IFC Full Form

IFC Full Form: What Does IFC Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of IFC but also get detailed information about IFC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does IFC stand for?

IFC Full Form

The term IFC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

IFC Full Form is – International Finance Corporation

IFC (International Finance Corporation) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It was established by an agreement reached in Washington on May 25, 1955, which became effective from July 20, 1956. On February 20, 1957, the IFC became the exclusive agency of the United Nations. The IFC’s basic objective is to further economic growth by encouraging the growth of productive private or partly government enterprises.

The International Finance Corporation serves as both a multilateral development bank and a private financial institution. It provides risk capital to productive private enterprises with economic preference in developing countries without the support of private investors and government guarantees. Motivational conditions are encouraged by the corporation to flow private investment in development works. It provides financial and technical support to privately controlled development finance companies. It supports joint ventures providing the technical, managerial experience available in industrialized countries and the opportunity to combine market knowledge and domestic sponsorship. In summary, IFC’s activities focus on the following five areas – investment, promotion, capital markets programs, technical assistance, and federation. IFC has 185 members (as of December 2013).

IFC Full Form in Banking

International Finance Corporation

What Does IFC Stand For?

IFC stands for – International Finance Corporation

All Full Forms of IFC

Below is the complete Full-Form list of the term IFC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIFC Full Form
1IFCNourishmentI Forgot Cheetos
2IFCSurgeryIce-Free Cryopreservation
3IFCUncategorizedIdeal Fading Channel
4IFCUncategorizedIgnite Fighting Championship
5IFCAccountingIgnore File Check
6IFCUncategorizedIllinois Fencing Club
7IFCWikipediaImages for cleanup
8IFCCellImaging Flow Cytometry
9IFCUncategorizedImaging Frontier Center
10IFCCameraImmediate Focus Confirm
11IFCUncategorizedImmersive Field Course
12IFCUncategorizedImmortal Fighting Championship
14IFCMicrobiologyImmunofluorescence Colony Staining
15IFCFightImpact Fighting Championship
16IFCBiotechnologyImpedance Flow Cytometry
17IFCGlobalizationImperatives for Change
18IFCUncategorizedImperium Fighting Championship
19IFCDarfurImplementation Follow-up Commission
20IFCHobbyIMX Fan Club
21IFCUncategorizedIn Flight Calibration
22IFCSatelliteIn Flight Connectivity
23IFCRadiologyIncidental Findings Committee
24IFCUncategorizedIncidental Food Contact
25IFCDisabilityInclusive Fitness Coalition
26IFCUncategorizedIndependant Film Channel
27IFCUncategorizedIndependent Fertility Concerns
28IFCUncategorizedIndependent Film Center
29IFCMedia CenterIndependent Film Channel
30IFCUncategorizedIndependent Film Club
31IFCUncategorizedIndependent Film Collaborative
34IFCUncategorizedIndependent Film Community
35IFCUncategorizedIndependent Filmmaker's Coalition
36IFCUncategorizedIndependent Filmmakers Cooperative
37IFCTrainerIndependent Fitness Consultants
38IFCSportIndependent Football Commission
39IFCUncategorizedIndependent Forecasts and Competitive
40IFCUncategorizedIndia Festival Committee
41IFCIndiaIndia Finance Conference
42IFCAirlineIndian Air Force
43IFCMovieIndian Film Company
44IFCIndiaIndian Financial Code
45IFCCompanies or OrganizationsIndian Food Corporation
46IFCUncategorizedIndian Forest College
47IFCUncategorizedIndian Foundry Congress
48IFCUncategorizedIndiana Finance Company
49IFCUncategorizedIndianapolis Fencing Club
50IFCEngineeringIndicated Final Cost
51IFCVoluntary OrganizationIndigenous Family Centre
52IFCUncategorizedIndirect Forced Circulation
53IFCUncategorizedIndividual Family Care
54IFCVeterinaryIndividual Fecal Culture
55IFCMilitaryIndividual Field Craft
56IFCUncategorizedIndividual Folding Carton
