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IMO Full Form

IMO Full Form: What Does IMO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of IMO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does IMO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of IMO.

IMO Full Form

The term IMO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

IMO Full Form is – International Maritime Organization

It was created in 1958. The purpose of this organization is to promote cooperation between states in technology. Issues of navigation, observance of safety standards of navigation, etc. The supreme body of the IMO is the Assembly, convened once every two years. Between sessions, the IMO is governed by a council elected by the Assembly. The administrative working body of the IMO is the Secretariat headquartered in London (UK).

By the end of the 19th century, there was a proposal to start creating a permanent industry association to consider the problems of operational safety of navigation. In 1888, Scandinavia countries put forward a proposal to begin creating the International Maritime Bureau to solve the issues of seaworthiness of a technical nature.

What is IMO Full Form in Chat?

In My Opinion

What Does IMO Stand For?

IMO stands for – International Maritime Organization

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a United Nations specialized body in charge of improving international shipping safety and security and avoiding ship-caused marine pollution.

The goals of the International Maritime Organization are best summed up in its slogan, “Safe, reliable and efficient delivery in clean oceans.” Essentially, IMO establishes a policy for international transport by not allowing shippers to compromise on safety, security, and the environment to solve financial problems and encourage innovation and efficiency.

IMO also deals with legal issues related to international transport, such as liability and compensation issues and the facilitation of international shipping. The Assembly considers matters such as elections to councils, deciding on a work program, and considering a budget.

The headquarters are located in London (UK).

The highest governing body of IMO is the Assembly, which meets once every two years. In between sessions of the Assembly, the work of IMO is governed by a Council, consisting of 40 states, elected by the Assembly. The Russian Federation is traditionally elected to the Council in the highest category A as one of the leading maritime powers.

There are five committees in the structure of IMO: on the safety of navigation, protection of the marine environment (established in 1973 with the active participation of the USSR), technical cooperation, facilitation of formalities, and the legal committee.

IMO, Committees can create Subcommittees for more detailed consideration of specialized issues. There are currently seven Subcommittees: Ship Design and Construction, Ship Systems and Equipment, Pollution Prevention and Response, Human Factors, Seafarer Training and Watchkeeping, Navigation, Communications, Search and Rescue, IMO Implementation, transportation of goods and containers.

What Does IMO Stand For in Texting?

In Texting IMO stands for – In My Opinion

VFX Full Form

What is Full Forms of IMO?

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term IMO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIMO Full Form
1IMOUnited NationsInternational Maritime Organization
2IMOInternet - ChatI My Opinion
3IMOFunnyIce Man's Obituary
5IMOIcelandIceland Met Office
6IMOIcelandIceland Meteorological Office
9IMOIcelandIcelandic Meteorological Office
10IMOMeteorologyIcelandic Meteorology Office
11IMOUncategorizedIdentity Market and Offering
12IMOIkatan Media OnlineIdiopathic Massive Osteolysis
13IMOSlangIdiot Must Obey
14IMOAutomotiveIgnition Module
15IMOAutomotiveIgnition Monitor
16IMOInternet - ChatI'm Moving On
17IMONeurologyImmobilization In Wooden Boards
18IMONeuroscienceImmobilization On Boards
19IMOOncologyImmune Modulatory Oligonucleotides
20IMOToronto Stock ExchangeImperial Oil Limited
21IMOOrganizationsImperial Oil Ltd.
22IMOAMEX SymbolsImperial Oil, LTD.
23IMOCharityIn Memory Of
24IMOUncategorizedIn My Office
25IMOInternet - ChatIn My Opinion
26IMOUncategorizedIn My Own
27IMOBusinessIncident Management Officer
28IMOOccupation & PositionsIndependent Market Operator
29IMOMarketingIndependent Marketing Organization
30IMOSwimmingIndividual Medley Order
31IMOPathologyInflammation-Mediated Osteopenia
34IMONormal BusinessInformation Management Office
35IMOBusinessInformation Management Officer
36IMOUncategorizedInformation Market Observatory
37IMOUncategorizedInformation Media Outlet
38IMOUncategorizedInformation Model Objects
39IMOInformation TechnologyInput, Manipulation, and Output
40IMOBankingInstant Money Order
41IMOInstitutesInstitute of Men's Organizations
42IMOManagementInstruction Management Office
43IMOManagementInstructional Management Office
44IMOInsuranceInsurance Marketing Organization
45IMOPharmaceuticalIntegrated Mathematical Oncology
46IMOManagementIntegration Management Office
47IMOPharmaceuticalIntelligent Pharmaceutical
48IMOConsultingInterim Mode of Operation
49IMOUSPSInternational Mail Order
50IMOProfessional OrganizationsInternational Maratime Organisation
51IMOBusinessInternational Marine Organisation
52IMOOilfieldInternational Marine Organization
53IMOInternationalInternational Maritime Organisation
54IMOEducationalInternational Mathematical Olympiad
55IMOInternationalInternational Mathematical Olympiads
56IMOEducationalInternational Mathematics Olympiad
57IMOAstronomyInternational Meteor Organization
58IMOInternationalInternational Meteorological Organization
59IMOMusicInternational Money Order
60IMOBusinessInternet Mail Only
61IMOInternetInternet Multimedia And Office
62IMOInformation TechnologyInternet Multimedia Office
63IMOVoluntary OrganizationInto Members Only
64IMOPharmaceuticalIntravenous Membrane Oxygenator
65IMONavyIntrepid Marine Observer
66IMOMedicalIrish Medical Organisation
67IMOProfessional OrganizationsIrish Pharmaceutical
68IMOInternet - ChatIrrational Motivated Opinion
70IMONavigationMember State Audit Scheme
71IMOUncategorizedOf In My Opinion
72IMOAirportZemio Airport


What is IMO Full Form in Slag?

In My Opinion

What is IMO Full Form in Olympiad?

International Mathematical Olympiad

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about IMO. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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