DTO Full Form

DTO Full Form: What Does DTO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of DTO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does DTO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of DTO.

DTO Full Form

The term DTO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

DTO Full Form is – Data Transport Object

DTO (Data Transport Object) is an object which carries data between processes in programming.

DTO Full Form in Government

District Tax Office

DTO Full Form in Transport

District Transport Officer

DTO Office Full Form

Division Transportation Officer

What Does DTO Stand For?

DTO stands for – Data Transport Object

All Full Forms of DTO

Now, list of All Full Form of DTO is given below

Sr. No.TermCategoryDTO Full Form
1DTOGovernmentDaily Tasking Order
2DTOUncategorizedDaily Turn On
4DTOUncategorizedDaiquiri Time Out
5DTOUncategorizedDance Theatre of Oregon
6DTOPsychiatryDanger to Others
7DTOUncategorizedData for Testifying Officers
8DTOTechnologyData Take Off
9DTOHealthData Terminal Operator
10DTOTechnologyData Transfer Object
11DTOPatternData Transfer Objects
12DTOUncategorizedData Transfer Operation
13DTOUncategorizedData Transmission Object
14DTOInformation TechnologyData Transport Object
15DTOTechnologyData Transport Option
16DTOUncategorizedDavidson Transit Organization
17DTOUncategorizedDay Timer Organizer
18DTOTechnologyDay-Time Organizer
19DTOUncategorizedDay-Timer Organizer
20DTOUncategorizedDealers Trade Outlet
21DTOUncategorizedDebbie Turner Originals
22DTOUncategorizedDebt Tender Offer
23DTOTechnologyDecentralized Toll Office
24DTOUncategorizedDecimal to Octal
25DTOAerospaceDeclared Training Organisation
26DTOUncategorizedDefence Telematics Organisation
27DTOMilitaryDefense Technology Objective
28DTOUncategorizedDefense Technology Office
29DTOUncategorizedDefy the Odds
30DTOUncategorizedDelaware Tourism Office
31DTOUncategorizedDeliver To Order
34DTOLogisticsDelivered To Origin
35DTOScienceDemonstration Test Objective
36DTOInformation TechnologyDenial To Operate
37DTOUncategorizedDental Training Organization
38DTOHealthDeodorized Tincture of Opium
39DTOUncategorizedDepartment of Telecom Operations
40DTOUncategorizedDepartment of Telecommunication Operations
41DTOAlaskaDepartment Technology Officer
42DTOUncategorizedDerived Test Objective
43DTOTechnologyDesign Technology Operation
44DTOInternational BusinessDesign To Order
45DTOGroupDesignated Terrorist Organization
46DTOProductsDesigned To Order
48DTOBusinessDesk Top Operations
49DTOTechnologyDesktop Object
50DTOUncategorizedDestroy the Opponent
51DTOTechnologyDetailed Technical Objectives
52DTOTechnologyDetailed Test Objective
53DTOUncategorizedDetective Talk Off
54DTOYouthDetention & Training Order
55DTOCriminalDetention and Training Order
56DTOUncategorizedDetention and Training Orders
57DTOUncategorizedDetention Training Order
58DTOUncategorizedDetermine Treatment Options
59DTOTechnologyDevelopment Test Objective
60DTOUncategorizedDevelopmental Test Objective
61DTOUncategorizedDevice Tree Overlay
62DTOEducationalDharma Teacher Order
63DTOTechnologyDial Tone Office
64DTOUncategorizedDick Tady Orchestra
65DTOTechnologyDigital Test Oscilloscope
66DTOUncategorizedDigital Testing Oscilloscope
67DTOUncategorizedDigital Transaction Order
68DTOAustraliaDigital Transformation Office
69DTOTechnologyDigitally Tuned Oscillator
70DTOMedicalDiluted Tincture of Opium
71DTOUncategorizedDirect To Office
72DTOUncategorizedDirect to Operator
73DTOUncategorizedDirect Trunk Overflow
74DTOMilitaryDirect Turn Over
75DTOCoast GuardDirect Turnover Material
76DTOUncategorizedDirector of Technical Operations
77DTOUncategorizedDirector of Train Operations
78DTOUncategorizedDirectorate of Traffic Operations
79DTOMilitaryDirectors of Tactical Operations
80DTOHuntingDiscover the Outdoors
81DTOUncategorizedDiscovery Trekking Outfitters
82DTOSignalDiscrete Time Oscillator
83DTOEmploymentDiscretionary Time Off
84DTOTechnologyDisruptive Technologies Office
85DTOInformation TechnologyDisruptive Technology Office
86DTOSurgeryDistal Tuberosity Osteotomy
87DTOBioengineeringDistilled Tall Oil
88DTOUncategorizedDistributed Tuning Objects
89DTOUncategorizedDistrict Tax Office
91DTOUncategorizedDistrict Technical Office
92DTOUncategorizedDistrict Technology Office
93DTOUncategorizedDistrict Tourism Organisation
94DTOUncategorizedDistrict Training Officer
95DTOUncategorizedDistrict Transport Office
96DTODrivingDistrict Transport Officer
97DTOMilitaryDistrict Transportation Officer
98DTOGovernmentDistrict Treasury Officer
99DTOArmyDivision Transportation Office
100DTOMilitaryDivision Transportation Officer
101DTOLaw EnforcementDivisional Training Officer
102DTOInformation TechnologyDoctors Technology Office
103DTOArmyDoomed To Oblivion
104DTOInformation TechnologyDownload To Own
105DTORestaurantsDrive Through Only
106DTOUncategorizedDrive Through Order
107DTOControlDriverless Train Operation
108DTOComputingDrug Target Ontology
109DTOArmyDrug Trafficking Organization
110DTOPharmaceuticalDrug trafficking organizations

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about DTO. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than DTO? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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