DOP Full Form

DOP Full Form

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DOP Full Form

The term DOP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant DOP Full Form is –

DOP – Director of Photography

The director of photography is also known as the DP or cinematographer.  He is the chief over the camera and light crews working on a video production and responsible for creating the look of a film.


DOP Bank Full Form

Full Form of DOP Bank is – Department of Post Bank


What Does DOP Stand For?

DOP stands for – Director of Photography


What is DOP Meaning

The term DOP can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of DOP is – Director of Photography


All Full Forms of DOP

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of DOP.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of DOP, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DOP.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryDOP Full Forms
1DOPUncategorizedThe Descendants Of Prime
2DOPUncategorizedDynamic Order Point
3DOPUncategorizedDumbarton Oaks Papers
4DOPEducationalDrop-Out Prevention
5DOPUncategorizedDrop Out Points
6DOPUncategorizedDoor of Perception
7DOPUncategorizedDonkeys On Parade
8DOPPoliticsDominion Old Party
9DOPLocal - CurrenciesDominican Peso
10DOPLocal - Airport CodesDolpa, Nepal
11DOPJuridicalDivision Of Privleges
12DOPJuridicalDivision Of Prisons
13DOPUncategorizedDivision of Personnel
14DOPNASA - SpaceDiver Operated Plug
15DOPPhotography & ImagingDirectors of Photography
16DOPMiscellaneousDirector Of Platform
17DOPOccupation & PositionsDirector Of Photography
18DOPPharmaceuticalDirector Of Pharmacy
19DOPAthleticsDirection Of Play
20DOPAcademic & ScienceDirect Object Pronoun
23DOPEducationalDi-Octyl Phthalate
24DOPEducationalDilution Of Precision
25DOPUncategorizedDikke Ochtend Paal
26DOPUncategorizedDigital Outback Photo
27DOPPharmaceuticalDigital OrthoPhoto
28DOPUncategorizedDigital Operations Platform
29DOPUncategorizedDi Origine Protetta
30DOPUncategorizedDi Octyl Phlalate
31DOPArmyDevelopment Options Paper
34DOPScience FictionDestroyers Of Pod
35DOPUncategorizedDesignated Overhaul Point
36DOPUncategorizedDescent of the Phoenix
37DOPInformation TechnologyDepth Of Processing
38DOPPoliticsDepictions Of Poverty
39DOPInformation TechnologyDepartment Of Programming
40DOPUncategorizedDepartment Of Pharmaceuticals
41DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Personnel
42DOPLocal - CountriesDenominazione Origine Protetta
43DOPInformation TechnologyDenomination Of Protected
44DOPUncategorizedDen Okologiski Polsemand
45DOPEducationalDemonstration Of Performance
46DOPEducationalDegree Of Polarization
47DOPUncategorizedDefinition of Propaganda
48DOPLocalDecree Of Perdition
49DOPJuridicalDeclaration Of Principles
50DOPCareerDeclaration Of Performance
51DOPPoliticsDeclaration Of Peace
52DOPUncategorizedDate of Purchase
53DOPManufacturingDate Of Production
54DOPPharmaceuticalDate Of Procedure
55DOPInformation TechnologyData Oriented Programming
56DOPArmyData Object Processed
57DOPUncategorizedDansk Ostindisk Paquet
58DOPCompanies or OrganizationsDance Only Productions
59DOPUncategorizedDumbarton Oaks Paper
60DOPUncategorizedDual Optical Protection
61DOPCharteringDropping Outward Pilot
62DOPOilfieldDrop-off Point
63DOPGovernmentDrop-Off Point
64DOPOilfieldDrilling Operations Plan
66DOPBusinessDominican Republic Peso
67DOPCurrencyDominican Peso
68DOPAirport CodeDolpa Airport
69DOPVirginiaDivision of Personnel
70DOPLaw EnforcementDivision of Parole
71DOPFeatDisturbo oppositivo provocatorio
72DOPWW1Distant Offensive Patrol
73DOPChemistryDissolved Organic Phosphorus
74DOPEnvironmental HealthDissolved Organic P
76DOPUncategorizedDispersed Oil Particulates
77DOPFilterDispersed Oil Particulate
78DOPLaw EnforcementDisorderly Person
79DOPFilmDirector of Photography
80DOPUncategorizedDirector of Photography
81DOPGarmentDirector Of Operations
82DOPClothingDirector of Operations
83DOPSpanishDirect Object Pronouns
84DOPNuclearDioctyl-phthalate Polydispersed
86DOPPharmaceuticsDioctyl Phthalate
87DOPMedicalDi-n-octyl phthalate
88DOPNavigationDilution Of Precision
89DOPMedicalDifferential Outcomes Procedure
92DOPLaw EnforcementDestruction Of Property
93DOPMilitaryDesignated Overhaul Point