57IFCIndonesiaIndonesia Fashion Chamber
58IFCUncategorizedIndonesian Family Church
59IFCIndonesiaIndonesian Fashion Chamber
60IFCUncategorizedIndonesian Fighting Championship
61IFCUncategorizedIndoor Fan Contactor
62IFCUncategorizedIndustrial Fabrication Contractors
63IFCBankingIndustrial Finance Corporation
64IFCUncategorizedIndustrial Flow Control
65IFCModelIndustrial Foundation Class
66IFCBusinessIndustrial Fumigant Company
67IFCBuildingIndustry Foundation Class
68IFCUncategorizedInfant Formula Council
69IFCMedicalInferior Frontal Cortex
71IFCUncategorizedIn-Flight Cabin
72IFCNASAIn-Flight Calibration
73IFCScienceIn-Flight Calibrator
74IFCOphthalmologyIn-Flight Characterization
75IFCSatelliteIn-Flight Connectivity
76IFCSciencein-flight control
77IFCManagementIn-Form Consult
78IFCFinanceInformation and Facilitation Counter
79IFCUncategorizedInformation Facilitation Counter
80IFCQualityInformation Fidelity Criterion
81IFCSecurityInformation Flow Control
82IFCLibraryInformation Fluency Continuum
83IFCTechnologyInformation From Controller
84IFCSingaporeInformation Fusion Centre
85IFCServiceInformed Financial Consent
86IFCTechnologyInfrastructure Fault Control
87IFCUncategorizedInfrastructure Finance Company
88IFCUncategorizedInheritance Funding Company
89IFCTechnologyInitial Filter Criteria
91IFCTelecomInitial First Cost
92IFCUncategorizedInitial Flow Control
93IFCEnvironmental HealthInitial Fructose Concentration
94IFCUncategorizedInitiative for Change
95IFCPrintingInside Front Cover
96IFCTradingInstitute Freight Clauses
97IFCToronto Stock ExchangeIntact Financial Corporation
98IFCMedicalIntegrated Fluidic Circuit
99IFCBiotechnologyIntegrated Fluidic Circuits
100IFCUncategorizedIntegrated Frame And Cover
101IFCEducationalIntegrated Furnace Control
102IFCInformation TechnologyIntel Fortran Compiler
103IFCCommitteesIntellectual Freedom Committee
104IFCPoliticsIntelligence Fusion Cell
105IFCArmyIntelligence Fusion Center
106IFCUncategorizedIntelligent Flexible Cloud
107IFCUncategorizedIntelligent Frame Correction
108IFCScienceIntensive Field Campaign
109IFCEducationIntensive Foster Care
110IFCCouncilInter Faith Council
111IFCCouncilInter Fraternity Council
112IFCUncategorizedInteractive File Controller
113IFCAMEX SymbolsInterchange Financial Services Corporation
114IFCFederationIntercontinental Federation Champions
115IFCMedicalInterferential Current
116IFCAircraft & AviationInterim Flight Clearance
117IFCHealth ServiceIntermediate Care Facility
118IFCEngineeringIntermediate form of building contract
119IFCMedicalIntermittent Flow Centrifugation
120IFCPoliticsInternal Fund Code
121IFCInternationalInternational Feature Conference
122IFCCheerleadingInternational Federation of Cheerleading
123IFCBusinessInternational Federation of Surveyors
124IFCFightingInternational Fighting Championships
125IFCUncategorizedInternational Film Channel
126IFCUncategorizedInternational Finace Center
127IFCOfficeInternational Finance Center
128IFCBusinessInternational Finance Centre
129IFCBankingInternational Finance Corporation
130IFCInternational BusinessInternational Financial Center
131IFCInternational BusinessInternational Financial Cooperation
132IFCInternationalInternational Fire Code
133IFCInternationalInternational Fire Consultants
134IFCCouncilInternational Firestop Council
135IFCLocal - CountriesInternational Folkdance Camp
136IFCShippingInternational Freighting Corporation
137IFCInternationalInternational Fried Chicken
138IFCBioengineeringInternational Fuel Cell
139IFCTechnologyInternet Foundation Classes
140IFCOpticsIntra Fiber Cabling
141IFCCouncilIntra Fraternity Council
142IFCPsychiatryIntrinsic Functional Connectivity
143IFCCompanies or OrganizationsIowa Fried Chicken
144IFCLocal - IrishIrish Folklore Collection
145IFCUncategorizedIron From California
146IFCCommitteesIrving Fisher Committee
147IFCOrganizationsIrwin Financial Corp
148IFCOrganizationsIrwin Financial Corporation
149IFCTechnologyIssue for Construction
150IFCConstructionIssued for Construction
151IFCLaw EnforcementIssuing a Fraudulent Check

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