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FSI Full Form

FSI Full Form

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of FSI is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of FSI but also get detailed information about FSI.

Not only this, but you will also come to know the Meaning of FSI here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of FSI or abbreviation of FSI related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible FSI Full Form and it’s meanings here.

FSI Full Form

The term FSI has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

FSI Full Form is – Floor Space Index

FSI means floor space index. It is the ratio of the total built-up area to the size of the land. For example, if the area of ​​the total plot is 1000 square feet and if there is an FSI of 2, then construction work can be done in 2000 square feet with a total of 1000 multiples 2.

If the developer has done more than this, then it is illegal and he needs to get special permission from the authorities. The developer can work on more than 35 percent of the total area of ​​the flat on FSI. If the buyer buys additional territory, it is legal. The additional area that the buyer buys is called a FSI FSI. Under the new DCR (Development Control Regulations), balconies, flower beds, roofs etc. will be included in the FSI.

To make up for the misfortune in FSI, the public authority has given an office of FSI of 35 percent for private turn of events and 20% for modern and business improvement.

FSI Full Form in Real Estate

Floor Space Index

FSI Full Form in Construction

Floor Space Index

What Does FSI Stand For?

FSI stands for – Floor Space Index

What is FSI Meaning

The term FSI can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of FSI is – Floor Space Index

All Full Forms of FSI

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of FSI.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of FSI, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term FSI.

Note: For your convenience, you can “Search” in this table what you want by typing in the search bar.

