EVS Full Form

EVS Full Form: What Does EVS Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of EVS is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of EVS but also get detailed information about EVS. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does EVS stand for?

EVS Full Form

The term EVS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

EVS Full Form is –Environmental Studies (Environmental Science Division)

Environmental Studies is the study of Environment which incorporates Natural Resources, Natural Cycles, Environmental Conservation and Natural Calamities and Protection.

EVS Subject Full Form

EVS Subject Full Form is – Environmental Studies

What Does EVS Stand For?

EVS stands for – Environmental Studies

All organisms, including humans, are the product of the environment. Only humans and other organisms can remain healthy in a clean environment. In the dark race of materiality, modern humans have known and unknowingly caused serious damage to the environment. Ozone erosion, global warming, acid rain and increasing natural disasters have its consequences. Environmental pollution and ecological imbalance is no longer just a local problem, but the entire landmass is in its grip.

With a view to creating awareness about environmental problems and increasing public participation in environmental protection, ‘Environmental Studies’ has been included in the undergraduate first year curriculum of universities as a compulsory subject by the University Grants Commission.

The Environmental Science Division (EVS) conducts essential and applied exploration and appraisal that try to see how regular and human-oversaw ecological frameworks capacity and how framework parts react to different irritations. EVS examines the ecological impacts of regular and sustainable power advancement and use.

All Full Forms of EVS

Now, here is the complete list of all Full-Form of EVS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryEVS Full Forms
1EVSUncategorizedEagle Valley Speedway
2EVSScienceEar Voice Span
3EVSEnvironmental HealthEarly Valve Surgery
4EVSArmyEarned Value System
5EVSNASAEarth Venture Class Sub-orbital projects
6EVSWeather ForecastEarth Venture Suborbital
7EVSNASAEarth Venture Sub-Orbital
8EVSUncategorizedEarth Vine Sky
9EVSPharmaceuticalEastern Vascular Society
10EVSTVEastern Video Systems
11EVSUncategorizedEasy Video Search
12EVSNutritionEating Validation Scheme
13EVSPsychologyEating Values Survey
14EVSOptometryEccentric Viewing Spectacles
16EVSUncategorizedEconomic & Valuation Services
17EVSUncategorizedEconomic and Valuation Services
18EVSTechnologyEconomic Value Sourced
19EVSVeterinaryeconomic values
20EVSUncategorizedEconomy Vacuum Switch
21EVSUncategorizedEducation Vital Signs
22EVSUncategorizedEducation Volunteers
23EVSPunjabEducation Voucher Scheme
24EVSSchoolEducation Voucher System
25EVSNeurologyEfferent Vestibular System
26EVSUncategorizedEffort Values These
27EVSSurgeryElastic Vascular Sclerosis
28EVSNetworkingElastic Virtual Switch
29EVSUncategorizedElectric Vacuum Sealers
30EVSUncategorizedElectric Vehicle Society
31EVSTransportationElectric Vehicle Symposium
34EVSCarElectric Vehicle System
35EVSVehicleElectric Vehicles
36EVSUncategorizedElectric Vehicles Symposium
37EVSMedicalElectrical Vagal Stimulation
38EVSVehicleElectrical Vehicles
39EVSNeurologyElectrical Vestibular Stimulation
40EVSUncategorizedElectricity Vending System
41EVSUncategorizedElectro Viewing System
42EVSElectrodeElectrochemical Voltage Spectroscopy
43EVSUncategorizedElectron Vacuum Systems
44EVSStock ExchangeElectronic Variable Speed
45EVSUncategorizedElectronic Vaulting Services
46EVSTransportationElectronic Vehicle Stability
47EVSVehicleElectronic Vehicles
48EVSEducationalElectronic Verification System
49EVSSurgeryElectronic Vessel Sealing
50EVSUncategorizedElectronic Vibration Switch
51EVSEducationalElectronic Video Store
52EVSUncategorizedElectronic Video Systems
53EVSEducationalElectronic Videogame Store
54EVSCompanies or OrganizationsElectronic Village Systems
55EVSTechnologyElectronic Visionary Systems
56EVSMilitaryElectronic Visual Communications
57EVSMilitaryElectronic Visualization System
58EVSUncategorizedElectronic Voice Services
59EVSUncategorizedElectronic Voice Switching
60EVSElectionElectronic Voting System
61EVSBoeingElectro-Optical Viewing System
62EVSMedicalEligibility Verification System
63EVSUncategorizedEligibility Verification Systems
64EVSNationalEmbedded Vision System
65EVSUncategorizedEmergency Vehicle Seating
66EVSUncategorizedEmergency Vehicle Series
67EVSLawEmergency Vehicle Service
68EVSLightEmergency Vehicle Solutions
69EVSBusinessEmergency Vehicle Specialist
70EVSUncategorizedEmergency Vehicle Status
71EVSUncategorizedEmergency Vehicle Supply
72EVSUncategorizedEmergency Vehicle Systems
73EVSTraumatologyEmergency Vehicles
74EVSUncategorizedEmergency Veterinary Services
75EVSUncategorizedEmission Vehicles
76EVSUncategorizedEmotional Values
77EVSUncategorizedEmotional Voice System
78EVSPaintballEmpire Vision System
79EVSEmploymentEmployee Verification Services
80EVSUncategorizedEmpowering the Voluntary Sector
81EVSPharmaceuticalEmpty Vagina Syndrome
82EVSMedicalEncephalitis Vector Surveillance
83EVSTropical MedicineEncephalitis Vector Survey
84EVSMedicalEncephalitis Virus Surveillance
85EVSTechnologyEncrypted Volume Support
86EVSOrganizationsEngine Vent System
87EVSNavigationEnhanced Vision System
88EVSCompanies or OrganizationsEnhanced Vision Systems
89EVSUncategorizedEnhanced Visualization System
91EVSUncategorizedEnhanced Voice Service
92EVSUncategorizedEnhanced Voice Services
93EVSUncategorizedEnhanced Voltage Stress
94EVSMusicEnsemble Verification System
95EVSUncategorizedEnterprise Visibility System
96EVSPharmaceuticalEnterprise Vocabulary Services
97EVSGovernmentEnvironmental Science Division
98EVSEducationalEnvironmental Studies
99EVSTechnologyEquipment Visibility System
100EVSCompanies or OrganizationsErdman Video Systems
101EVSLocal - EuropeanEuropean Valuation Standards
102EVSSurveyEuropean Values Study
103EVSArmyEuropean Voluntary Service
104EVSTechnologyExchange Virtual Server
105EVSUncategorizedExciting Vacation in Slovenia
106EVSGovernmentExecutive Vehicle Scheme
107EVSUncategorizedExposure Value System
108EVSUncategorizedExtension Verification Service
109EVSNatural ScienceExtracellular Vesicles
110EVSClothingExtra-Vehicular Suit
111EVSUncategorizedExtreme Video Solutions
112EVSPowerExtreme Voltage Shutdown

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