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KFC Full Form

KFC Full Form: What Does KFC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of KFC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does KFC stand fo r? Also all possible Full Form of KFC.

KFC Full Form

The term KFC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

KFC Full Form is – Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC restaurants, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, became a full-fledged chain in the 1950s, before their McDonald’s rivals.

KFC enterprises specialize in the manufacture of chicken dishes according to original recipes with many seasonings, the composition of which is a trade secret of the company. In terms of popularity, chicken-based products successfully compete with hamburgers in the fast-food segment.

KFC has been headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, since its inception and is still based today.

Garland Sanders

Garland David Sanders was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. His childhood was not easy. At the age of 5, Garland’s father died, and his mother had to work late at a cannery to provide food and clothing for the orphaned children. Little Garland looked after the younger brothers and sisters. In addition, his duties included feeding. For this reason, Sanders learned to cook early, which later led to his interest in collecting original recipes and his own experiments.

At the age of 13, Garland Sanders moved from the home where he spent his childhood and began to live alone, raising money independently. At the age of 16, he was drafted into the United States Army. At the end of his service, Garland travelled the states. He began collecting recipes and preparing his friend’s exotic dishes they liked on these trips, which they willingly tried.

From 1900 to 1924, Garland Sanders worked as a farmer’s assistant, public transport conductor and tried himself in many other specialties.

The first cafe

In 1930, Garland David Sanders, then 40 years old, bought a gas station from Shell in Corbyn, Kentucky, where he later launched his first Sanders Court and Cafe, converting a gas station storage room into a small dining room. The menu in this utility room was not particularly original and consisted of steaks, ham and drinks.

In 1934, Garland Sanders bought a second gas station on the opposite side of the highway. On its premises, he placed a dining room for six tables. Striving to excel in the restaurant business, Sanders completed an 8-week course in restaurant management at Cornell University.

After that, he first introduced fried chicken to the menu, cooked according to his own original recipe with herbs and spices. It was very popular with the visitors of the gas station, and over time, people began to visit the dining room just to have a snack. The popularity of the institution grew.

Cooking technology, “11 herbs and spices.”

In 1935, Sanders was awarded the Order of the Kentucky Colonels for his active participation in the development of roadside food.

In 1937, Garland Sanders expanded Sanders Court and Cafe and faced a significant problem. Frying chicken in a pan took more than half an hour, which was too long for customers in cars, but if cooked in advance, some portions were lost, leading to customer dissatisfaction and loss of money. Garland Sanders began looking for ways to shorten cooking times without losing flavour.

In 1939, a kitchen innovation appeared in the United States of America – pressure cookers, which were then intended only for cooking vegetables. Sanders began using this electrical appliance for roasting chicken meat, which immediately halved the cooking time and significantly increased the house’s revenue.

In 1940, Garland Sanders perfected his chicken cooking technology with the original 11 Herbs and Spices recipe. His list of ingredients includes salt, pepper. Other components were not disclosed. Later, Garland Sanders bought a roadside motel, which further increased the flow of customers and allowed the business to expand.

“Colonel” Sanders

In 1950, Garland David Sanders became a famous personality in Kentucky and was awarded the title of “Colonel of Kentucky,” which was the beginning of a new image. Garland Sanders grew a goatee, began to wear frock coats, and then – white suits, bolo ties, and be called a colonel. It was then that the historical image appeared, which still adorns the products of the KFC brand.

The cafes were famous for their delicious menus and growing prominence, but the primary visitors to Sanders Court and Cafe continued to be motorists on the highway. And when the plan for the new I-75 became known in 1955, Garland Sanders knew immediately that the route would bypass his business, which meant the loss of most of his customers soon.

Then Sanders sold gas stations, cafes and motels and travelled to neighbouring US states, offering restaurateurs to buy the rights to use recipes for his original dishes. Then he first started thinking about creating a franchise. At first, Colonel Sanders himself was looking for franchising partners and entered into agreements. The franchisee charged him 5 cents for each sold chicken prepared according to his recipe.

Pete Harman, the first franchisee

The emergence of KFC as a powerful international brand is associated with the success of its first partners.

Colonel Sanders’ first franchise was in 1952 with Pete Harman of Salt Lake City, Utah. The agreement allowed him to add Sanders’ recipes to the menus of his own establishments and gave him the right to use the Kentucky Fried Chicken trademark and the image of the company owner.

When the new product was added to the menu, revenue at Pete Harman’s establishments tripled: 75% of the increase was due to Chicken Sanders. The people of Utah perceived the Kentucky chicken as exotic and saw in it an expression of the hospitality of the inhabitants of the southern states.

Artist Don Anderson designed the Kentucky Fried Chicken logo for Pete Harman. Garland Sanders agreed with the name to reinforce the distinction between his chicken dish and the classic Fat-Fried Southern Chicken that appears in most other restaurants in the United States.

Pete Harman was the one who officially registered the slogan “It’s finger-licking ‘good,” which was already fixed in his establishment, which was introduced a little later in all other points. In 1957, he also came up with a $ 3.5 “bucket lunch” concept that included chicken pieces, rolls, and gravy. The idea came to him by accident when he received a batch of 500 paper buckets from Garland Sanders with a proposal to use them somehow. The buckets went to Sanders by mistake when the container supplier mistook the order.

In 1960, the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain had 200 outlets scattered around the country. And in 1963, there were 600 of them.

Sale of the company

In 1964, Garland Sanders, who turned 74, sold the company, which owns 600 restaurants in the United States of America, to a group of investors led by John Young Brown and Jack Massey for $ 2 million.