Sr. No.TermCategoryFSI Full Form
1FSIPsychologyFace-Scheme Incompatibility
2FSIGuideFacilitation Skills Inventory
3FSIScienceFacility Science Instrument
4FSIUncategorizedFacility Services International
5FSITechnologyFacility Subsystem Identifier
7FSIUncategorizedFaculty of Service Industries
8FSIUncategorizedFaculty Staff Intranet
9FSIInstitutesFaculty Summer Institute
10FSITeachingFaculty Summer Institute
11FSIEngineeringFaculty-Student Interaction
12FSIUncategorizedFailed Self Install
13FSIPeaceFailed State Index
14FSIPeaceFailed States Index
15FSIAMEX SymbolsFailed To Search For Ideas
16FSIUncategorizedFail-Safe Input
17FSISpaceFaint Star polluted by charge Injection
18FSIUncategorizedFair Share Initiative
19FSIUncategorizedFairchild Semiconductor Inc
20FSIUncategorizedFairchild Semiconductor International
21FSIUncategorizedFalangist Security and Intelligence
22FSICompanies or OrganizationsFalmouth Scientific Inc
23FSIBusinessFalmouth Scientific Inc
24FSIUncategorizedFalmouth Scientific Instruments
25FSIUncategorizedFalmouth Scientific, Inc
26FSIUncategorizedFamily Services Initiative
27FSIBabyFamily Sleep Institute
28FSIUncategorizedFamily Stations, Inc
29FSIPediatricFamily Strain Index
30FSIUncategorizedFamily Support Institute
31FSIUncategorizedFantasy Sports Insurance
34FSIUncategorizedFantasy Sports Interactive
35FSICultivationFarm Shop Inc
36FSIBusinessFarm Shop Inc
37FSIUncategorizedFast Screening Impactor
38FSIUncategorizedFast Search Infrastructure
39FSIUncategorizedFastener Source Inc
40FSIUncategorizedFastening Systems Inc
41FSIUncategorizedFastening Systems International
42FSIEndocrine SystemFasting Serum Insulin
43FSIMedicalfasting specific insulin
44FSIPharmacologyFast-Screening Impactor
45FSINeurologyFast-Spiking Interneurons
46FSIUncategorizedFatal and Serious Injuries
47FSIUncategorizedFatal And Serious Injury
48FSIRheumatologyFatigue Severity Inventory
49FSIMedicalFatigue Symptom Inventory
50FSIUncategorizedFault Symptom Index
51FSIMedicalFear of Self-Injecting
52FSIUncategorizedFeasibility Study Institute
53FSIUncategorizedFederaciones Sindicales Internacionales
54FSIUncategorizedFederal Schedules Inc
55FSIUncategorizedFederal Sources Inc
56FSIUncategorizedFederal Sources, Inc
57FSIUncategorizedFederal Spousal Impoverishment
58FSIUncategorizedFederal Stock Item
59FSIUncategorizedFederal Systems Integrator
60FSITechnologyFederal Systems Integrators
61FSIHondaFederasi Supra Indonesia
62FSIMalaysiaFederation of Sabah Industries
63FSINationFederation of Saskatchewan Indians
64FSIChessFederazione Scacchistica Italiana
65FSIUncategorizedFederazione Sindacati Indipendenti
66FSIConFederazione Sindacati Indipendenti
67FSIItalyFederazione Snowboard Italia
68FSIUncategorizedFellow of the Securities & Investment
69FSIAccountingFellow of the Securities & Investment Institute
70FSIAccountingFellow of the Securities & Investment Institute
71FSIUncategorizedFellow of the Securities Institute
72FSIUncategorizedFemale Scholarship Initiative
73FSIIndiaFemale Security Index
74FSIOrthopaedicFemoral Strength Index
75FSIIndonesiaFestival Sinetron Indonesia
76FSIAudioFestival Son & Image
77FSIUncategorizedFestival Son et Image
78FSIObstetricsFetal Stress Index
79FSIMilitaryFFFunctionally Significant Item
80FSIUncategorizedFiber Systems International
81FSITechnologyField Service Instruction
82FSIUncategorizedField Specialties Inc
83FSIUncategorizedField Specialties, Inc
84FSIUncategorizedField Study Internship
85FSIUncategorizedFile Service Interface
86FSIUncategorizedFile Services Interface
87FSIInformation TechnologyFile Set Index
88FSIAccountingFile Set Index
89FSITechnologyFile System Interface
91FSIUncategorizedFilm Society of India
92FSIUncategorizedFilm Status Indicator
94FSICompanies or OrganizationsFilter Specialists Inc
95FSIBusinessFilter Specialists Inc
96FSIUncategorizedFilter Specialists International
97FSIUncategorizedFinal Shipment Inspection
98FSIUncategorizedFinal State Interaction
99FSIEducationalFinal State Interactions
100FSIChemistryFinal State Interactions
101FSINASA - SpaceFinal Systems Installation
102FSITechnologyFinal Systems Installation
103FSIMedicalFinal-State Interaction
106FSIBusinessFinancial - Services Industry
107FSIUncategorizedFinancial & Statistical Information
108FSIUncategorizedFinancial and Statistical Information
109FSIOrganizationsFinancial and Statistical Information Management
110FSIFinanceFinancial Secrecy Index
111FSIFinanceFinancial Secrecy Index
112FSIUncategorizedFinancial Secretary Incorporated
113FSISingaporeFinancial Sector Incentive
114FSICompanies or OrganizationsFinancial Services Inc
115FSIBusinessFinancial Services Inc
116FSINormal BusinessFinancial Services Industry
117FSITechnologyFinancial Services Industry
118FSINormal BusinessFinancial Services Innovations
119FSIInstitutesFinancial Services Institute
120FSIBusinessFinancial Services Institute
121FSIUncategorizedFinancial Services Ireland
122FSIBankingFinancial Soundness Indicator
123FSIInstitutesFinancial Stability Institute
124FSIFinanceFinancial System Inquiry
125FSIBankingFinancial-Services Industry
126FSIInternationalFire Safety International
127FSIInstitutesFire Service Institute
128FSIPediatricFirst Sexual Intercourse
129FSIPharmaceuticalFirst Subject In
130FSIUncategorizedFlame Spread Index
131FSIArchitecturalFlame Spread Index
132FSIScience FictionFlamey Simm Incident
133FSICompanies or OrganizationsFlanders Scientific Inc
134FSILocal - CountriesFlashbased Singlesource Image
135FSIOilFlawless Start Up Initiative
136FSIOilfieldFlawless Start-up Initiative
137FSIUncategorizedFlexible Solutions Internationa
138FSIInternationalFlexible Solutions International
139FSICompanies or OrganizationsFlight Service International
140FSIEducationalFloor Space Index
141FSIConstructionFloor Space Index
142FSIInstitutesFlorida Space Institute
143FSIUncategorizedFlorida State Invitational
144FSIEngineeringFluid Scanner Imager
145FSIEducationalFluid Solid Interaction
146FSIUncategorizedFluid Structure Interaction
147FSISimulationFluid Structure Interaction
148FSIFluidFluid-Solid Interaction
149FSIUncategorizedFluid?structure interaction
150FSIBioengineeringFluid-Structure Interaction
151FSIUncategorizedFluid?structure interactions
152FSISimulationFluid-Structure Interactions
154FSIMedicalFoam Stability Index
156FSIFDA AdministrationFood Safety Initiative
157FSIProductFood Safety Initiative
158FSIFDA AdministrationFood Safety Initiative (CFSAN)
159FSIMedicalFood Security Index
160FSIAccountingFood Stores Issues
161FSIAthleticsFootball Streaming Information
162FSIUncategorizedFor As In
163FSIInstitutesForeign Service Institute
164FSIPoliticsForeign Service Institute
165FSIInstitutesForeign Services Institute
166FSIInformation TechnologyForeign System Interface
167FSIMedicalForensic Science International
168FSICompanies or OrganizationsForward Slope Inc
169FSICompanies or OrganizationsFoundation Services, Incorporated
170FSICompanies or OrganizationsFoundation Systems Inc
171FSIUncategorizedFragile States Index
172FSIEconomicsFragile States Index
173FSIUncategorizedFrame String Interaction
174FSIUncategorizedFranciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
175FSIUncategorizedFraud Scene Investigator
176FSIUncategorizedFred Sues Irma
177FSICompanies or OrganizationsFree Space Interiors
178FSIMedia CenterFree Standing Insert
179FSIBusinessFree Standing Insert
180FSIUncategorizedFree Standing Inserts
181FSIMarketingFree Standing Inserts
182FSICoalFree Swelling Index
183FSINYSE SymbolsFreedom Securities Corporation
184FSINormal BusinessFreedom Securities Information
185FSIInstitutesFreeman Spogli Institute
186FSIMarketingFree-Standing Insert
187FSIOphthalmologyFrequency-Shifted Interferometry
188FSIInstitutesFreshman Scholars Institute
189FSISchoolsFrontier School of Innovation
190FSIInstitutesFrontiers of Science Institute
191FSICompanies or OrganizationsFucshit inc
192FSIUncategorizedFuel Straight Injection
193FSITechnologyFuel Straight Injection
194FSIUncategorizedFuel Stratified Ignition
195FSITransportationFuel Stratified Injection
196FSIAutomotiveFuel Stratified Injection
197FSIInternationalFulfillment Strategies International
198FSICompanies or OrganizationsFultz and Son Inc
199FSIMedicalFunctional Status Index
200FSIMedicalFunctional Status Information
201FSIInstitutesFunctional Strength Institute
202FSIArmyFunctionally Significant Item
203FSICompanies or OrganizationsFuneral Services Inc
204FSIAirportHenry Post Army Airfield
205FSIEducationalSchweizerischer Verband der Informatikorganisationen
206FSIEducationalSwiss Federation of Information Processing Societies
207FSIInstitutesThe Foreign Service Institute

CFMS Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about FSI. If you want more information about FSI, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than FSI? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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