ETA Full Form

ETA Full Form

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ETA Full Form

The term ETA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ETA Full Form is –

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA – Expected Time of Arrival

ETA Full Form in Computer

Full Form of ETA in Computer is – Estimated Time Of Arrival

ETA Full Form in Office

Full Form of ETA in Office is -Estimated Time Of Arrival

ETA Full Form in Software

Full Form of ETA in Software is -Estimated Time Of Arrival

ETA Full Form in Airport

Estimated Time Of Arrival

What Does ETA Stands For?

ETA stands for – Estimated Time of Arrival or Expected Time of Arrival

What is ETA Meaning

The term ETA was used for many purpose, but the most relevant meaning of ETA is – Estimated Time of Arrival / Expected Time of Arrival

All Full Forms of ETA

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ETA.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryETA Full Forms
1ETA Physiology5,8,11,14-eicosatetraynoic Acid
2ETA US GovernmentEASE time and attendance module
3ETA UncategorizedEasy To Add
4ETA ManufacturingEasy To Assemble
5ETA NourishmentEat That Apple
6ETA FunnyEating Takes All
7ETA FunnyEating Time of Afternoon Snacks
8ETA Information TechnologyEBCDIC To ASCII
9ETA UncategorizedEdit Text A
10ETA InternetEdited To Add
11ETA WritingEdited to add
12ETA TextingEdited To Add
13ETA UncategorizedEditor Too Annoying
14ETA EducationalEducation and Technical Assistance
15ETA EducationEducation Trend Analyzer
16ETA EducationalEducation, Tours, and Adventure
17ETA EducationalEducational Technology Association
18ETA EducationalEesti Teaduste Akadeemia
19ETA TaxEffective Tax Administration
20ETA Travel & TourismEgyptian Tourist Authority
21ETA PharmacologyEicosatetraenoic Acid
22ETA MedicalEicosatrienoic acid
23ETA ChemistryEigenstructure Tracking Analysis
24ETA Aircraft & AviationElectric Trainer Aircraft
25ETA TechnologyElectronic Technicians Association
26ETA HealthElectronic Transaction Act
27ETA JuridicalElectronic Transactions Act
28ETA LawElectronic Transactions Act
29ETA AssociationsElectronic Transactions Association
30ETA TechnologyElectronic Transactions Association
31ETA EducationalElectronic Transfer Access
32ETA AccountingElectronic Transfer Account
33ETA PoliticsElectronic Transfer Account
34ETA TransportationElectronic Transportation Acquisition
35ETA MilitaryElectronic Transportation Acquisition
36ETA AidElectronic Travel Aid
37ETA EducationalElectronic Travel Aids
38ETA Travel & TourismElectronic Travel Authority
39ETA Travel & TourismElectronic Travel Authorization
40ETA LocationsElectronic Travel Authorization
41ETA TechnologyElectronics Technician Association
42ETA Professional OrganizationsElectronics Technicians Association
43ETA CertificationElectronics Technicians Association
44ETA EducationalElectronics Transaction Association
45ETA ToxicologyElectrothermal Atomization
46ETA FunnyElephants Turn Around
47ETA Information TechnologyElite Tactical Assault
48ETA GamingElite Tactical Assault
49ETA AthleticsElite Tennis Association
50ETA UncategorizedEllinika Touristika Akinita
51ETA Performing ArtsElvis Tribute Artist
52ETA ChemistryEmanation Thermal Analysis
53ETA ComputingEmbedded Transport Acceleration
54ETA MedicalEmbryo Toxicity Assay
55ETA Information TechnologyEmerging Technology Advisors
56ETA International BusinessEmirates Trading Agency
57ETA EmploymentEmployee Training Assessment
58ETA ImmigrationEmployment & Training Administration
59ETA US GovernmentEmployment and Training Administration
60ETA GovernmentEmployment and Training Administration
61ETA EmploymentEmployment Training Administration
62ETA NASA - SpaceEmpty Tank Alert
63ETA UncategorizedEn Taro Adun
64ETA UncategorizedEncrypted Traffic Analytics
65ETA PharmacologyEndothelin A
66ETA PharmacologyEndothelin A Receptor
67ETA Medicalendothelin A receptor
68ETA PharmacologyEndothelin Receptor A
69ETA CardiologyEndothelin Type A
70ETA Medicalendothelin type A receptor
71ETA MedicalEndotracheal Airway
72ETA MicrobiologyEndotracheal Aspirate
73ETA GovernmentEnergy Technologies Area
74ETA Local - CountriesEnergy Transfer Accelerance
75ETA Awards & MedalsEngelbert Tristram Award
76ETA TransportationEngine Temperature Alarm
77ETA Information TechnologyEngineered Transition Assembly
78ETA Companies or OrganizationsEngineering Technology Associates
79ETA TechnologyEngineering Test Article
80ETA Occupation & PositionsEnglish Teaching Assistant
