DPO Full Form

DPO Full Form

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DPO Full Form

The term DPO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant DPO Full Form is –

DPO – Data Protection Officer


DPO Full Form in Railway

Divisional Personnel Officer


DPO Full Form in District

District Probation Officer


What Does DPO Stand For?

DPO stands for – Data Protection Officer


What is DPO Meaning

The term DPO can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of DPO is – Data Protection Officer


All Full Forms of DPO

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of DPO.

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Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DPO.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryDPO Full Forms
1DPOUncategorizedDaftar Pencarian Orang
2DPOUncategorizedDarin Peter Oswald
3DPOFamous & CelebsDarren Peter Oswald
4DPOUncategorizedData Path Object
5DPOUncategorizedData Phase Optimization
6DPOUncategorizedData Project Online
7DPOLocal - EuropeanData Protection Officer
8DPOUncategorizedData Protection Officers
9DPOUncategorizedDay Post Ovulation
10DPOUncategorizedDays of Payable Outstanding
11DPOPharmaceuticalDays Past Ovulation
12DPOUncategorizedDays Payable Oustanding
13DPOAccountingDays Payable Outstanding
14DPOPharmaceuticalDays Post Ovulation
15DPOVoluntary OrganizationDayton Philharmonic Orchestra
16DPOFunnyDeath Pit Offering
17DPOUncategorizedDefects per opportunity
18DPOUncategorizedDefensie Pijpleiding Organisatie
19DPOPoliticsDemocratic Party of Oregon
20DPOUncategorizedDepartment of Peace Operations
21DPOUncategorizedDepartment of Peacekeeping Operations
22DPOArmyDepartmental Purchase Order
23DPOUSPSDesignated Post Office
24DPOUncategorizedDesignated Provider Organization
25DPOUncategorizedDetrended Price Oscillator
26DPOLocal StatesDetroit Post Office
27DPOUncategorizedDetuned Primary Oscillator
28DPODevelopmentDevelopment Policy Operations
29DPOLocal - Airport CodesDevonport, Tasmania, Australia
30DPOInformation TechnologyDial Pulse Originate
31DPOUncategorizedDial Pulse Originating
32DPOUncategorizeddicated Pair Out
33DPOInformation TechnologyDicom Private Object
34DPOUncategorizedDiffering Professional Opinions
35DPOUncategorizedDigital Partnership Office
36DPOUncategorizedDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
37DPOUncategorizedDigital Presence Optimization
38DPOUncategorizedDigital Pulse Origination
39DPOUncategorizedDigital Purchase Order
40DPOUncategorizedDigitization Program Office
41DPOLocal - CountriesDiplomatic Post Office
42DPOUncategorizedDirect Pay Online
43DPOUncategorizedDirect Plasterboard Outlet
44DPOStock ExchangeDirect Public Offering
45DPOInternationalDisabled People's Organization
46DPOPharmaceuticalDisaster Psychiatry Outreach
47DPOUSPSDiscontinued Post Office
48DPOUncategorizedDiscounted Pay Off
49DPOPharmaceuticalDiscrimination Prevention Office
50DPOUncategorizedDisplay Power Optimizer
51DPOArmyDistribution Process Owner
52DPOUncategorizedDistrict Parents' Organization
53DPOPolice ForceDistrict Police Force Officer
54DPOUncategorizedDistrictwide Parents Organization
55DPOUncategorizedDiversity Programs Office
56DPOUncategorizedDivision of Prison Operations
57DPOUncategorizedDivision of Production Operations
58DPOUncategorizedDivision of Professions and Occupations
59DPOPolice ForceDivisional Police Force Officer
60DPOUncategorizedDocument Process Outsourcing
61DPOUncategorizedDual Polyphonic Oscillator
62DPOUncategorizedDual Prismatic Oscillator
63DPOMiscellaneousDynamic Positioning Officer
64DPOUncategorizedDynamic Positioning Operator
66DPOPapuaDaftar Pencari Orang
67DPOOrganizationsDaftar Pencarian Orang
68DPOUncategorizedDallas Praise Orchestra
69DPOUncategorizedDaniel Perroud Organisation
70DPOUncategorizedDanish Porcelain Online
72DPOMedicalDarbepoetin Alfa
73DPOUncategorizedDarren Peter Oswald
74DPOUncategorizedDat Phan Online
75DPOTechnologyData Path Object
76DPOUncategorizedData Path Offload
77DPOUncategorizedData Path Optimizer
78DPOComputingData Phase Optimization
79DPOSecurityData Privacy Office
80DPOManagementData Processing Officer
81DPOOrganizationsData Processing Operations
82DPOUncategorizedData Processing Organization
83DPONASAData Products Online
84DPOPolicyData Protection Office
85DPOProtectionData Protection Officer
86DPOMailData Protection Ordinance
87DPOProtectionData Protector Officer
88DPOTropical MedicineDay Post-illness Onset
89DPOUncategorizedDays of Payable Outstanding
90DPOUncategorizedDays passed ovulation
91DPOPregnancyDays Past Ovulation
92DPOInfertilityDays Payable Outstanding
93DPOBusinessDays Post Ovulation
94DPOPregnancyDays Postoperation
95DPONeurologyDays Postoperative
96DPONeurologyDendriform Pulmonary Ossification
97DPOPulmonaryDental Provider Organization
98DPOBusinessDepartmental Purchase Order
99DPOMilitaryDesignated Post Office
100DPOPostalDetrended Price Oscillator
101DPOIndicatorDevonport Airport
102DPOAirport CodeDiffering Professional Opinion
103DPONuclearDiffuse Pulmonary Ossification
104DPORespiratoryDiplomatic Post Office
105DPOMilitaryDisaster Psychiatry Outreach
106DPOPsychiatryDistribution Process Owner
107DPOMilitaryDocumentary Proof of Origin
108DPOConveyanceDomestic Processed Output
109DPOMaterialDouble Pelvic Osteotomy
110DPOVeterinaryDrcsophila Pseudo-obscura
111DPOToxicologyDual Priming Oligonucleotide
112DPOMedicalDutch Pinball Open
113DPOPinballDynamic Positioning Operator


DPO – Data Protection Officer

DPO (data protection officer) is a place inside a company that acts as an unbiased advocate for the right care and use of the buyer’s info. The European Union formally laid out a knowledge safety officer position as a part of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Underneath the regulation, all companies that market items or providers to prospects inside the European Union and accumulate knowledge, in consequence, should appoint a knowledge safety officer. The info safety officer retains upon legal guidelines and practices round knowledge safety, conducts privateness assessments internally, and ensures that every one different issue of compliance about knowledge is up-to-date. Though the EU laws prompt the creation of information safety officer roles, different nations are taking a look at knowledge privateness points and should require comparable roles by up to date rules.


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