CSP Full Form

CSP Full Form: What Does CSP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CSP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CSP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CSP.

CSP Full Form

The term CSP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CSP Full Form is – Customer Service Point

Customer Service Point (CSP) is a preferred supplier of customer experience management programs and solutions for research on market research. In India, Customer Service Point (CSP) is also known as a Grahak Seva Kendra.

A Customer Center is a kind of mini-bank. It was open today in many villages in India. In the customer service centre, we get the same services as the Bank. CSP is designed for those who do not like to go out on remote banks or bank is far away from their home. (CSP) If you also want to open Customer Service Point or Grahak Seva Kendra, it’s straightforward, so you do not have to be trained enough; only the knowledge must also be there.CSP is also called Mini Bank.

Many villages in India have no bank; due to this, villagers have to face many problems. That’s why The Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi has initiated the main plant of Grahak Seva Kendra.

How to open a Customer Service Point? If you would like to open a CSP, you may need to take two ways to open a Customer Service Point. You can directly contact the nearest Bank to open CSP or many third-party companies, which helps you set up the CSP centre.

Many villagers have to travel many kilometres to get the benefit of banking services. In such rural areas, banks provide banking facilities by opening mini bank points – Grahak Seva Kendra (CSP). The Customer Service Center (CSP) is like a mini bank. Bank related facilities are provided here. In these facilities, many services are provided like opening a bank account, deposit and withdraw money, transferring fund. With these, there are also other services are offered like RD, FD and insurance.

CSP Full Form in Police

Full Form of CSP in Police is – Chief Superintendent of Police

What Does CSP Stand For?

CSP stands for – Content Security Policy

CSP stands for Content Security Policy, and it is a series of directives that tell the browser about the content sources that are trusted source and which are not trusted so that non-trusted source can be blocked. You can restrict browser content using carefully specified policies to exclude several typical attack vectors and dramatically reduce the chance of an XSS attack.

MNC Full Form

What is Full Forms of CSP

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CSP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCSP Full Form
1CSPInformation TechnologyC Server Pages
2CSPNormal BusinessCable Service Provider
3CSPInformation TechnologyCache Server Pages
5CSPGovernmentalCalendar of State Papers
6CSPEducationalCalifornia Society of Pathologists
9CSPLocal - CountriesCamp Service Project
10CSPEngineeringCanadian Softwood Plywood
11CSPAthleticsCanadian Sport Policy
12CSPPharmaceuticalCancer Surveillance Program
13CSPPharmaceuticalCarotid Sinus Pressure
14CSPArmyCauseway Section, Powered
15CSPHealthCell Surface Protein
16CSPGovernmentCentral Scotland Police
17CSPArmyCentral Service Point
18CSPAstronomyCentral Signal Processor
19CSPGovernmentalCentral Superior Services
20CSPComputingCertificate Service Provider
21CSPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Home Stager
22CSPOccupation & PositionsCertified Safety Professional
23CSPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Sales Professional
24CSPAgileCertified Scrum Professional
25CSPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Service Providers
26CSPCertifications & DiplomasCertified Snow Professional
27CSPOccupation & PositionsCertified Speaking Professional
28CSPOccupation & PositionsCertified Staffing Professional
29CSPBusinessCertified Staging Professional
30CSPComputingCertified Systems Professional
31CSPPharmaceuticalCervical Screening Program
34CSPMedicalCervical screening programme
35CSPMedia CenterCharacter Sheet Page
36CSPEducationCharter Schools Program
37CSPProfessional OrganizationsChartered Society of Physiotherapy
38CSPBusinessChase Sapphire Preferred
39CSPEducationalChemical Shift Perturbation
40CSPEducationalChemical Shift Perturbations
41CSPAcademic & ScienceChesapeake Science Point
42CSPClothingChest Stripe Polo
43CSPIndiaChhattisgarhi Samaj Party
44CSPLocal StatesChild Services Protection
45CSPJuridicalChild Support Payment
46CSPPharmaceuticalChildren?s Services Plan
47CSPGovernmentalChina Synergy Program
48CSPTechnologyChip Scale Package
49CSPInformation TechnologyChip Scale Packaging
50CSPInformation TechnologyChipset Support Package
51CSPChemistryChiral Stationary Phase
52CSPPharmaceuticalChlamydia Screening Programme
53CSPLocalChristian Service Projects
54CSPInternet - ChatChronically Serious People
55CSPUS GovernmentCivil Service Preparation
56CSPPharmaceuticalClan Skin Package
57CSPInformation TechnologyClan Strength Project
58CSPBusinessClassification Settlement Program
59CSPEnvironmentalClean Ship Program
60CSPInformation TechnologyClient Server Protocol
61CSPUncategorizedClient Support Professional
62CSPUncategorizedClip Studio Paint
63CSPOccupation & PositionsClosed Skill Performance
64CSPTechnologyCloud Service Provider
65CSPMicrosoftCloud Solution Provider
66CSPToastmastersClub Success Plan
67CSPInformation TechnologyCluster Server Package
68CSPVoluntary OrganizationCoalition to Save the Preserves
69CSPAcademic & ScienceCoffee Skills Program
70CSPChemistryCold Shock Protein
71CSPPulp And PaperCold Soda Pulping
72CSPEducationalCollege Student Personnel
73CSPEducationalCollege Success Program
74CSPArmyCombat Simulator Project
75CSPAthleticsComfortable Starting Pitch
76CSPArmyCommence Search Point
77CSPEducationalCommercial Statistical Plan
78CSPComputingCommercial Subroutine Package
79CSPEngineeringCommon Sensor Payload
80CSPMedicalCommon Spatial Pattern
81CSPBusinessCommunicating for a Stronger Partnership
82CSPInformation TechnologyCommunicating Sequential Processes
83CSPTechnologyCommunication Service Provider
84CSPInformation TechnologyCommunications Service Provider
85CSPCriminalCommunity Safety Partnership
86CSPGovernmentCommunity Science Program
87CSPMedicalCommunity Services Plan
88CSPMedicalCommunity Support Program
89CSPProductsCompact Strip Production
91CSPMedicalCompetence-Stimulating Peptide
92CSPCompanies or OrganizationsCompetitive Sealed Proposal
93CSPInformation TechnologyCompletely Self-Protected
94CSPMicrobiologyCompounded Sterile Preparation
95CSPComputingCompuCom Speed Protocol
96CSPUncategorizedCompulsive Skin Picking
97CSPChemistryComputational Singular Perturbation
98CSPComputingComputer Science Principles
99CSPCybersecurityComputer Security Plan
100CSPProfessional OrganizationsComputer Society of Pakistan
101CSPNASA - SpaceComputer Support Program
102CSPEnergyConcentrated Solar Power
103CSPEducationalConcentrating Solar Plants
104CSPEnvironmentalConcentrating Solar Power
105CSPConstructionConcrete Surface Profile

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CSP. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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