94DOPUncategorizedDescent of the Phoenix
96DOPUncategorizedDepth Of Processing
97DOPMilitaryDepth Of Penetration
98DOPUncategorizedDept of Psychiatry
99DOPPoliticsDepictions Of Poverty
100DOPUncategorizedDepartments of Peace
101DOPUncategorizedDepartment Operating Procedure
102DOPScienceDepartment of Transportation
103DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Programming
104DOPMilitaryDepartment of Productivity
105DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Procurement
106DOPCityDepartment of Probation
107DOPCityDepartment of Probation
108DOPBhutanDepartment of Power
109DOPBhutanDepartment of Power
110DOPBusinessDepartment of Posts
111DOPDevelopmentDepartment of Planning
112DOPIndiaDepartment of Pharmaceuticals
113DOPGovernmentDepartment of Personnel
114DOPMilitaryDepartment of Penetration
115DOPHealthDepartment of Pediatrics
116DOPHealthDepartment of Pediatrics
117DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Peace
118DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Peace
119DOPNepalDepartment of Passport
120DOPUncategorizedDepartment of Parole
121DOPUncategorizedDepartamento Oficial de Propaganda
123DOPUncategorizedDepartamento de Orden Pol
124DOPOreDepartamento de Oceanografia e Pescas
126DOPDinDenumirea de Origine Protejata
127DOPVectorDenominazione Origine Protetta
128DOPItalyDenominazione Origine Protetta
129DOPUncategorizedDenominazione d'Origine Protetta
130DOPItalyDenominazione di Origine Protetta
131DOPCheesemakingDenominazione Di Origine Protetta
132DOPMicrobiologyDenomination Of Protection
133DOPSlangDenomination Of Protected
134DOPGamingDenomination of Protected
135DOPUncategorizedDenominaciones de Origen Protegida
141DOPUncategorizedDenial of Paternity
142DOPNeuroscienceDendrobium Officinale Polysaccharide
143DOPGemstoneDendritic Opal
144DOPDevelopmentDemonstration Of Performance
145DOPUncategorizedDelution of Precision
146DOPDiseaseDelusions of Parasitosis
147DOPDiseaseDelusion of Parasitosis
149DOPPharmacologyDelta Opioid Receptor
150DOPNeurologyDelta Opioid Peptide
151DOPUncategorizedDelta Operator Panel
152DOPMedicalDelineation of Privileges
153DOPUncategorizedDelegation of Power
154DOPMilitaryDegrees of protection
155DOPChemistryDegree Of Pyritization
156DOPTechnologyDegree of Protection
157DOPPowerDegree of Precision
158DOPOpticsDegree Of Polarization
159DOPPolarizationDegree of polarisation
160DOPUncategorizedDegree of Pocahontas
161DOPOphthalmologyDegree Of Paraxiality
162DOPParallelismDegree of Parallelism
163DOPUncategorizedDegree of Parallel
164DOPMedicaldegenerate oliogonucleotide primed
165DOPMedicalDegenerate Oligonucleotide Primers
166DOPMedicalDegenerate oligonucleotide primer
167DOPMedicalDegenerate Oligonucleotide Primed
168DOPUncategorizedDefence and Overseas Policy
169DOPTechnologyDedicated Outside Plant
170DOPChurchDecree Of Perdition
171DOPProductDeclarations of Performance
172DOPOsloDeclaration of Principles
173DOPUncategorizedDeclaration of Principle
174DOPStructuralDeclaration Of Performance
175DOPProductDeclaration of Performanc
177DOPBiochemistryDeamidase Of Pup
178DOPUncategorizedDays of Purpose
179DOPFertilityDays Of Pregnancy
180DOPMedicalDay of Pregnancy
181DOPUncategorizedDay of Prayer
182DOPUncategorizedDay of Percussion
183DOPUncategorizedDavis Ogilvie & Partners
184DOPDistrictDaughters of Penelope
185DOPUncategorizedDate of Purge
186DOPWarrantyDate of Purchase
187DOPStandardisationDate Of Publication
188DOPHospitalDate of Procedure
189DOPServiceDate of Payment
190DOPUncategorizedDate of Pack
191DOPLanguageData-Oriented Parsing
192DOPArchitectureData Oriented Programming
193DOPUncategorizedData Oriented Parsing
195DOPUncategorizedDancing's Our Poison
196DOPBusinessDance Only Productions
197DOPJakartaDana Operasional Pendidikan
198DOPUncategorizedDakota Office Products
199DOPEgyptDakhleh Oasis Project
200DOPUncategorizedDakhla Oasis Project
201DOPTechnologyDaily Operations Plan
202DOPUncategorizedDaily Obnoxious Post
203DOPSurabayaDaerah Otonomi Politeknik
204DOPBiologyD. Officinale Polysaccharide
205DOPEndocrine System4-deoxypyridoxine


Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about DOP. If you want more information about DOP, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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