In addition to the payment of $ 2 million, the agreement provided the company’s founder with the transfer of an annual pension and left him with the functions of managing the quality department and the status of a “living trademark”. In addition, Colonel Sanders remained the copyright holder of the Canadian franchises and was engaged in business for a long time.

John Brown and Jack Massey unified the procedures of a previously promiscuous enterprise. With the introduction of new standards, all franchisees have removed additional dishes from the menu, leaving only the original Kentucky Fried Chicken products. The company began to grow at an accelerated pace thanks to the sale of only chicken dishes, for which the concessionaires acquired the franchises. Also, all restaurants have changed their design. They were decorated with white and red stripes with attics.

In 1976, Colonel Sanders was recognized as the 2nd most recognizable advertising character in the world. He died in 1980 at the age of 90.

KFC Full Form in Restaurant

Full Form of KFC Restaurant is – Kentucky Fried Chicken

What Does KFC Stand For?

KFC stands for – Kentucky Fried Chicken

CMA Full Form

What is Full Forms of KFC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term KFC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryKFC Full Form
1KFCCompanies or OrganizationsKentucky Fried Chicken
2KFCFunnyDelightful Nugget of Story
3KFCFoodKabul Fried Chicken
5KFCFoodKai's Fried Chicken
6KFCUncategorizedKaiser Finance Corporation
9KFCAutomotiveKaiser Frazer Corporation
10KFCOllaKangaroo Father Care
11KFCSportKangaroos Football Club
12KFCCompanies or OrganizationsKarachi Food Center
13KFCFoodKarachi Fried Chicken
14KFCUncategorizedKarate for Christ
15KFCUncategorizedKarl Franks Chutney
16KFCFunnyKeep Fat Coming
17KFCWorking GroupsKeep Fighting Communism
18KFCFunnyKeep Fingers Crossed
19KFCFunnyKeep Flipping the Chicken
20KFCUncategorizedKeep Following Christ
21KFCUncategorizedKeep Fooling Customers
22KFCUncategorizedKeeping Fowls Cruelly
23KFCMiscellaneousKeeping Friendship Close
24KFCUncategorizedKeith's Fantasy Club
25KFCUncategorizedKelvin Fahrenheit Celsius
26KFCUnit MeasuresKelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius
27KFCSpace TechnologyKennedy Flight Center
28KFCUncategorizedKentucky Fighting Challenge
29KFCCigarKentucky Fire Cured
30KFCKentuckyKentucky Fired Chicken
31KFCUncategorizedKentucky For Christmas
34KFCFunnyKentucky Fried Cat
35KFCFoodKentucky Fried Chickens
36KFCFunnyKentucky Fried Chihuahua
37KFCKentuckyKentucky Fried Children
38KFCFunnyKentucky Fried Chimpanzee
39KFCUncategorizedKentucky Fried Clams
40KFCUncategorizedKentucky Fried Cody
41KFCFunnyKentucky Fried Crawdads
42KFCFunnyKentucky Fried Crocodile
43KFCUncategorizedKentucky Fried Cruelty
44KFCUncategorizedKentucky Friend Chicken
45KFCFunnyKentucky's Finest Cousins
46KFCKenyaKenya Film Commission
47KFCKenyaKenya Fluorspar Company
48KFCUncategorizedKenya Forestry College
49KFCUncategorizedKenyan Flower Council
50KFCUncategorizedKenyan Fried Chicken
51KFCUncategorizedKerala Finance Corporation
52KFCMedicalKetanserin on Fibroblast Culture
53KFCMalaysiaKey Function Committee
54KFCUncategorizedKFC Fried Chicken
55KFCAutomotiveKia Fan Club
56KFCFunnyKick For Cannabis
57KFCFunnyKicked and Flung Chickens
58KFCUncategorizedKicking Fat Children
59KFCLocalKicking For Christ
60KFCFunnyKidnapping Fancy Children
61KFCUncategorizedKidney Foundation of Canada
62KFCLocal - CountriesKids Fating Centre
63KFCUncategorizedKids Fattening Centre
64KFCUncategorizedKids Fighting Championship
65KFCOrganizationKids Find Character
66KFCFunnyKids For Cannabis
67KFCLocalKids For Christ
68KFCChurchKids for Christ
69KFCInternet SlagKilling Fat Children
70KFCUncategorizedKilling Fluffy Chickens
71KFCUncategorizedKilling For Company
72KFCGovernmentKilmarnock Football Club
73KFCUncategorizedKimber From California
74KFCUncategorizedKind Firm and Clear
75KFCUncategorizedKisumu Frisbee Club
76KFCUncategorizedKitchen Fixed Charge
77KFCUncategorizedKitchen Fresh Chicken
78KFCUncategorizedKitchen Fried Chicken
79KFCFunnyKitchen Full of Coons
80KFCForumKiwanis Family Conference
81KFCUncategorizedKlan Fighting Clowns
82KFCCouncilKlan Freedom Council
83KFCUncategorizedKlan Fried Chicken
84KFCUncategorizedKnife Fork Chicken
85KFCUncategorizedKnowing For Certain
86KFCCultivationKnox Farmers Cooperative
87KFCClubsKobold Fight Club
88KFCUncategorizedKooks Furry Cheese
89KFCFunnyKorean Fried Cat
91KFCNourishmentKorean Fried Chicken
92KFCAthleticsKorean Fried Cricket
93KFCAirlineKremenchuk Flight College
94KFCUncategorizedKung Fu Castle
95KFCClubsKunous Fan Club
96KFCNourishmentKuwaiti Fried Chicken
97KFCRestaurantsKwality Food Cafe

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Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about KFC. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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