ICOM Full Form

ICOM Full Form

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ICOM Full Form

The term ICOM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ICOM Full Form is –

ICOM – International Council of Museums

ICOM – Intermediate of Commerce

What Does ICOM Stands For?

ICOM stands for – International Council of Museums and Intermediate of Commerce

What is ICOM Meaning

The term ICOM was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of ICOM is – International Council of Museums & Intermediate of Commerce

All Full Forms of ICOM

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ICOM.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryICOM Full Forms
1ICOMTechnologycordless fixed part InterCOM capability
2ICOMUncategorizedI Can Only Monitor
3ICOMInternet - ChatI Can't Open Mine
4ICOMEducationalIdaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
5ICOMResearchImperial College Ocean Model
6ICOMUncategorizedIndustrial Common Ownership Movement
7ICOMUncategorizedIndustrial Components of Machines
8ICOMUncategorizedInput Constraints Output and Methods
9ICOMUncategorizedInput Control Output And Means
10ICOMUncategorizedInput Control Output Mechanism
11ICOMToolInput Control Output Mechanism
12ICOMMilitaryInput, Control, Output and Mechanism
13ICOMUncategorizedInput, Control, Output, & Mechanism
14ICOMInformation TechnologyInput, Control, Output, And Means
15ICOMAccountingInput, Control, Output, And Means
16ICOMInformation TechnologyInput, Control, Output, and Mechanism
17ICOMTechnologyInput, Control, Output, and Mechanism
18ICOMMilitaryInput, Control, Output, Mechanism
20ICOMUncategorizedInputs Cntrols Outputs Mechanisms
21ICOMTechnologyInputs, Control, Outputs and Mechanisms
22ICOMMilitaryInputs, Controls, Outputs and Mechanisms
23ICOMArmyInputs, Controls, Outputs, and Mechanisms
24ICOMTechnologyInputs, Controls, Outputs, and Mechanisms
25ICOMTechnologyInputs, Controls, Outputs, Mechanisms
26ICOMUncategorizedIntegrated Cash Operations Modules
27ICOMEnvironmentIntegrated Coastal and Ocean Management
28ICOMUncategorizedIntegrated Collaboration Object Model
29ICOMOntologyIntegrated Collaboration Object Model
30ICOMUncategorizedIntegrated Comminication Optical Module
31ICOMUncategorizedIntegrated Communication
32ICOMToolIntegrated Communication Optical Module
33ICOMMilitaryIntegrated Communications
34ICOMComputer SecurityIntegrated Communications Security
35ICOMMilitaryIntegrated COMSEC
36ICOMMilitaryIntegrated COMSEC SINCGARS
37ICOMNASDAQ SymbolsIntelect Communications, Inc.
38ICOMUncategorizedIntercollegiate Communication Organization of Mizzou
41ICOMNASA - SpaceInterCOMmunications
42ICOMUncategorizedInternational Coalition of Motorcyclists
43ICOMMusicInternational College Of Music
44ICOMMalaysiaInternational College of Music
45ICOMUncategorizedInternational Committee of Memorial
46ICOMMusicInternational Committee of Musical
47ICOMCultureInternational Committee on Museum
48ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Machine
49ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Management
50ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Mathematics
51ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Mechanical
52ICOMEngineeringInternational Conference on Mechatronics
53ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Medical
54ICOMInternationalInternational Conference on Memory
55ICOMUniversityInternational Conference on Memory
56ICOMForumInternational Conference on Missions
57ICOMUncategorizedInternational Conference on Multimedia
58ICOMResearchInternational Conference on Multimodality
59ICOMUncategorizedInternational Congress of Maritime
60ICOMUncategorizedInternational Congress of Mathematicians
61ICOMMedicalInternational Congress of Oriental Medicine
62ICOMInternationalInternational Congress on Membranes
63ICOMScienceInternational Congress on Membranes
64ICOMCultureInternational Council of Museum
65ICOMMuseumsInternational Council Of Museums
66ICOMTicketInternational Council of Museums
67ICOMEducationInternational Council of Museums
68ICOMMuseumInternational Council on Monuments
69ICOMUncategorizedInternational Currency Options Master
70ICOMJuridicalInvestigation Collaboration Orchestration and Motivation

ICOM – International Council of Museums

ICOM represents the International Council of Museums. It is an association framed in 1946 and for gallery experts. ICOM works for society and its turn of events and is focused on ensuring the conservation, coherence and insurance of social merchandise.

Shaped in 1946, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an NGO that keeps up a proper relationship with UNESCO and holds a consultative situation with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

ICOM additionally works with associations, for example, the World Intellectual Property Organization, Interpol and World Customs Organization to complete its global public help missions, which remember battling illicit traffic for social merchandise and advancing danger the executives and regular or Emergency readiness are to ensure the world social legacy in case of human-made calamities.

ICOM individuals get an ICOM Membership Card, which offers free admission to numerous historical centres the world over, or at a diminished rate.

ICOM has 5 main missions:

  • Setting principles of greatness.
  • Driving a strategic discussion.
  • Building up an expert organization
  • Driving a worldwide research organization and
  • Executing global missions.


ICOM – Intermediate of Commerce

Icom’s full structure is Intermediate of Commerce. After a practical finish of school education, i.e. 10th from any perceived board one can do middle of the road business course. On the off chance that you need to excel in the field of trade, at that point, Intermediate with Commerce is the initial step.

In the wake of doing this course, you can anticipate a decent vocation and a decent life.

After the tenth level in India, understudies get an opportunity to choose their course or field of study. There are countless choices accessible like-Intermediate of Arts, Intermediate of Science, Intermediate of Commerce, Industrial Training Institute, Diploma in Engineering and others.

UPSS Full Form

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