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DCP Full Form

DCP Full Form

DCP Full Form: What Does DCP Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of DCP but also get detailed information about DCP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does DCP stand for?

DCP Full Form

The term DCP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant DCP Full Form is –

DCP – Deputy Commissioner of police

A DCP is a police, regulatory authority or income tax officer in various nations. Typically positioning underneath the Commissioner, this rank is ordinary in police powers of Commonwealth nations. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) or area judge is the chief top of a managerial sub-unit of a state which is also called as district.

DCP Full Form In Chemical

DCP – Dry Chemical Powder

DCP Full Form in Networking

DCP – Device Control Protocol

What Does DCP Stand For?

DCP stands for – Deputy Commissioner of police

All Full Forms of DCP

Below is the list of full forms of DCP related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDCP Full Form
1DCPMilitaryDamage Control Party
2DCPArmyDamage Control Plate
3DCPUncategorizedDamage Control Protocol
4DCPUncategorizedDamage Controlman Painter
5DCPUncategorizedDangerous Contact Premises
6DCPUncategorizedDanube Cooperation Process
7DCPOphthalmologyDark Channel Prior
8DCPScienceData and Command Processor
9DCPUncategorizedData Card Programmer
10DCPManagementData Center Planner
11DCPEnergyData Center Productivity
12DCPUncategorizedData Center Project
13DCPEnergyData Center Pulse
14DCPSingaporeData Centre Park
15DCPServerData Centre Power
16DCPUncategorizedData Classification Policies
17DCPUncategorizedData Collecting Platform
18DCPLabData Collection and Processing
19DCPEducationalData Collection Package
20DCPControlData Collection Plan
21DCPHydrologyData Collection Platform
22DCPTechnologyData Collection Platforms
23DCPInformation TechnologyData Collection Processor
24DCPComputer ProgramData Collection Program
25DCPTechnologyData Communication Processor
26DCPUncategorizedData Communication Protocol
27DCPComputingData Compression Protocol
28DCPResearchData Curation Profile
29DCPInformation TechnologyDatabase Change Protocol
30DCPUncategorizedDatabase Citation Potential
31DCPTechnologyDatabase Control Point
32DCPUncategorizedDavid Carrier Porcheron
33DCPTechnologyD-Channel Processor
34DCPMedicalDecentralised Procedure
35DCPArmyDecision Coordinating Paper
36DCPUncategorizedDecision Coordination Paper
37DCPPowerDedicated Charging Port
38DCPOphthalmologyDeep Capillary Plexus
39DCPOphthalmologyDeep retinal Capillary Plexus
40DCPEngineeringDefects Correction Period
41DCPArmyDefense Civilian Personnel
42DCPCybersecurityDefense Continuity Program
43DCPMilitaryDefense Cryptological Program
44DCPPlanDeferred Compensation Plan
45DCPOccupation & PositionsDeferred Compensation Program
46DCPStock ExchangeDefined Contribution Plan
47DCPUncategorizedDegree Completion Plans
48DCPMapDegree Confluence Project
49DCPInformation TechnologyDelphi Compiled Package
50DCPUncategorizedDelphi Component Package
51DCPEducationalDelta College Programming
52DCPUncategorizedDemand for Critical Parts
53DCPPoliticsDemocracy Cell Project
54DCPOccupation & PositionsDental Care Professional
55DCPSchoolsDenver Cooperative Preschool
56DCPGovernmentalDepartment for Child Protection (Australia)
57DCPLocal StatesDepartment of City Planning
58DCPUncategorizedDepartment of Consumer Protection
59DCPUncategorizedDepartmental Copier Program
60DCPPhilippineDepletion Compression Platform
61DCPNASA - SpaceDepot Condemnation Percent
62DCPGeodesyDept of City Planning
63DCPPolice ForceDeputy Chief of Police Force
64DCPPolice ForceDeputy Commissioner of Police Force
65DCPCompanies or OrganizationsDerry City Productions
66DCPGastroenterologyDes-gamma-Carboxy Prothrombin
67DCPArmyDetainee Collection Point
68DCPTechnologyDEU Control Program
