CTS Full Form

CTS Full Form: What Does CTS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CTS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CTS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CTS.

CTS Full Form

The term CTS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CTS Full Form is – Cheque Truncation System

India’s Check Truncation System (CTS) is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) project that began in 2010 to speed up check clearing.

Check Truncation means stopping the physical check from the drawer to the payer branch. The physical tool will be cut off at a certain location at the payee branch, and the electronic image of the check will be sent to the payee branch along with relevant information (such as the MICR field, issuance date, issuing bank, etc.). This will eliminate the need to transfer physical tools across branches, except for special circumstances, thereby effectively reducing check payment time, related transportation costs and processing delays, etc., thereby speeding up the process of receiving or cashing checks.

Starting from January 1, 2019, all non-CTC check will not be cleared by bank. Most banks, including SBI and PNB, have already notified customers of this move.

What are non-CTS and CTS-2010 checkbooks?

Books that do not contain CTS-2010 inspection leaves are called non-CTS inspection books. According to bank experts, CTS-2010 inspections have some common security features and standardized on-site placement, and can realize image-based inspection processing through optical/image character recognition technology, which does not exist in non-CTS inspections.

What are the benefits of CTS Cheque Book?

Faster collection process can bring better customer service, and reduce the risk of losing tools in transit and the usual inspection and settlement related issues. Even if the receiving bank and the paying bank are located in different cities, as long as the two bank branches are both Being within the same CTS grid, there will be no external check collection fees or speed settlement fees.

The check replaces the existing non-CTS PDC.

The clearing of bank checks will become faster. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated in its sixth bimonthly monetary policy statement on Thursday that it will implement a check cutoff system (CTS) nationwide by September 2020.

In CTS, the image of the check is captured at the prompt bank level. It is then transmitted to the clearing house first, and then to the payer branch. Each image has a digital signature from the demo bank, and the authenticity of the captured image has been checked multiple times.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, cheque truncation speeds up cheque collection, thereby enhancing customer service, narrowing the scope of related fraud, minimizing the cost of cheque collection, reducing reconciliation issues, and eliminating logistics issues, and many more.

In the older system, check whether the customer’s gift is sent to the clearing house, then sort it, and send a physical copy to the payer branch. After completing this process, the bank will issue credit to the customer.

What is CTS Company Full Form

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What is CTS Full Form in Cognizant

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What is CTS Cheque Full Form

Cheque Truncation System

What Does CTS Stand For?

