AMC Full Form

AMC Full Form: What Does AMC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of AMC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does AMC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of AMC.

AMC Full Form

The term AMC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

AMC Full Form is – Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance and repair contracts are a type of remuneration contracts. A maintenance contract is a subspecies of retribution agreements.

Maintenance is a set of operations or operation to maintain the health or health of property (equipment, equipment) when used for the purpose, proper storage and transportation of property.

Maintenance usually includes a check to a certain extent with a certain frequency, planned replacement of parts, components, consumables, actions to maintain the proper condition of the property (grease, cleaning).

Before entering into a maintenance contract, it should be understood that the concepts of “TO” and “repair” are different, as repairs are carried out in cases where an item has failed and the TO is carried out in order to eliminate breakdowns. The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure the constant operation of the property with maximum performance and efficiency, a sharp reduction in the risk of property failure.

AMC Full Form in Medical

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

AMC Full Form in in College

Andhra Medical College

AMC Full Form in Army

Army Medical Corps

AMC Full Form in Mutual Fund

Asset Management Company

AMC Full Form in Banking

Annual Maintenance Charge

What Does AMC Stand For?

AMC stands for – American Movie Classics

AMC is an American cable specialized TV channel that primarily specializes in showing classic movies, as well as showing a limited number of original shows. The channel was formerly called American Movie Classics,but since 2002, due to significant changes in programming, it is called AMC.

Among the channel’s most famous and successful projects in recent years, it’s worth noting the TV series: Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

As of August 2013, 97,699,000 American families had signed up to AMC from households signed up to pay-TV channels. That was 85.55% of the total number of households owning a TV.

What Does AMC Channel Stand For?

