officer
102CSOTechnologyCompany Security Officers
103CSOMilitaryCompetitive Sourcing Official
104CSOOilComplete Seal Off
105CSOOilfieldComplete Shut-off
106CSOSecurityComponent Security Officer
107CSOMiscellaneousComponents and Supply Operations
108CSOTechnologyComposite Second Order
109CSOComputing-File ExtensionsCompressed ISO file
110CSOTechnologyComputer Security Object
111CSONuclearComputer Security Office
112CSOComputingComputer Security Officer
113CSONASA - SpaceComputer Security Official
114CSOComputingComputer Service Organization
115CSOComputing-General ComputingComputer Systems Operation
116CSOTechnologyComputing Services Office
117CSOMedicalConcerned Significant Other
118CSODepartmentConflict and Stabilization Operations
119CSOGovernmentCongressional Staff Organization
120CSOLocal RailroadConnecticut Southern Railroad
121CSOCertifications & DiplomasConstruction Safety Officer
122CSOCardConstruction Site Operative
123CSOFDA AdministrationConsumer Safety Officer
124CSOMiscellaneousContent Standards and Objectives
125CSOMiscellaneousContour Segmentation Objects
126CSOResearchContract Safety Organization
127CSOSaleContract Sales Organization
128CSOUS GovernmentContract Standing Order
129CSOLaw EnforcementControlled Substance Offense
130CSOMedicalCoronary Sinus Ostium
131CSOSecurityCorporate Security Officer
132CSOEducational-ChemistryCorrect Solution Only
133CSOEducational-UniversitiesCorrect Solutions Only
134CSOCouncilCouncil for Student Organizations
135CSOGamingCounter Strike Online
136CSOJuridicalCourt Service Online
137CSOJuridicalCourt Services Officer
138CSOMiscellaneousCredit Services Organization
139CSOMilitaryCritical Skills Operator
140CSOAircraftCustomer Service Office
141CSOMiscellaneousCustomer Service Officer
142CSOBusinessCustomer Service Operations
143CSOMiscellaneousCustomer Service Order
144CSOOccupation & PositionsCustomer Services Officer
145CSOMiscellaneousCustomer Support Organization
146CSOTechnologyCycles Since Overhaul

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CSO. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CSO? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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