69DCPUncategorizedDeveloper Controlled Packaging
70DCPMilitaryDevelopment Concept Paper
71DCPCouncilDevelopment Control Plan
72DCPLocal - CountriesDevelopment Cost Plan
73DCPTechnologyDevice Control Protocol
74DCPDermatologyDexamethasone-Cyclophosphamide Pulse
75DCPUncategorizedDi Calcium Phosphate
76DCPMedicalDiabetes Care Profile
77DCPMedicalDiabetes Control Program
78DCPCompanies or OrganizationsDiablo Custom Publishing
79DCPMedicalDibasic Calcium Phosphate
80DCPEducationalDi-Basic Calcium Phosphate
81DCPCompanies or OrganizationsDie Cast Promotions
82DCPEducationalDielectronic Core Polarization
83DCPEducationalDifferential Characteristic Probability
84DCPNourishmentDigestible Crude Protein
85DCPTechnologyDigital Cinema Package
86DCPUncategorizedDigital Cinema Packages
87DCPUncategorizedDigital Cinema Production
88DCPUncategorizedDigital Comics Preservation
89DCPTechnologyDigital Communications Protocol
90DCPConstructionDigital Construction Platform
91DCPUncategorizedDigital Content Portal
92DCPTVDigital Content Producer
93DCPTechnologyDigital Content Protection
94DCPUncategorizedDigital Copier Printer
95DCPInformation TechnologyDigital Copy Permitted
96DCPComputingDigital Light Processing
97DCPTechnologyDigitally Controlled Potentiometers
98DCPUncategorizedDigitally Controlled Presser
99DCPUncategorizedDiocesan Contact person
101DCPPharmaceuticalDiploma in Clinical Pathology
102DCPMedicalDiploma in Clinical Pharmacy
103DCPFarmDirect and Counter-Cyclical Program
104DCPArmyDirect Combat Probability
105DCPChemistryDirect Current Plasma
106DCPBiochemistryDirect Current Polarography
107DCPElectronicsDirect Current Power
108DCPUncategorizedDirectly Connected Participant
109DCPEducationalDisabilities and Computing Program
110DCPRehabilitationDisability Creation Process
111DCPUncategorizedDisable Compare Products
112DCPGovernmentalDisabled Child Premium
113DCPInformation TechnologyDisciplined Convex Programming
114DCPNigeriaDiscovery Cycle Professionals
115DCPPharmaceuticalDisease Control Priorities
116DCPSpringDisney College Program
117DCPCompanies or OrganizationsDisney Consumer Products
118DCPTechnologyDisplay & Control Panel
119DCPInformation TechnologyDisplay Control Panel
120DCPToastmastersDistinguished Club Program
121DCPMilitaryDistributed Collaborative Planning
122DCPTechnologyDistributed Communications Processor
123DCPUncategorizedDistribution Communication Protocol
124DCPInformation TechnologyDistributive Collaboration and Prioritization
125DCPUncategorizedDistrict Capital Partners
126DCPVoluntary OrganizationDistrict Contact Person
127DCPBankingDistrict Credit Plan
128DCPEnvironmentalDiversion Control Program
129DCPFDA AdministrationDivision of Cancer Prevention
130DCPLaw EnforcementDivision of Capitol Police
131DCPEducationalDivision of Chemical Physics
132DCPEducationalDivision of Clinical Psychology
133DCPUncategorizedDivision of Cooperative Programs
134DCPTechnologyD-Link Certified Professional
135DCPArmyDolphin Communication Project
136DCPToxicologyDossier Compliance Platform
137DCPSocietyDowntown Cleveland Partnership
138DCPEducationalDowntown College Prep
139DCPMedicalDried Citrus Pulp
140DCPUncategorizedDrought Contingency Plan
141DCPSanitationDrought Contingency Planning
142DCPMusicDrum Corps Planet
143DCPEducationalDry Chemical Powder
144DCPAutomotiveDual Cam Phasing
145DCPUncategorizedDual Capture Progress
146DCPChemistryDual Circular Polarization
147DCPUncategorizedDual Country Programme
148DCPTechnologyDuplex Central Processor
149DCPUncategorizedDynamic Competitive Positioning
150DCPMedicalDynamic Compression Plate
151DCPUncategorizedDynamic Cone Penetration
152DCPDynamicsDynamic Cone Penetrometer
153DCPUncategorizedDynamic Critical Path

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about DCP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than DCP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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