DIN Full Form

DIN Full Form: What Does DIN Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of DIN is? Then, here you will come to know what Does DIN stand for? Also all possible Full Form of DIN.

DIN Full Form

The term DIN has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

DIN Full Form is – Director Identification Number

The board of directors involved in any privet limited company is given a DIN number. DIN’s full form is Director Identification Number, a number that is unique. Which one director has only one DIN, this number never expires. This number is mandatory for directors of Pvt Ltd Company.

DIN (Director Identification Number) is allotted by the Central Government to a person who willing to become a Director or he is existing director of a company. DIN is an 8-digit unique umber with lifetime validity.

DIN – German Deutsches Institut für Normung

German DIN standard

DIN are technical standards that are developed, adopted and published by the German Institute for Standardization. These norms form the content of a system of technical norms and standards that are only valid in Germany. They are not international. Moreover, such regulations are applied on a voluntary basis in Germany. They also cannot be considered legal regulations. In the future, national standards must be replaced by European (DIN EN) or international (DIN ISO).

DIN standards apply to both connecting elements and electrical parts or organizational methods. These standards are still common in Germany, although the world is moving towards ISO standards. DIN norms still apply for parts that have not been standardized by ISO / EN standards or do not need it.

DIN – from the German Deutsches Institut für Normung – German Institute for Standardization. It was founded in December 1917 in Germany. Over the years of its existence, it changed its name three times – “Committee for Standardization of German Industry”, “German Committee for Standardization”. In 1975, DNA was renamed Deutsches Institut für Normung.

The main task of DIN is to develop normative and technical documentation (specifications, standards, etc.). For this, the institute organizes the work of experts in various fields. The structure includes various manufacturing enterprises, research institutes, research centers, public and private organizations.

Today DIN is one of the leaders in international standardization, it includes 74 committees for the development of standards and other normative documents.

What Does DIN Stand For?

DIN stands for – Director Identification Number

All Full Forms of DIN

Now, here is the complete list of Full-Form DIN.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDIN Full Form
2DIN NYSE SymbolsConsorcio G Grupo Dina SA Convertible Securities
3DINMedicalDamage Inducible
5DINUncategorizedDangerous Incident Notification
6DINGermanDanke Im Nachhinein
9DINGermanDas Ist Norm
10DINUncategorizedData Identification Number
11DINUncategorizedData-Input Line
12DINUncategorizedDate and Institution Name
13DINEducationalDay Into Night
14DINUncategorizedDecision Item Narrative
15DINUncategorizedDeep Interest Network
16DINWW2Defence Information Network
17DINRAFDefence Instructions and Notices
18DINMilitaryDefense Intelligence Network
19DINMilitaryDefense Intelligence Notice
20DINTechnologyDesignee Information Network
21DINMedicalDeutches Institut fur Normung (Germany)
22DINShredderDeutsche Industrial Norm
23DINTechnologyDeutsche Industrial Norms
24DINTechnologyDeutsche Industrie Norm
25DINEngineeringDeutsche Industrie Norm connector
26DINStandardDeutsche Industrie-Norm
27DINSCUBADeutsche Industry Norm
28DINGermanDeutsche Industry Normal
29DINSCUBADeutsches Insitut Fuer Normung
30DINFunnyDeutschland Invented Number
31DINUncategorizedDeveloped Intent of Normality
34DINUncategorizedDevice Identification Number
35DINInternet SlangDidn't
36DINAirportDien Bien Phu Airport
37DINMedicalDigital Imaging Network
39DINHousing & AmenitiesDining Room
40DINRegional - Language CodesDinka
42DINFood & NutritionDINner
44DINChemistryDirect Injection Nebulizer
45DINCompanyDirector Identification Number
46DINMedicalDisability Italian Network
47DINNon-Profit OrganizationsDisabled In Need
48DINEnvironmental HealthDissolved Inorganic N
49DINChemistryDissolved Inorganic Nitrogen
50DINUS GovernmentDivorce In the Netherlands
51DIN Companies & OrganizationsDixie Information Network
52DINMilitaryDo It Now
53DINMedicalDoctors' Independent Network
54DINUS GovernmentDocument Identification Number
55DINDrugDrug Identification Number
56DINMedicalDuctal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
57DINFunnyDudes In Noir
58DINIso MemberGermany
59DINUncategorizedIs Noise

CBT Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about DIN. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than DIN? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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