AMC Channel Stand For – American Movie Classics

MLC Full Form

What is Full Forms of AMC

Now, here is the complete list of Full Form of AMC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryAMC Full Form
1AMCUncategorizedA Magnificent Car
2AMCFunnyA Major Cost
3AMCArmyA Million Civilians
5AMCGovernmentalA Ministry To Chiropractors
6AMCFunnyA Morons Car
9AMCFunnyA Mutated Car
10AMCSlangAastra Mobile Client
11AMCNeurologyAbacus-based Mental Calculation
12AMCMedicalAbsolute Monocyte Count
13AMCAthleticsAcademic Mastery Center
14AMCAcademic & ScienceAcademic Media Center
15AMCMedicalAcademic Medical Center
16AMCMedicalAcademic Pharmaceutical
17AMCAviationAcceptable Means of Compliance
18AMCBoschAccess Modular Controller
19AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAccident Management Company, Ltd.
20AMCGovernmentAccount Management Centre
21AMCCertificationAccredited Management Consultant
22AMCTechnologyAcquisition Method Code
23AMCPhysiologyAcromion Marker Cluster
24AMCMicrobiologyActivated Methyl Cycle
25AMCEducationalActive Mindful Caring
26AMCNASA - SpaceActive Mission Control
27AMCTechnologyAdaptive Modulation and Coding
28AMCTechnologyAdaptive Modulation Coding
29AMCBusinessAdditive Manufacturing Consortium
30AMCInformation TechnologyAdds, Moves, and Changes
31AMCAllergyAdherent Mononuclear Cells
34AMCTechnologyAdministrative Management Complex
35AMCWashingtonAdministrative Management Council
36AMCUncategorizedAdult Movie Centre
37AMCInformation TechnologyAdvanced Mezzanine Card
38AMCNASA - SpaceAdvanced Mission Computer
39AMCUncategorizedADVANCED Motion Controls
40AMCCouncilAffiliate Marketing Council
41AMCStock ExchangeAfter Market Closes
42AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAfterlife Media Communication
43AMCHealthAgreement Management Committee
44AMCLocalAhmedabad Municipal Corporation
45AMCMilitaryAir Materiel Command
46AMCTransportationAir Mobility Command
47AMCArmyAirborne Mission Coordinator
48AMCTechnologyAirborne Molecular Contamination
49AMCAircraft & AviationAircrafts Maintenance Corporation
50AMCArmyAirlift Army Command
51AMCLocal - AlaskaAlaska Milk Corporation
52AMCSlangAlbania Mobile Communications
53AMCSlangAlbanian Mobile Communication
54AMCFunnyAlcoholics Making Cars
55AMCToronto Stock ExchangeAlexis Minerals Corporation
56AMCFunnyAll Makes Combined
57AMCAccountingAll Manufacturing Costs
58AMCMedia CenterAll Monster Comics
59AMCUncategorizedAll Motor Car
60AMCUncategorizedAll My Children
61AMCForumAllied Media Conference
62AMCEducationalAluminium Matrix Composite
63AMCComposite ManufacturingAluminum Matrix Composite
64AMCUncategorizedAlways More Commercials
65AMCAirportAm Timan Airport
66AMCLocal - RailwayAmador Central Railroad
67AMCNYSE SymbolsAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc
68AMCASX SymbolsAmcor Ltd
69AMCLocal - CanadianAmerica Meets Canada
70AMCLocal - CanadianAmerica Mexico And Canada
71AMCTV StationsAmerican basic Cable
72AMCJurisprudenceAmerican Maritime Cases
73AMCEducationalAmerican Mathematics Competition
74AMCEducationalAmerican Mathematics Competitions
75AMCVoluntary OrganizationAmerican MENSA Committee
76AMCAMEX SymbolsAmerican Mortgage Acceptance Corporation
77AMCMortgageAmerican Mortgage Corporation
78AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAmerican Motors Company
79AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAmerican Motors Corporation
80AMCUncategorizedAmerican Movie Channel
81AMCFilm CensorshipAmerican Movie Classics
82AMCMedia CenterAmerican Multi Cinema
83AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAmerican Music Center
84AMCEducationalAmerican Music Conference
85AMCMedia CenterAmerica's Movie Classics
86AMCMicrobiologyAmoxicillin-clavulanic Acid
87AMCLondon Stock ExchangeAmur Minerals
88AMCAutomotive SystemsAnalyze MyCondition
89AMCUncategorizedAncient Medieval Civilization
91AMCHobbyAnime and Manga Club
92AMCBusinessAnnual Maintenance Contract
93AMCManagementAnnual Management Charge
94AMCSlangAnother Machine Crashed
95AMCFunnyAnother Major Catastrophe
96AMCInformation TechnologyAnswering Machine Check
97AMCHydrologyAntecedent Moisture Condition
98AMCLocal - CountriesAnti Matter Coins
99AMCUncategorizedAny Movie Considered
100AMCManagementApartment Management Consultants
101AMCUncategorizedAppalachian Money Collectors
102AMCAthleticsAppalachian Mountain Club
103AMCJournalApplied Mathematics and Computation
104AMCMortgageAppraisal Management Companies
105AMCManagementAppraisal Management Company
106AMCHistoryArchives and Manuscripts Collection
107AMCAthleticsArizona Mountaineering Club
108AMCLocal - RailwayArkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad
109AMCMedicalArm Muscle Circumference
110AMCShipping & SailingArmed Merchant Cruiser
111AMCArmyArmy Material Command
122AMCArmyArmy Materiel Command
123AMCMilitaryArmy Medical Center
124AMCMedicalArmy Medical Corps
125AMCArmyArmy Pharmaceutical
126AMCArtArt Monk Construction
127AMCPharmaceuticalArthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
128AMCMedicalAsan Medical Center
129AMCUncategorizedAshley Met Carmen
130AMCAsianAsian Multicultural Council
131AMCEducationalAssam Pharmaceutical
132AMCBankingAsset Management Company
133AMCProfessional OrganizationsAsset Management Controls
134AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAssets Management Company
158AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAssociated Merchandising Corporation
159AMCManagementAssociation Management Company
160AMCPsychiatryAssociation of Minnesota Counties
161AMCSlangAsynchronous Message Communication
162AMCUncategorizedAt the Movies Constantly
163AMCAthleticsAthletic Mafia Club
164AMCEducationalAtlantic Marine Center
165AMCInternationalATS Messaging Management Centre
166AMCSportAttacking Midfielder Center
167AMCCompanies or OrganizationsAustralian Magnesium Corporation, Limited
168AMCHealthAustralian Medical Council
169AMCLocal - AustralianAustralian Multiplex Cinemas
170AMCMedicalAustralian Pharmaceutical
171AMCNASA - SpaceAutomatic Mixture Control
172AMCEducationalAverage Match Count
173AMCAircraft & AviationAviation Maintenance Company
174AMCTechnologyAvionics Maintenance Conference

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about AMC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than AMC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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