DVD Full Form

DVD Full Form: What Does DVD Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of DVD but also get detailed information about DVD. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does DVD stand for?

DVD Full Form

The term DVD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

DVD Full Form is – Digital Versatile Disc

DVD is a digital optical disc storage format, which is used to store HD video or moves like high capacity data. DVD are used to distribute software and operating systems.

DVD – Digital Video Disc

DVD Full Form in Computer

DVD Full Form in Computer is – Digital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc

DVD RW Full Form

Digital Versatile Disk Rewritable

DVD Full Form in Medical

Diploma in Venerology and Dermatitis

What Does DVD Stand For?

DVD stands for – Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc

Digital Versatile Disc. DVDs are used for storing and viewing movies and other data. A versatile digital disk has a large capacity, which starts at 4.7 GB. Digital versatile disks can be classified in various ways depending on their applications. If they are used as read-only and cannot be written, they are classified as DVD-ROMs. If used to store data that can be used as read-only and cannot be written, then it is called a DVD-ROM, where ROM means ‘read-only memory’.

What Does DVD Stand For in Computer Terms?

In Computer Terms DVD Stand For – Digital Versatile Disc

All Full Forms of DVD

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DVD.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDVD Full Form
1DVDIATA CodeAndavadoaka Airport
2DVDUncategorizedDA Video DAPE
3DVDUncategorizedDa Vinci for Dummies
4DVDFunnyDads Volcanic Detruction
5DVDUncategorizedDailymotion Video Downloader
6DVDUncategorizedDamp Vibration Dampener
7DVDUncategorizedDance of the Vampires Dance
8DVDFunnyDangerously Vindictive Damper
9DVDUncategorizedDark Valley Destiny
10DVDUncategorizedDark Void Developer
11DVDUncategorizedData visualization and Data
12DVDUncategorizedData Visualization Desktop
13DVDSpaceData Voice Data
14DVDUncategorizedDaylight Viewable Display
15DVDValleyDeath Valley Days
16DVDUncategorizedDeath Valley Daze
17DVDUncategorizedDeath Valley Driver
18DVDUncategorizedDeep Valley Drive
19DVDNeurosurgeryDeep Venous Drainage
20DVDOphthalmologyDeep Vessel Density
21DVDArmyDefence Vehicle Dynamics
22DVDUncategorizedDefence Vehicles Division
23DVDVeterinaryDegenerative Valve Disease
24DVDAllergyDegenerative Vascular Disease
25DVDDiscDelayed, Very Delayed
26DVDUncategorizedDeliciously Varied Data
27DVDBankingdelivers versus delivery
28DVDTechnologyDelta Velocity Display
29DVDFunnyDependable Video Discus
30DVDMilitaryDesign Verification Demonstration
31DVDUncategorizedDesktop Video Display
32DVDUncategorizedDesktop Virtual Desktop
33DVDUncategorizedDetermining the Value of Donated
34DVDUncategorizedDevelopment Verbal Dyspraxia
35DVDMedicalDevelopmental Verbal Apraxia
36DVDMedicalDevelopmental Verbal Dyspraxia
37DVDNeurologyDevelopmental Vitamin D
38DVDUncategorizedDevice Voice Drum
39DVDUncategorizedDevil video on demand
41DVDMovieDick Van Dyke
42DVDUncategorizedDiesel Vin Diesel
43DVDInformation TechnologyDigital Versatile Disc
44DVDSoundDigital Versatile Disc-Audio
45DVDRecordableDigital Versatile Disc-Random
46DVDDriveDigital Versatile Disc-Read
47DVDMediaDigital Versatile Disc-Recordable
48DVDTechnologyDigital Video
49DVDUncategorizedDigital Video And Digital
50DVDUncategorizedDigital Video Design
51DVDUncategorizedDigital Video Destruction
52DVDUncategorizedDigital Video Detroit
53DVDSoftwareDigital Video Device
54DVDUncategorizedDigital Video Difference
55DVDUncategorizedDigital Video digital
56DVDMedia CenterDigital Video Disc
57DVDComputerDigital Video Disc/Digital Versatile Disc
58DVDComputingDigital Video Disk-Recordable
59DVDUncategorizedDigital Video Division
60DVDMilitaryDigital Video Drive
61DVDElectronicsDigital Videodisc
62DVDFunnyDigital Virus Disease
63DVDInternetDinner Video Diary
64DVDArmyDirect Vendor Delivery
65DVDPharmaceuticalDissociated Vertical Deviation
66DVDMedicalDissociated Vertical Divergence
67DVDPharmaceuticalDivision of Viral Diseases
68DVDUncategorizedDolby Video Disk
69DVDCardiologyDouble Vessel Disease
70DVDEducationalDouble Volume Disk
71DVDNYSE SymbolsDover Downs Entertainment, Inc.
72DVDFunnyDrink Very Drunk
73DVDTransportationDriver and Vehicle Data
74DVDPharmaceuticalDrug versus Disease
75DVDPolice ForceDrugs and Vice Division
76DVDInformation TechnologyDual View Display
77DVDFunnyDumb Video Ducks

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about DVD. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than DVD? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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