CTS stands for – Cheque Truncation System

What Does CTS Stand For Cadillac

CTS Stand For Cadillac is – Cognizant Technology Solutions

FPS Full Form

What is Full Forms of CTS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CTS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCTS Full Form
1CTSNYSE SymbolsC T S Corporation
2CTSShipping & SailingCadet Training Ship
3CTSTransportationCadillac Touring Sedan
5CTSTransportationCadillac Touring Sport
6CTSMedicalCalifornia Teachers Study
9CTSInformation TechnologyCall Center Ticket System
10CTSNormal BusinessCall The Shots
11CTSInformation TechnologyCall Tracking System
12CTSUS GovernmentCanada Treaty Series
13CTSNASA - SpaceCanadian Technology Satellite
14CTSMedicalCanadian Thoracic Society
15CTSPoliticsCandidate Tracking System
16CTSManufacturingCapability Test Segment
17CTSPharmaceuticalCardio-Thoracic Surgery
18CTSEducationalCareer Technology Studies
19CTSCompanies or OrganizationsCarmichael Training Systems
20CTSMedicalCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
21CTSUncategorizedCascade Training Series
22CTSAccountingCash To Spend
23CTSCarCatera Touring Sedan
24CTSCatholicCatholic Truth Society
25CTSLocalCelebrate The Spirit
26CTSPharmaceuticalCell Therapy Systems
27CTSEducationalCell Transplant Society
28CTSVoluntary OrganizationCenter for Traffic Statistics
29CTSTransportationCenter for Transportation Studies
30CTSTransportationCentral Travel Summary
31CTSCertifications & DiplomasCertified Tax Specialist
34CTSOccupation & PositionsCertified Technology Specialist
35CTSOccupation & PositionsCertified Temporary Specialist
36CTSOccupation & PositionsCertified Temporary Staffing
37CTSOccupation & PositionsCertified Trauma Specialist
38CTSUncategorizedChain And Triangle Survey
39CTSTechnologyChange and Transport System
40CTSUncategorizedChange Table for Statutes
41CTSInternet SlangChange The Subject
42CTSArmyChange Tracking System
43CTSInternet - ChatChanging The Subject
44CTSAutomotiveCharge Temperature Switch
45CTSBankingCheque Truncation System
46CTSCompanies or OrganizationsChicago Telephone Service
47CTSCompanies or OrganizationsChicago Telephone Supply
48CTSUncategorizedChicago Theological Seminary
49CTSProductsChild Transport System
50CTSJurisprudenceChildren's Television Standards
51CTSCompanies or OrganizationsChina Travel Service
52CTSMedia CenterChinese Television System
53CTSUncategorizedChrist the Shepherd
54CTSLocalChristian Team Server
55CTSLocalChristian Theological Seminary
56CTSUncategorizedCincinnati Test Systems
57CTSUncategorizedCincinnati Thermal Spray
58CTSMedicalCircadian Times
59CTSMedicalCircadian Timing System
60CTSEducationalClassroom Technology Services
61CTSTechnologyClear to Send
62CTSTechnologyClick Through Rate
63CTSMedicalClinical and Translational Science
64CTSPharmaceuticalClinical Technical Support
65CTSMedicalClinical Trial Simulation
66CTSPharmaceuticalClinical Trial Studies
67CTSInformation TechnologyCluster Testing System
68CTSIt CompanyCoffee Tea and Snacks
69CTSIt CompanyCoffee, Tea and Snacks
70CTSEducationalCognitive Technology Society
71CTSMedicalCognitive Therapy Scale
72CTSInformation TechnologyCognizant Technology Solutions
73CTSUncategorizedCollaborative Testing Services
74CTSMedicalCollaborative Transplant Study
75CTSUncategorizedColor Temperature Straw
76CTSRAFCombat Training School
77CTSArmyCombat Training Squadron
78CTSEngineeringCombat Training System
79CTSUncategorizedCombined Tactical Systems
80CTSStock ExchangeCombined Trading System
81CTSNASA - SpaceCommercial To Space
82CTSArmyCommodity Tracking System
83CTSTransportationCommodity Transportation Survey
84CTSArmyCommon Targeting System
85CTSTechnologyCommon Type System
86CTSUncategorizedCommon Types System
87CTSInformation TechnologyCommunication Technology Services
88CTSInformation TechnologyCommunication Terminal Synchronous
89CTSNASA - SpaceCommunications and Tracking System
91CTSEducationalCommunications Technology Satellite
92CTSMedicalCommunity Tracking Study
93CTSTransportationCompact Touring Sedan
94CTSUncategorizedCompatibility Test Suite
95CTSMedicalComplementary Therapies
96CTSInformation TechnologyComplete Technology Solutions
97CTSTechnologyCompliance Tracking System
98CTSInformation TechnologyComponent Transaction Server
99CTSPharmaceuticalCompulsive Travellers Syndrome
100CTSMedicalComputed Tomographies
101CTSForumComputer and Technology Showcase
102CTSLaw EnforcementComputer Technology Services
103CTSNASA - SpaceComputer Test Set
104CTSComputer SecurityComputerized Telephone System
105CTSNASA - SpaceComputerized Training System
106CTSArmyConflict Tactic Scale
107CTSViolenceConflict Tactics Scale
108CTSEngineeringConformance Test Suite
109CTSTechnologyConformance Test System
110CTSMedicalCongenital Tracheal Stenosis
111CTSInformation TechnologyConnected Technology Solutions
122CTSSchoolsConnecting the Schools
123CTSMedicalConnective Tissue Sheath
124CTSInformation TechnologyConsolidated Tape System
125CTSInformation TechnologyConsolidated Technology Services
126CTSInformation TechnologyConsolidated Telecom Services
127CTSJurisprudenceConsolidated Treaty Series
128CTSConstructionConstruction Testing Service
129CTSArmyContact Test Set
130CTSUncategorizedContainer Terminal Salzburg
131CTSEducationalContinental Theological Seminary
132CTSEducationalConvert Texture Sequence
133CTSEducationalCoolant Temperature Sensor
134CTSCoolantCoolant Temperature Switch
158CTSProductsCopper Tube Size
159CTSInformation TechnologyCordless Telephone System
160CTSCompanies or OrganizationsCordless Tools Store
161CTSUncategorizedCore Text Search
162CTSCommunityCorporate Training Solutions
163CTSInternational BusinessCorporate Translation Services
164CTSTransportationCorporate Transportation Specialist
165CTSFDA AdministrationCorrespondence Tracking System
166CTSUncategorizedCorvallis Transit System
167CTSTechnologyCosmic Top Secret
168CTSSupply ChainCost To Serve
169CTSGovernmentCountermeasure Tracking Systems
170CTSArmyCourse To Steer
171CTSMedicalCracked Tooth Syndrome
172CTSUncategorizedCredit for Time Served
173CTSNASACrew Transportation System
174CTSLaw EnforcementCriminal Tracking System
175CTSEducationalCritical Thinking Skills
176CTSEducationalCross Table Sampling
177CTSMedia CenterCrossroads Television System
178CTSTransportationCubic Transportation Systems
179CTSUncategorizedCunningham Trading Systems
180CTSNormal BusinessCustomer and Trading Support
181CTSProductsCylinder Tine Separation

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CTS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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