MTP Full Form

MTP Full Form: What Does MTP Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of MTP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of MTP but also get detailed information about MTP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does MTP stand for?

MTP Full Form

The term MTP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

MTP Full Form is – Multi-Tasking Staff

SSC MTS is for the Employees Choice Fee examination for multi-tasking workers. SSC MTS is an examination performed by the Employees Choice Fee.

SSC conducts recruitment for multi-tasking workers posts in varied departments and places of work underneath the Central Authorities.

MTP – Medical Termination of Pregnancy

MTP, which stands for Medical Termination of Being pregnant, is a technique of termination of being pregnant utilizing medicine. Within the early levels of being pregnant (7-9 weeks), it may be eradicated with the assistance of treatment, in any other case, the surgical process is required. Medical termination of being pregnant is authorized in India if the period of being pregnant doesn’t exceed 20 weeks. Legally, solely the consent of a dominant pregnant girl is critical to terminate the being pregnant and no different particular person’s approval is required.

What Does MTP Stand For?

MTP stands for – Multi-Tasking Staff and Medical Termination of Pregnancy

All Full Forms of MTP

Now, below is the list of All Full Form of MTP from various Category

Sr. No.TermCategoryMTP Full Forms
1MTPScienceM. Tuberculosis Pili
2MTPUncategorizedMachine & Tool Products
3MTPUncategorizedMachine Tool Promotions
4MTPUncategorizedMacMillan Technical Publishing
6MTPUncategorizedMad Tea Party
7MTPGamingMagical Tea Party
8MTPUncategorizedMagick in Theory and Practice
9MTPTechnologyMagnetic Tape Processor
10MTPInformation TechnologyMail Transfer Protocol
11MTPTechnologyMail Transfer Protocol
12MTPWW2Main Teaching Point
13MTPArmyMaintenance Test Plan
14MTPInternet - ChatMake This Public
15MTPUncategorizedMake to Print
16MTPMedicalMaltose Tetrapalmitate
17MTPManagementManagement Trainee Program
18MTPTechnologyManufacturing Technical Procedure
19MTPInformation TechnologyManufacturing Technology Platform
20MTPAthleticsMarathon Transport Protocol
21MTPMedicalMarijuana Treatment Project
22MTPArmyMaritime Task Plan
23MTPUncategorizedMarket Transformation Programme
24MTPTransportationMaryland Transportation Plan
25MTPUncategorizedMashina Tekhnicheskoj Pomoshchi
26MTPUncategorizedMassive Transformative Purpose
27MTPMedicalMassive Transfusion Protocol
28MTPUncategorizedMassively Transformative Purpose
29MTPUncategorizedMassively Trolled Pages
30MTPDegreeMaster of Town Planning
31MTPEducationalMaster Teacher Program
32MTPEducationalMaster Teacher Project
33MTPTechnologyMaster Test Plan
34MTPUncategorizedMaster Thoroughfare Plan
35MTPManagementMaster Trainer Program
36MTPMilitaryMaster Training Plan
37MTPTransportationMaster Transportation Plan
38MTPEducationalMasters Training Package
39MTPUncategorizedMaterial Test Papers
40MTPEducationalMaterial, Techniques, and Processes
41MTPMedicalMaximal Tolerated Power
42MTPTechnologyMaximum Tyre Pressure
43MTPUncategorizedMcAfee Total Protection
44MTPUncategorizedMean This Page
45MTPOpticsMechanical Transfer Push-on
46MTPInformation TechnologyMedia Technology Production
47MTPInformation TechnologyMedia Termination Point
48MTPTechnologyMedia Transfer Protocol
49MTPMedicalMedial Tibial Plateau
50MTPOncologyMedian Time to Progression
51MTPMedicalMedical Termination of Pregnancy
52MTPTechnologyMedium-Term Plan
53MTPMedia CenterMeet the Press
54MTPUncategorizedMega Transfer Protocol
55MTPUncategorizedMentor Tutor Programme
56MTPUncategorizedMerkle Tree Proof
57MTPUncategorizedMessage Transfer Pan
58MTPTelecomMessage Transfer Part
59MTPTechnologyMessage Transport Protocol
60MTPLocal - CountriesMeta Thinking Process
62MTPPharmaceuticalMetatarsophalangeal articulations
63MTPMedicalMetatarsophalangeal Joint
64MTPTechnologyMeteosat Transition Programme
65MTPMedicalMethamphetamine Treatment Project
66MTPUncategorizedMethanol To Propylene
67MTPUncategorizedMethod Test Prep
70MTPEnvironmental HealthMetoprolol
71MTPUncategorizedMetropolitan Trans Plan
72MTPRailwayMetropolitan Transport Project
73MTPTransportationMetropolitan Transportation Plan
75MTPInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Threat Protection
76MTPMedicalMicrosomal Transfer Protein
77MTPBiochemistryMicrosomal Triglyceride transfer Protein
78MTPMicrobiologyMicrotiter Plate
79MTPBiochemistryMicrotubule Protein
80MTPNASAMicrowave Temperature Profiler
81MTPNormal BusinessMid-term Plan
82MTPWW2Military Training Pamphlet
83MTPUncategorizedMillennial Trains Project
84MTPUncategorizedMind The Product
85MTPMedicalMinimum Tiling Path
86MTPUncategorizedMinimum Tour Price
88MTPArmyMission Tasking Packet
89MTPNASA - SpaceMission Test Plan
90MTPArmyMission Training Plan
91MTPMilitaryMission Training Plans
92MTPBiochemistryMitochondrial permeability Transition Pore
93MTPMedicalMitochondrial Transition Pore
94MTPOncologyMitochondrial Transmembrane Potential
95MTPMedicalMitochondrial Trifunctional Protein
96MTPInformation TechnologyMobile Transactional Platform
97MTPWW2Mobilization Training Program
98MTPUncategorizedMolecular Targets Program
99MTPUncategorizedMonitored Treatment Program
100MTPNYSE SymbolsMontana Power Company
101MTPAirport CodeMontauk Airport
102MTPLocal - Airport CodesMontauk Point, New York USA
103MTPUncategorizedMost Traveled People
104MTPUncategorizedMostly Terrible Pontificating
105MTPUncategorizedMother Tongue Project
106MTPPsychiatryMothers and Toddlers Program
107MTPCityMountain Theme Pack
108MTPNormal BusinessMove To Production
109MTPGeographyMss Telemetry Processor
110MTPPatternMulti Terrain Pattern
111MTPTechnologyMulticast Transport Protocol
112MTPUncategorizedMultifiber Termination Push
113MTPStatisticsMultiple Testing Procedure
114MTPInformation TechnologyMultiple Time Programmable
115MTPUncategorizedMultiple Transformative Principles
116MTPUncategorizedMuniFund Term Preferred
117MTPMedicalMuramyl Tripeptide
118MTPMusicMusic Therapy Perspectives
119MTPUncategorizedMy Team Paid
120MTPAndroidMy Trimble Protected
121MTPPhysiotherapyMyofascial Trigger Point

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So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about MTP. If you want more information about MTP, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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