GPRS Full Form

GPRS Full Form: What Does GPRS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of GPRS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does GPRS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of GPRS.

GPRS Full Form

The term GPRS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

GPRS Full Form is – General Packet Radio Service

GPRS is a carrier data service that uses radio spectrum above 10MHz. It is most commonly used for instant messaging and web browsing. However, it has also been put to use for mobile phones and smart-phones, video conferencing, video streaming, navigation, and surveillance. GPRS is available for everyone, which is great! But it can be difficult to understand why, even for those who work in IT.

Why do people use GPRS?

Let’s be honest: GPRS may be exciting technology, but you’re still probably going to use your smartphone for IM, texting, surfing the web, and watching videos (since it’s powered by a CPU). GPRS makes those things possible, but its wide bandwidth means that if you want to go above or below 1MBps, your GPRS may be blocked.

That’s why many companies and governmental organizations use GPRS, as it is a low-cost, high-volume carrier data service. It also makes the use of Wi-Fi and cellular broadband network hard, since GPRS offers a more affordable, faster, and versatile network for Internet data access.

So what exactly is it good for, and how does it work?

1. Video streaming

GPRS was designed specifically for this purpose: if you want to watch a video that is downloaded from the Internet, like a video from YouTube or Hulu, then GPRS will allow you to do so while on the go. In some cases, GPRS will even allow you to stream video from YouTube directly to your phone, thus freeing up your phone’s data allocation for other activities.

2. GPS location

One of GPRS’s most important uses is as a GPS system. GPS, as we know it, uses GPS satellites to determine your location. Although GPS is important for many purposes, there is one especially important use for it: as a mobile phone GPS device.

Many smartphones, including Android devices, are able to use the GPS in their phone to pinpoint your location. GPS is a convenient and easily accessible method of determining your location, especially for those who are in unfamiliar locations or don’t have a working GPS.

3. Voice calling

When you call someone using a traditional cell phone, you take the call and the person you’re calling, and listen to their voice. This call may be going over a traditional cell phone network (SMS), a 3G network, or a 4G/LTE network.

This works quite well. In fact, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be able to make a good phone call with a traditional cell phone, particularly when you’re in a multi-line phone plan.

The same is not true when you call using your GPRS smartphone. A GPRS call works slightly differently than a traditional cell phone call: the phone calls your Skype or Vonage number.

But the conversation will be happening in a very small area, meaning that you won’t be able to call someone who is outside that area, since you’ll be using the same area code and country. Additionally, you’ll be using the same packet rate as every other GPRS phone in the area (most phones generally use 160-160kbps); the call will therefore be very poor quality.

What is GPRS Full Form in Computer

General Packet Radio Service

What Does GPRS Stand For?

GPRS stands for – General Packet Radio Service

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a wireless technology that provides data rates from 56 to 114 kbps and a continuous Internet connection for mobile devices.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a new non-voice service introduced in IS-136 TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) networks in the United States and GSM (Global System) networks. for Mobile Communications – a global mobile communications system) in the United States and Europe. This service provides transmission of IP protocol packets over existing cellular networks, providing access to the Internet from mobile phones. All Internet services, including Web resources, chat and e-mail, will be available in the networks of GSM and TDMA providers for users of devices supporting GPRS.

What Does GPRS Stand For Cell Phones?

General Packet Radio Service

What Does GPRS Stand For in Computer?

General Packet Radio Service

What Does GPRS Stand For in iPhone?

General Packet Radio Service

AMC Full Form

What is Full Forms of GPRS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term GPRS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryGPRS Full Form
1GPRSInformationTechnologyGeneral Packet Radio Service
2GPRSNetworkingGeneral Pack Radio Service
3GPRSTechnologyGeneral Package Radio Service
5GPRSGeneralPacketRadioSystemsGeneral Package Radio System
6GPRSTechnologyGeneral Packet Data Radio Service
9GPRSNetworkingGeneral Packet Radio Server
10GPRSTechnologyGeneral Packet Radio Service
11GPRSUncategorizedGeneral Packet Radio Signal
12GPRSCallingGeneral Packet Radio Switch
13GPRSNetworkingGeneral Packet Radio Switching
14GPRSTechnologyGeneral Packet Radio System
15GPRSInternetGeneral Paket Radio Service
16GPRSInternetGeneral Pocket Radio Service
17GPRSUncategorizedGeneral Pocket Radio System
18GPRSMedicalGeneral Practice Registrars
19GPRSRadiologyGeneral Purpose Radio Service
20GPRSMilitaryGeneral Purpose Registers
21GPRSUncategorizedGeneral Purpose Research Simulator
22GPRSEducationalGeneral Purpose Research Storage
23GPRSTechnologyGeneralized Packet Radio Service
24GPRSUncategorizedGeneralized Partial Response Signaling
25GPRSUncategorizedGeneralized Precedence Relations
26GPRSFunnyGenerally Poor Rank Service
27GPRSUncategorizedGeneral-Purpose Registers
28GPRSMolecularBiologyGenomic Profile Risk Scores
29GPRSUncategorizedGeographic Placement Resource System
30GPRSEmbryologyGerm Plasm-Related Structures
31GPRSUncategorizedGerneral Packer Radio Service
34GPRSBusinessGhana Poverty Reduction Strategy
35GPRSUncategorizedGhana's Poverty Reduction Strategy
36GPRSNetworkingGlobal Packet Radio Service
37GPRSUncategorizedGlobal Packet Radio Switching
38GPRSCommunicationGlobal Packet Radio System
39GPRSFunnyGlobal Pasty Routing System
40GPRSMilitaryGlobal Personnel Recovery System
41GPRSManagementGlobal Personnel Recruitment System
42GPRSServiceGlobal Pinoy Remittance and Services
43GPRSServiceGlobal Pinoy Remittance Services
44GPRSGovernmentalGlobal Politics Rich System
45GPRSUncategorizedGlobal Position Radio System
46GPRSUncategorizedGlobal Positioning Radio System
47GPRSUncategorizedGlobal Product Regulatory Software
48GPRSFunnyGot Problem Remembering Sickness
49GPRSLocalGraduate Program in Religious Studies
50GPRSUncategorizedGraduate Program Recruitment Solutions
51GPRSUncategorizedGrand Pacific Resort Services
52GPRSOfficeGrant Payment Request System
53GPRSUncategorizedGrant Proposal & Research Services
54GPRSEducationalGrant Proposal Research Services
55GPRSUncategorizedGrants Payment Request System
56GPRSPharmaceuticalGreat Plains Rehabilitation Services
57GPRSFunnyGreat Potential, Rubbish Service
58GPRSDogGreat Pyrenees Rescue Society
59GPRSEgyptGreen Pyramid Rating System
60GPRSFunnyGrossly Promoted, Rarely Stable
61GPRSUncategorizedGround Penetrating Radar Service
62GPRSUncategorizedGround Penetrating Radar Survey
63GPRSTechnologyGround Penetrating Radar Systems
64GPRSGhanaGrowth and Poverty Reduction Strategy
65GPRSUncategorizedGrowth Poverty Reduction Strategy
66GPRSUncategorizedGSM Packet Radio Service

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about GPRS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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