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MICR Full Form

MICR Full Form: What Does MICR Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of MICR is? Then, here you will come to know what Does MICR stand for? Also all possible Full Form of MICR.

MICR Full Form

The term MICR has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

MICR Full Form is – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology

MICR technology is to print a unique code on the check in a specially designed font that is easily recognized by bank and cash scanners. This set of recognizable symbols transmits all the necessary information to the recipient – the name of the issuing bank, the account number, and the check (in some cases, even the amount specified in it). Printing is done in magnetic ink.

MICR Full Form

Banks that use MICR introduce it into checks. These checks contain the bank’s identification code, check number, and account number, pre-printed with unique magnetic ink containing iron oxide particles. The advantage of using magnetic printing is that it helps you read symbols easily, even if there is a rewrite or a mark.

MICR applications, on the other hand, need specific typefaces such as E-138 and CMC-7. MICR symbols are used at the bottom of the checklist in several countries, including India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, in E-13B typeface.

The symbols are printed in special fonts E-13B or CMC-7. Each typeface consists of numbers and symbols specially designed to read information by automatic sorting machines that run at a very high speed. The symbols determine the beginning and end of the sequence of numbers, allowing the machine to determine the purpose of each series of numbers quickly.

Line, code, and character placement, staple shape, and print quality are key components of MICR printing. The line should be located exactly in the MICR box so that you can create consistency in the check processing process. It’s important that every code symbol is readable and that the printing methods are reliable.

MICR printing is only possible with special magnetic ink or toner on laser or inkjet printers and specialized printing presses. Magnetic toner and ink formulas contain iron oxide, which provides the symbols with a magnetic charge. The symbols printed on the face of a conventional toner or ink will look the same as magnetic ones, but the scanner will not count the information from such code.

MICR refers to the recognition of symbols by magnetic ink. The MICR code is based on character recognition technology and helps speed up check processing. As in India, everyone.

The bank’s branch has a unique MICR code, and thus the RBI can easily identify the bank’s branch, and banking transactions are carried out faster. It’s a nine-digit number. MICR components are: –

  1. The first three figures relate to the city code (location of the bank branch)
  2. The following three figures represent the bank code.
  3. The last three figures relate to the bank branch code.

MICR codes use special ink sensitive to magnetic fields to be encoded in magnetic symbols. This is used to improve transaction security. For example, a spoof test can be easily detected because the magnetic ink line will not respond to magnetic fields and thus provide the wrong code when scanning. This code also helps you avoid errors that may occur when you manually clear your checks.

The MICR code was designed to speed up the check-checking process. Fraud cases can also be traced using MICR codes. MICR codes in India are made up of numbers denoting the bank’s identity.

What is MICR Full Form in Computer?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

What is MICR Full Form in Banking Sector?

Full Form of MICR in Banking is – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

What Does MICR Stand For?

MICR stands for – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MICR (character recognition with magnetic ink) is a character scanning technology that uses magnetic ink and special symbols. Scanning the MICR document is processed by a special scanner that magnetizes special ink and then converts magnetic information into symbols. Banking systems use this technology to process large volumes of cheques quickly.

The data shown at the bottom of the check, which contains the bank routing number, client account number, and check number.

The advantage of MICR over other machine-readable information such as barcodes is that people can read the MICR.

MICR code was designed to speed up the check verification process. Fraud can also be tracked using MICR codes. SWIFT codes contain symbols, while MICR codes in India are made up of numbers indicating the identity of the bank.

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What Does MICR Stand For in Banking?

In Banking MICR Stand For – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

PUC Full Form

What is Full Forms of MICR

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term MICR.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMICR Full Form
1MICRInformation TechnologyMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
2MICRTechnologyMagnetic Ink Card Reader
3MICRUncategorizedMagnetic Ink Cartridge Recognition
5MICRTechnologyMagnetic Ink Character Reader
6MICRMicroscopeMagnetic Ink Character Reading
9MICRTechnologyMagnetic Ink Character Recognizer
10MICRUncategorizedMagnetic Ink Chart Receipt
11MICRTechnologyMagnetic Ink Check Reader
12MICRTechnologyMagnetic Ink Code Recognition
13MICRTechnologyMagnetic-Ink Character Reading
14MICRComputingMagneticInk Characters Reader
15MICRLaw EnforcementMajor Incident Control Room
16MICRSpeechMalayalam Islamic Class Room
17MICRMilitaryMateriel Change Information Report
18MICRMedicalMaximum Individual Cancer Risk
19MICRMedicalMember of the Institute of Clinical Research
20MICRAthleticsMemphis Inner City Rugby
21MICRMedicalMethacholine Inhalation Challenge Response
22MICRNon-profit OrganizationMichigan Care Improvement Registry
23MICRJuridicalMichigan Incident Crime Reporting
26MICRPhotographyMicroscopy Imaging Cytometry Resources
27MICRInstitutesMidwest Institute for Clinical Research
28MICRDevelopmentMini In Close River
29MICRBusinessMinimal input customer records
30MICRPharmaceuticalMinimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation
31MICRSurgeryMinimally Invasive Colorectal Resection
34MICRTechnologyMinimum Internal Control Requirements
35MICRForumMinorities In Cancer Research
36MICRDentistryMultiple Invasive Cervical Resorption

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about MICR. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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