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DBS Full Form

DBS Full Form: What Does DBS Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of DBS is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of DBS but also get detailed information about DBS. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does DBS stand for?

DBS Full Form

The term DBS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

DBS Full Form is – Development Bank of Singapore

DBS bank is a financial giant that actively operates in the Asian banking market.

Innovative technologies, a flexible approach to working with clients, a focus on brand awareness, and improving the quality of its services allowed the bank to reach the TOP of Asian corporations quickly.

Although it should be noted that this path was not so easy – DBS bank went through many reforms before choosing the best strategy for its development.

Undoubtedly, DBS bank Singapore will soon be able to compete with the world leaders.

DBS Bank is currently a leading banking group in Singapore, but throughout Asia, with more than 200 branches in the leading countries of the region. DBS Bank should still be considered a Singapore bank since it began its development precisely from this territory, and its head office is also located here.

DBS Bank Full Form

DBS Bank Full Form is – Development Bank of Singapore

What Does DBS Stand For?

DBS stands for – Development Bank of Singapore

DBS Financial Group is the banking industry leader in the Singapore financial space, with more than four million customers. DBS Bank is also strengthening its position in three leading regions in Asia, namely China, Japan, and India.

The stability of the bank’s capital and high credit ratings from independent banking rating organizations allow the bank in the last period, starting from 2009, to be the most stable and safe bank for clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The DBS financial group began its history at the end of 1968 when the Development Bank of Singapore was established. The created bank was, in a way, a catalyst for the economic development of Singapore in the first years of the country’s independence, providing loans on favorable terms for clients. At first, the bank’s clients were small and medium-sized industrialists, financiers, ordinary citizens of Singapore, who later became the backbone of the country’s economic might.

Back in 2009, DBS was among the outsiders, and in 2016 it became the best digital bank in the world, according to the British magazine Euromoney.

In 2017, DBS offered its services to Indian residents with the launch of the Digibank app. The bank ditched branches, focusing on improving the AI-based mobile service. This allows Digibank to scale across the entire subcontinent with little or no additional investment.

Headquartered in Singapore, DBS serves over 10 million customers in 2020 from Greater China (PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.), South and Southeast Asia. The bank works with individuals, corporate clients and offers wealth management services.

DBS has about 280 branches in 18 countries and more than 26 thousand employees. The bank’s net profit for 2018 exceeded $ 4 billion.

The Singapore government established DBS Bank in 1968 to assist in modernizing the country’s economy. The company provided loans and financial assistance to the manufacturing and processing industries.

DBS has contributed to the overall development of the Singapore economy by supporting various tourism schemes. The company also developed projects within the framework of the City Renewal Program. Thus, DBS has played a large role in creating the modern image of the country.

What Does DBS Bank Stand For?

DBS Bank Stands for – Development Bank of Singapore

MPC Full Form

All Full Forms of DBS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DBS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDBS Full Form
1DBSManagementDanaher Business System
2DBSNourishmentDark Brown Sugar
3DBSComputingData Base Server
5DBSInformation TechnologyData Base Specification
6DBSGeographyData Base Specifications
8DBSNASA - SpaceData Base System
9DBSTechnologyDatabase Service
10DBSNYSE SymbolsDebt Strategies Fund, Incorporated
11DBSNursingDecisional Balance Scale
12DBSMedicalDeep Brain Stimulator
13DBSArmyDefault Battle System
14DBSArmyDefence Business Services
15DBSSportDefensive Backs
16DBSPensionDefined Benefit Schemes
17DBSUncategorizedDefinite Booking Sheet
18DBSUncategorizedDelivering Better Service
19DBSNigeriaDelta Broadcasting Service
20DBSComputingDemand Based Switching
21DBSInternet SlangDemand Broadcast System
22DBSPharmaceuticalDemographics Batch Service
23DBSMedicalDental Beliefs Survey
24DBSMedicalDentin Bonding Systems
25DBSBankingDepartment of Banking Supervision
26DBSBusinessDepartment of Business Services
27DBSUncategorizedDetailed Booking Sheet
28DBSBankingDevelopment Bank of Singapore
29DBSLightDichroic Beam Splitter
30DBSChemistryDielectric Breakdown Strength
31DBSTechnologyDigital Broadcast Satellite
34DBSUncategorizedDigital Broadcast System
35DBSComputer SecurityDigital Broadcasting System
36DBSArmyDigitize Battle Skills
37DBSSeminaryDiploma in Biblical Studies
38DBSAccountingDirect Billing Service
39DBSTechnologyDirect Binary Search
40DBSTechnologyDirect Broadcast By Satellite
41DBSTechnologyDirect Broadcast Satellite
42DBSScienceDirect Broadcast Sounder
43DBSArmyDirect Broadcast System
44DBSTechnologyDirect Broadcasting by Satellite
45DBSMedia CenterDirect Broadcasting Satellite
46DBSUncategorizedDirect Broadcasting Service
47DBSRemixDisc Breaks Show
48DBSEducationDisclosure and Barring Service
49DBSServiceDisclosure and Barring Services
50DBSEducationDisclosure Barring Service
51DBSBibleDiscovery Bible Study
52DBSUncategorizedDisplay Block Size
53DBSInformation TechnologyDistributed Base Station
54DBSUncategorizedDiversified Benefit Services
55DBSArmyDivision Battle Simulation
56DBSEducationalDivision of Biological Sciences
57DBSDoctorDoctor of Biblical Studies
58DBSGovernmentalDominion Bureau of Statistics
59DBSInternet - ChatDon't Be Stupid
60DBSUncategorizedDouble Barrel and Sidereal
61DBSPharmaceuticalDouble Blind Study
62DBSEducationalDouble Bottom Ship
63DBSClothingDouble Breasted Suit
64DBSRentalDouble Bunk Set
65DBSEducationalDouble-Blind Study
66DBSUncategorizedDragon Blade Spear
67DBSMedicalDried Blood Spot
68DBSInternet - ChatDrunken Brainless Scum
69DBSBusinessDublin Business School
70DBSCivilizationDutch Bikers Society
71DBSManufacturingDuty Back-up Standby
72DBSCompanies or OrganizationsDye Bindery Service
73DBSEducationalDynamic Bass System
74DBSCarDynamic Brake Support

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about DBS. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than DBS? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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