81ETA EnglishEnglish Teaching Assistantship
82ETA Awards & MedalsEnglish Translation Award
83ETA Awards & MedalsEnhanced Tuition Awards
84ETA Local StatesEnquiry Taxpayer Amendment
85ETA UncategorizedEnter The Adam
86ETA FDA AdministrationEnterprise Administrative Support Environment
87ETA NYSE SymbolsEntrade, Incorporated
88ETA NASA - SpaceEnvironmental Test Article
89ETA Professional OrganizationsEnvironmental Transport Association
90ETA EngineeringEnvironmental Transport Association
91ETA AssociationsEnzyme Technical Association
92ETA MusicEpileptic Terror Attack
93ETA US GovernmentEquality To All
94ETA AccountingEquity Transfer Agreement
95ETA MilitaryEquivalent Target Area
96ETA Names and NicknamesEric The Awful
97ETA Professional OrganizationsErindale Taiwanese Association
98ETA EducationalErroding Terrain Asilar
99ETA UncategorizedEsitmated Time Of Arrival
100ETA Police ForceEssential Tactical Advantage
101ETA LithuanianEsti Teaduste Akadeemia
102ETA SocietyEstimated time (of) arrival
103ETA UncategorizedEstimated Time Allocation
104ETA Names and NicknamesEstimated Time Arrival
105ETA TextingEstimated Time Arrival
106ETA Information TechnologyEstimated Time Available
107ETA Information TechnologyEstimated Time of Analysis
108ETA LogisticsEstimated Time of Arrival
109ETA TextingEstimated Time Of Arrival
110ETA ArtistEstimated Time of Arrival
111ETA NASA - SpaceEstimated Time to Acquisition
112ETA UncategorizedEstimated Time To Arrival
113ETA DairyEstimated Transmitting Ability
114ETA AviationEstimatedTime of Arrival
115ETA UncategorizedETA Terminological Agglutination
116ETA UncategorizedETA Threat Assessment
117ETA MedicalEtanercept
118ETA MedicalEtanidazole
119ETA MedicalEthacrynic Acid
120ETA MedicalEthionamide
121ETA Local - EuropeanEuropean Technical Approval
122ETA StructuralEuropean Technical Approval
123ETA StructuralEuropean Technical Assessment
124ETA Professional OrganizationsEuropean Thyroid Association
125ETA MedicalEuropean Thyroid Association
126ETA Local - EuropeanEuropean Tugowners Association
127ETA UncategorizedEuskadi ta
128ETA UncategorizedEuskadi Ta As
129ETA UncategorizedEuskadi Ta Askatasuma
130ETA PoliticsEuskadi Ta Askatasuna
131ETA SpanishEuzkadi Ta Askatasuna
132ETA UncategorizedEvaluation and Training for Automation
133ETA Professional OrganizationsEvangelical Training Association
134ETA UncategorizedEvenflo Triumph Advance
135ETA NuclearEvent Tree Analysis
136ETA FunnyEvery Time Awful
137ETA AccountingException Time Accounting
138ETA MicrobiologyExotoxin A
139ETA Normal BusinessExpected Time of Accomplishment
140ETA BusinessExpected Time of Action
141ETA Police ForceExpected Time of Arrival
142ETA GarmentExpected Time of Arrival
143ETA AccountingExpense, Time, and Activity
144ETA RAFExperimental Test Allowance
145ETA EducationalExplore, Think, Act
146ETA NASA - SpaceExplosive Transfer Assembly
147ETA TechnologyExplosive Transfer Assembly
148ETA PlanningExscusable Technique of Abolishment
149ETA Environmental HealthExtended Topochemical Atom
150ETA Travel & TourismExtension Travel Adjustment
151ETA NASA - SpaceExternal Tank Attachment
152ETA CellExtremely Thin Absorber

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA is known for Expected Time of Arrival or Estimated Time of Arrival. ETA is without doubt one of the trending slang on the web in the present day. ETA is the approximate time at which any individual or consignment shifting by automobile, truck, plane or cargo arrives at their place. ETA is an idea generally utilized in transportation and logistics to find out the consignment reached their desired location.

What’s ETA

Definition: ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the time interval over which a shipment will arrive at its spot. It’s a transportation period that defines the time left for a hard and fast plane, vehicle, ship, or emergency service to achieve that location.

ETA means estimated arrival time. It’s also generally known as an anticipated time of arrival. ETA is now one of many everyday Web slang.

It’s used to point out the period remaining for a selected unit to reach or is anticipated to do one thing. This unit could be a prepare, aeroplane, bus, ship, letter, courier something you count on to reach. The period is usually used to indicate the time a boat is about to get on the port. The time is specified as a selected date with the anticipated time in hours and minutes.

BYE Full Form

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