FTO Full Form

FTO Full Form: What Does FTO Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of FTO but also get detailed information about FTO. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does FTO stand for?

FTO Full Form

The term FTO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant –

FTO Full Form is – Fund Transfer Order

FTO (Fund Transfer Order), in India specially related to Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. In this scheme, the government of India deposits 6000 rupees every year in the farmers bank accounts. This amount is transferred in three equal installments.

FTO means that “the correctness of the beneficiary’s Aadhaar number, bank account number and other details including bank’s IFSC code have been ensured by the state government”. Your instalment amount is ready and orders have been given by the government to send it to your bank account.

FTO Full form in PM Kisan

Fund Transfer Order

FTO Full Form in Banking

Fund Transfer Order

What Does FTO Stand For?

FTO stands for – Fund Transfer Order

All Full Forms of FTO

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term FTO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryFTO Full Form
1FTOUncategorizedFace Turning Octahedron
2FTOUncategorizedFacility Training Officer
3FTOUncategorizedFaery Tale Online
4FTOUncategorizedFailed to Open
5FTOUncategorizedFailed to orbit
6FTOJuridicalFailure to Appear
7FTOLaw EnforcementFailure To Obey
8FTOInternet SlangFailure To Operate
9FTOCoffeeFair Trade Organic
10FTOBusinessFair Trade Organisation
11FTOUncategorizedFair Trade Original
12FTOUncategorizedFalcon Tackle Organizer
13FTOMedicalFallopian Tube Occlusion
14FTOEducationalFamily Teacher Organization
15FTOUncategorizedFan Token Offering
16FTOTechnologyFast Turn-Off
17FTOMedicalFast Twitch Oxidative
18FTOMetabolismFat Mass And Obesity
19FTOInternet SlangFault Tolerant Option
20FTOChemistryF-doped Tin Oxide
21FTOTaxFederal Tax Ombudsman
22FTOTourismFederation Of Tour Operators
23FTOUncategorizedFederation of Trade Organizations
24FTOBusinessFiduciary Trust Officer
25FTOUncategorizedField Ticket Office
26FTOArmyField Training Officer
27FTOPoliceField Training Officers
28FTOUncategorizedField Training Operations
29FTOInternet SlangFigure The Odds
30FTOAccountingFile Transfer Order
31FTOUncategorizedFilm and Television Office
34FTOTechnologyFiltered Tach Output
35FTOInternet SlangFiltered tachometer output
36FTOMilitaryFinal Technical Order
37FTOFinanceFinancial Technical Operational
38FTOInformation TechnologyFinancial Technology Option
39FTOBusinessFinancial Tunes Industrial Ordinary Shares Index
40FTOMiscellaneousFind The One
41FTOUncategorizedFine tissue optimization
42FTOUncategorizedFine Troy Ounce
43FTOBankingFine Tune Operation
45FTOUncategorizedFirst Time Offender
46FTOUncategorizedFirst Time Offshoring
47FTODigital ArtsFirst Time Owner
48FTOTechnologyFlameless Thermal Oxidation
49FTOManufacturingFlat Twist Out
50FTOUncategorizedFlex Targeting Officer
51FTOBusinessFlexible Time Off
52FTOUncategorizedFlexible Training Opportunities
53FTOAircraft & AviationFlight Technology and Operations
54FTOAstronautical EngineeringFlight Test Objective
55FTOMissileFlight Test Operational
56FTOUncategorizedFlight Training Officer
57FTOAircraftFlight Training Organisation
58FTOUncategorizedFlipping Tables Over
59FTOMechanicsFlow To Open
60FTOCellFluorinated Tin Oxide
61FTONanotechnologyFluorine-doped Tin Oxide
62FTOChemistryFluorine-doped Tin Oxide-coated
63FTOUncategorizedFlying Tourbillon Orchestra
64FTOTechnologyFlying Training Organisation
65FTOUncategorizedFocused Training Outcomes
66FTOGamesFood Transportation Operations
67FTOUncategorizedFood Truck Official
68FTOSportFootball Tricks Online
69FTOUncategorizedFor the obvious
70FTOTradeFor Trade Only
71FTOUncategorizedFord Tractor Operations
72FTOTechnologyForeign Technology Office
73FTOGovernmentForeign Terrorist Organisation
74FTOFBI FilesForeign Terrorist Organization
75FTOPoliticsForeign Terrorist Organizations
76FTOBusinessForeign Trade Organization
77FTOMilitaryForeign Training Officer
78FTOUncategorizedForeign Travel Order
79FTOGovernmentForestry Training Office
80FTOUncategorizedFormal Technical Opinions
81FTOUncategorizedFree Templates Online
82FTOUncategorizedFree Trial Offer
83FTOPatentFreedom to Operate
84FTOUncategorizedFreezer to Oven
85FTOUncategorizedFresh Touring Organization
86FTOInternet SlangFresh Touring Origination
87FTOOrganizationsFrontier Oil Corp.
88FTONYSE SymbolsFrontier Oil Corporation
89FTOMedicalfructose-terminated oligosaccharide
91FTOUncategorizedFruit Traffic Organization
92FTOUncategorizedFull Time Off
93FTOUncategorizedFull Time Officer
94FTOInformation TechnologyFull Time Owner
95FTOOphthalmologyFull-Time Occlusion
96FTOTechnologyFunctional Test Objective
97FTOTechnologyFunctional Test Objectives
98FTOUncategorizedFund Transfer Order
99FTOCard GamesFundamental Theorem Of
100FTOUncategorizedFunky Town Osaka
101FTOUncategorizedFuture Teachers Organization
102FTOPsychologyfuture time orientation
103FTOMedicalFuture Time Orientation
104FTOTVNielsen Forced Turnover

CRC Full Form

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So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about FTO. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than FTO? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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